BitLife Mind & Body Update Patch Notes (v1.30)

The BitLife Mind & Body update has just hit iOS devices! In this new patch, you'll notice new people, game elements, and a whole new disease system with symptoms! If you're a fan of beating people up, you can rank up your martial arts to learn special moves that you can use on your foes. Getting smarter has never been easier, you can read books to up your iq. There's also special diets, strolls, gardening, and a whole lot more.

Surprise, Bitizens! Surprises are indeed the theme of this newest BitLife update. We've been working on this MIND & BODY update for several months and are super excited to finally show it off to you. Included are ALL-NEW people, designed exclusively for BitLife. To showcase these interactive new personalities, we've evolved the look and feel of the scenarios and thrown in a surprise new dimension! But, of course, there's much much more...

Here's the full list of new things in this update:

  • All-new people
  • Redesigned game elements
  • "Surprise me" option allows the game to make tough decisions for you!
  • Brand new disease system with symptoms
  • Martial arts – rank up and learn special moves to use on your enemies!
  • Special diets: become a vegan or go on a tapeworm diet!
  • Read books to get smart fast
  • Go on strolls...or speed walks!
  • Gardening is peaceful, isn't it?
  • New diseases – use your imagination
  • Tons more text
  • Gobs more graphics
  • Blasted more bugs
  • Are we done? There may be more...


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