5 Best Curved Gaming Monitors

Not too long ago, people were questioning whether or not curved gaming monitors, let alone curved monitors, would actually stick in the market. Just a few years later, they’ve just about become a staple within gaming. Curved monitors bring a different, more direct sense of immersion compared to regular gaming monitors, allowing you to be […]

Does 8K polling rate really work?

There is a famous scene from the movie X-Men: Apocalypse where Quicksilver, who can move at the speed of light, saves just about everyone at Xavier’s School as it is blowing up. As viewers, we get to see everything in slow motion, much like Quicksilver does. But in real-time, he’s moving, again, at the speed […]

Best Pre-Built Gaming PCs in 2021

When you dive into the PC gaming world for the first time, there’s one thing in particular that you notice: it is vast. Like, massively vast. Looking for that first gaming PC can seem like a daunting task from comparing specs and parts, the resolution you want to play at, and what else you want […]

Best White Gaming Setup and Accessories

White gaming setups bring an entirely different vibe compared to the more common RGB-themed setups. For starters, white gaming setups are entirely much cleaner in appearance compared to their RGB counterparts, and are eye candy to any gaming setup enthusiast. Getting started with the white gaming setup is easy. Just start with a white tabletop, […]

Best Keyboard and Mouse for the PS5

A gaming keyboard and mouse aren’t really the first peripherals that come to mind when it comes to console gaming. However, with the increased curiosity in PC gaming and with more people looking for that keyboard and mouse experience on console, the next-gen consoles along with more developers are making the PC experience much more […]