2021’s 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops

Getting started in the world of PC gaming can seem intimidating and, even more so, ridiculously expensive. Desktop or laptop? Intel or AMD? How much RAM? What about a monitor? How much storage do you need? How does someone even get started? Whether it’s a kid just entering middle school, high school, or even college, […]

2021’s 5 Best Modems for Gaming

As important and as popular as gaming routers have become throughout the last several years, the best modem is still the key for most households. A strong modem for your provider’s cable internet service means the difference between hitting or not hitting the shot, or even worse, staying connected in-game as opposed to getting disconnected. […]

2021’s 5 Best Routers for Gaming

Speed. Momentum. Disconnect? We have all been there before: on an awesome killstreak, finding ourselves in the zone until suddenly, in the middle of a game, we get disconnected. The internet gives and takes away just as fast as your connection, or lack thereof allows. Maybe it is your connection speed, or maybe it is […]

2021’s Best Membrane Gaming Keyboards | 5 Best Membrane Gaming Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are an interesting group that find themselves in an interesting spot when it comes to gaming keyboards nowadays. They are overshadowed by the more popular mechanical keyboards that feature individual switches per key which are also usually ultra-customizable from changing out the keycaps to changing out each individual switch itself.  While they are […]