BitLife God Mode Update Patch Notes (v1.33)

The BitLife God Mode update has just rolled out for iOS users! In this update you can take on the role of a god and edit anyone you want in the game as you play. There's now eye exams, optometrists, as well as vision impairment that will force characters to wear eyeglasses! Adoption has been changed, so you can now select the child you'd like to adopt. You can fly your own private planes on vacation, and there will be some new challenges coming up in the future.

God mode will eventually cost you some money to unlock, but it is free to try for now! Make sure to get in the game and try it out while you can.

Beloved Bitizens, we hope you are staying safe and fighting the unique combination of boredom and anxiety that we all find ourselves in. Our whole team has been working from home and it's been tougher than usual to keep to our aggressive update schedule (imagine people in parking lots wearing face masks to exchange test devices once a day, and you will picture what it's been like for us). Still, here we are with a fresh new update, so let's get on with it.

Here's the full list of new things in this update:

  • God Mode! Edit anyone you want in the game as you're playing! Set up your own stats and appearance on custom lives!
  • Eye exams and resulting prescriptions!
  • Visit the optometrist to pick out your own designer eyewear (or contacts!)
  • People in the game suffering from vision impairment may now wear eyeglasses
  • Adoption has been overhauled to let you select a child to adopt (including foreign children!)
  • Fly your own private planes when you go on vacation
  • We stuffed the game with fresh challenges for you to enjoy over the coming weeks
  • Challenges now show green checkmarks next to the requirements you have fulfilled
  • The usual assortment of bug fixes and miscellaneous refinements

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