BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Guide

It's time to drain your spouse for everything they are worth! We'll show you how in our BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Guide! We're going to need to never have a job, marry many times, get over a million dollars in divorces, and then purchase ourselves a Lamborghini.

BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Rules

Let's take a quick look at the rules for this challenge:

  • Never have a job
  • Marry 3+ times
  • Get $1m+ from spouses through divorce
  • Own a Lamborghini

BitLife Gold Digger Challenge Guide

When starting your next character it doesn't matter what gender you choose or which country you start out with. I would recommend starting in a country that is know for being 1st world and having a lot of money. Roll your character and try to start out with at least 70% in the looks department. We're going to be looking to marry rich people, so we need to bring something to the table! Bring your character to age 8 - 9 and you should get the option to go for Walks (do speed walking and go for a long time) and do Martial Arts. You will want to make sure to do each of these at least once to start raising your looks even higher. Keep all of your other stats as high as possible by going to the movies and studying in school.

To get some early money, you can do Freelance Gigs to get enough money to buy a ring and get to the gym after you are out of school!

At around age 12 years you will get the option to go to the Gym. So be sure to start doing that and continue aging up. Once you get to 18 and out of high school, you can start going to the Love menu and using the Dating App. Max out the age limit and the desired income option. Try to find someone where the money bar is full or almost full.

Once you've got your prospective significant other, go ahead and lay on the charm. Use the Compliment, Conversation, Movie Theater, Spend Time, and Make Love options with them. Once you've got your relationship meter maxed out, you can go ahead and get married. Propose to them, you will likely need a ring of some kind. After that, get married all in the same year. You have two options now, you can either kill them or just age up until they die of old age! The old age method is safer, but you need to get divorced a few times so we need to make it quick.

The money we get here won't count, but we need to do this so our potentially rich partner will not want to sign a prenup! So, now that we're hopefully pretty rich, we will go look for another rich person to marry. Play the charm game again and then get married. Once you're married, you need to purchase some high cost houses. We need to make it so we don't have very low net worth. Once you purchase the house, give it away to a son, daughter, your partner, or a friend! Now that we look broke, age a few years and then get divorced. You will then repeat this process a few times until you've accumulated a million dollars. You should also have enough money at this point to purchase a Lamborghini from a Car Dealer.

That should be everything you need to do to complete the BitLife Gold Digger Challenge!

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  1. im stuck. how to I get the money in the first place, without having a job? please help me, I really want to complete it.

    1. It’s mentioned in the guide: “To get some early money, you can do Freelance Gigs to get enough money to buy a ring and get to the gym after you are out of school!”

  2. Ok so I stay married with no prenup and lower my net worth and she is full bar rich but when I get a divorce i’m not getting any money what so ever I even had to pay them once! help?

    1. I have the same problem!

  3. I did everything, got the lambo, married and divorced 3+ times, and never had a job. I also made over 1 million dollars off of them But it’s not showing up that I did?!

    1. If you got the recent update it will show check marks next to the parts you finished. Make sure to check those and see what you are missing!

  4. I would suggest locating yourself in France for this challenge, because in order to get your first amounts of money for like a ring, it’s 29 dollars an hour for tutoring, so saving will be a lot faster (as well as salarys go into the 200,000 per year). Good Luck!

  5. If you dont have enough money for a ring or you just dont want to buy a ring just gift them a bitlife bitizenship and they will propose :))

    1. If you have the relationship bar all the way full and if you choose a nice spot to propose, I find you (nearly every time) don’t even need a ring!

  6. I’ve completed this 3 times and the game still says that it’s unfinished and I don’t understand why. I’ve gotten a lot more than $1m and divorced a minimum of 5 men. I also bought more than one Lamborghini and never once got a job so I’m confused.

    1. Same…It hasn’t worked for me too…i did everything, but i didn’t complete the challenge for some reason

  7. So I completed everything but I had to scrap my lambo and now it says I haven’t completed the challenge! Is there anyway for it to show back up?!!!💖😭

    1. I finally did it.
      Married to old rich woman at 19 until she died.
      Age 24 – Inherited $982312. Married second time to someone younger had to sign prenup. Hired hitman. Inherited $1530466. Married again. No prenup. Stayed happily married for years. Gave wife houses/jewelry/cars to lower net worth. Divorced and got $786804.
      Age 30 – Married again. No prenup. Married 5 years. Again gave wife things to lower net worth. Divorced and got $325477. Married again. Got lucky no prenup. Same as before with net worth. Divorced year 7.
      Completed everything except lambo. Took another 2 years to find one. COMPLETED!!!

      1. What country did you do it in?

        1. Why when I get a divorce does it make me pay them when I give them everything!?

          1. Your net worth must still be too high. That’s the only reason you’d have to give them money.

  8. To be able to get money after divorce, I usually stay married at least 5 years and keep the spouse happy during those years (no arguments or infidelities). On the 5th year of marriage, I buy a house that will leave my finances at less than 100K and then give it to the spouse (if you still have more than 100K after buying the house, you can do renovations before giving it; or you can buy another expensive ring – at least 50K – for the next potential spouse). Then file the divorce. And repeat the process (find a rich person, propose, sign a prenup if they demand it/do not demand a prenup, get married, hire a hitman to kill spouse right away if you signed a prenup or get divorced after a few years if there are no prenups)

    1. There were instances where I married a rich person without signing a prenup (their money were around 500K) but only got less than 100K after the divorce. I also observed that if you divorce right away (2-3 years of marriage), you still won’t get any money even if you didn’t sign a prenup. So I guess 5 years is enough to get the money. Furthermore, forgive and forget any infidelities and money-grabbing by the spouse if you want their money in the end. There are also those who won’t accept your proposal if you don’t have an expensive ring. That’s why I buy at least 50K rings. Lastly, make sure you finish the tasks as early as possible so you can still buy your Lambo. Sometimes it takes a while for them to appear on sale.

      1. I got money after 3 years, which was what I was using as my default.

        1. I tried getting married for 3 years but didn’t get any divorce money maybe because I didn’t make the spouse happy? I just make sure I have low finances when I divorce cuz I don’t trust the spouse to be a saver. Like when I only got 50K in divorce money even though I married a person with 600K plus finances

          1. Sorry. I meant STAYING married for 3 years

  9. what if they ask to sign a prenup how do you get out of that

    1. If they’re rich enough (500K and above), go sign that prenup to add to your finances. And just hire a hitman to finish off spouse. If you don’t have the money for a hitman, you can murder them yourself. Just hope you won’t get caught

    2. You can’t get out of it. That’s why you need to have enough money to make it so they don’t ask for a prenup.