How to use Clutch Mute in Valorant

One of the most irritating parts of any competitive video game is the constant chit-chat between your teammates in clutch/tense situations, and Valorant is no different. But, thanks to Riot Games, we can eliminate such scenarios by using a much unpopular/hidden feature called clutch mute. As the name suggests, it is a feature, when enabled, […]

How to make the Shuriken crosshair in Valorant

After the buzz of Among Us sus and the smiley-faced crosshair, a new crosshair, Shuriken, is making its way around the Valorant community. As the name suggests, the crosshair is in the shape of a Shuriken or Ninja Stars. To get the Shuriken crosshair in Valorant, you will need to turn on both Inner and Outer lines while turning off […]

How to get a Black Crosshair in Valorant

Unlike other crosshair colors, the black crosshair enables players to identify enemies much better in the light-shaded maps of Valorant, allowing players to switch and kill targets much quicker. By default, Valorant does not provide the customization feature for players to change their crosshair colors to black. Still, you can tweak the opacity options of certain crosshairs, […]