BitLife Pride Update Patch Notes (1.38)

BitLife is out with another update, and this time it's celebrating Pride month! You can now wear hats and headwear for your character, win accessories by completing challenges, be born to same sex parents, define your gender, use a gay dating app, have a baby with a surrogate, and a whole lot more! Check out all of the new updates in the official patch notes below.

As always, this update is out earlier for iOS rather than Android. Unfortunately, if you're on the Android platform you're an update or two behind the iOS version.

It's update time again, Bitizens! We're celebrating Pride Month and spreading awareness for LGBT rights with this very special Pride Update. It wasn't easy to tear up some of the foundational assumptions of the game surrounding gender and sexuality but the end result is that your favorite game is now more inclusive than ever! If you see anything that we missed, including misused pronouns, hit us up on our socials and let us know! Much love from BitLife HQ!

Here's the full list of new things in this update:

  • Accessories: introducing hats/headwear and sunglasses! Everyone starts out with a surprise selection!
  • Win new accessories by completing live challenges!
  • Be born to same sex parents
  • Define your gender identity: cisgender, transgender, non-binary, or genderqueer!
  • Gay dating app
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Surrogacy is a new fertility option for couples of all types! Choose wisely!
  • Better support for same sex parents in generational lives
  • New textual content
  • Many tweaks and refinements across the game
  • A healthy dose of bug fixes

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