Elder Scrolls: Blades Town Upgrades & Decorations Guide – Town Level, Prestige, Town Map

We're taking a look at what kind of buildings and decorations you can place around your town in Elder Scrolls: Blades!

Our Elder Scrolls: Blades Town Upgrades & Decorations Guide features all the information you'll need to level up your town and have it looking good! Town level is actually pretty important, because the higher it is the more you will be able to build and craft.

Prestige is what you need to earn to level up your town. Each time you place a new building or decoration, you get more prestige. You also get prestige from placing buildings on Ruins which removes these broken parts of your town. Town Level determines what buildings you can place, but also how high you can upgrade those buildings. If you want to start being able to craft better items, then you'll want to focus on building up your town!

One of the issues with town building currently is that resources are very hard to find. Check out our guide on how-to grind those up to make your life easier!

Blades Town Map

The town is made up of build plots and decoration areas. You can place various building on the plots, but some of the larger ones will take up two plots. So, be sure to take that into account when building. Decorations can be placed on the small circle areas, these include trees, banners, statues, and more. Here's a map where you can see all of the available plots for buildings and decorations (credit to Reddit).

Buildings List

Here's a full list of building you can place in your town. Each building has a Timber, Stone, and Castle version. These do not improve the quality of the items they create, but only changes up the style and adds a bit more prestige to the building. Some buildings require you to have a higher Town Level before you can build them. I don't have all the information on required resources for each of the buildings yet, but I will update this when I do.

Alchemy Laboratory

The Alchemy Laboratory is where you can craft potions and poisons. If you are looking for those illusive health potions, then this is where you can get them.

The Alchemist sells potions and poisons, and brews them for customers who supply their own ingredients.

Required Resources

  • Timber: 60 Copper, 77 Limestone, 88 Lumber
  • Stone: 51 Lumber, 85 Limestone, 68 Copper
  • Castle: 102 Copper, 119 Limestone, 68 Lumber

Enchanter's Tower

If you want to enchant your items, then this is the building to craft.

An Enchanter can imbue weapons, armor and jewelry with permanent magical effects.

Required Resources

  • Timber: 88 Copper, 99 Limestone, 114 Lumber
  • Stone: 66 Lumber, 110 Limestone, 88 Copper
  • Castle: 132 Copper, 154 Limestone, 88 Lumber


Here's where you can buy and sell armor and weapons, temper, and salvage them for resources.

Visit the Smithy to buy, sell, salvage and improve weapons and armor.

  • Timber: 95 Lumber, 46 Limestone, 42 Copper
  • Stone: 64 Copper, 80 Limestone, 48 Lumber
  • Castle: ???


If you are looking for decorations for your town, then the Workshop is your main option. It will also sell you materials that are randomly refreshed everyday!

The Workshop handles the construction of statues, banners and other town flourishes, and also sells construction materials like lumber, limestone and copper.


Rebuilding Houses will increase the population of Olympus, while upgrading them will restore the town's prestige.

  • Timber: 52 Lumber, 45 Limestone, 40 Copper
  • Stone: 40 Copper, 50 Limestone, 30 Lumber
  • Castle: 60 Copper, 70 Limestone, 40 Lumber


Rebuilding Houses will increase the population of Olympus, while upgrading them will restore the town's prestige.

  • Timber: 52 Lumber, 45 Limestone, 40 Copper
  • Stone: 40 Copper, 50 Limestone, 30 Lumber
  • Castle: 60 Copper, 70 Limestone, 40 Lumber


Rebuilding Houses will increase the population of Olympus, while upgrading them will restore the town's prestige.

  • Timber: 52 Lumber, 45 Limestone, 40 Copper
  • Stone: 40 Copper, 50 Limestone, 30 Lumber
  • Castle: 60 Copper, 70 Limestone, 40 Lumber

Decorations List

Most decorations can be created at the Workshop, but there's some that require you unlocking them by completing quests.

Small Decorations

  • Black, Blue, Red, White Banners
  • Bloodfall Banner: The Bloodfall Queen Quest
  • Decorative Planters: 10 Seeds, 5 Copper, 1,500 Gold.
  • Fire Pit: 100 Lumber, 10 Bronze, 2,500 Gold.
  • Imperial Banner: Goblin Quests.
  • Mulberry Tree: 5 Seeds, 1,000 Gold.
  • Potted Plants: 10 Copper, 5 Seeds, 1,500 Gold.
  • Short Shrub: 5 Seeds, 500 Gold.
  • Small Torch: 1 Fabric, 50 Lumber, 500 Gold.
  • Small Cedar Tree: 5 Seeds, 1,000 Gold.
  • Tall Mulberry Tree: 5 Seeds, 2,000 Gold.
  • Tall Shrub: 5 Seeds, 1,000 Gold.
  • Training Dummy: 4 Fabric, 80 Timber, 1,500 Gold.
  • Vegetable Patch: 5 Seeds, 500 Gold.

Medium Decorations

  • Archery Range: 10 Fabric, 100 Lumber, 10 Dye, 4,000 Gold.
  • Aspen Tree: 15 Seeds, 4,000 Gold.
  • Ayleid Warrior Statue
  • Imperial Stall
  • Outhouse: 1 Fabric, 400 Lumber, 6,000 Gold.
  • Pillories: 200 Lumber, 15 Bronze, 4,000 Gold.

Large Decorations

  • Large Elm Tree
  • Tall Cedar Tree
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  1. Two questions: first, in the stats menu under CHARACTER INFO it says town prestige 1/7500 what does that mean? Secondly i got amour called Ebony Mail out of a gold chest and it says its a legendary artefact so i wondering how rare it is?

  2. Anybody know what are the total amount of resources need to build everything, from level 1 to 10. I mean it tells you above but only up to level 1. just want to work out what I need to build certain things. No bothered about houses or dwellings etc..

  3. Recently there’s been a new small decoration to celebrate E3 – Apple Pie

  4. Hey dya know what happens when you click remove on a building? Does it let you move it to a different plot or does it destroy it so you have to build it all over again? My smithys in a random place, kinda want to shuffle it along a tad

    1. Pretty sure it destroys it, you can’t move it.

  5. I’ve fixed the first three walls at the front of town but how do i fix the walls at the rear of town by town hall?

    1. There are two. Walk up to the hole in the ground and turn around and look up to fix the gate. Then walk over to the left of the job board to fix the U shaped back wall.

  6. Is that round tower from the screenshot actually in the game? Is it a higher upgrade of a standard house?

    1. Higher upgrade

  7. I’m level 21. Town is level 6. I just started getting Dwarven gear, but mostly get Orcish gear. My smith is lvl 4. I started getting Orcish gear when my smith was level 3.

  8. You should always consider firstly upgrading smithy to level 5 and then the rest of the town. When you do – chests will give you much better equipment (weapons, armor, tempering materials etc.) and this will make you level up faster.

    1. I believe I read that you don’t want to upgrade your smithy past your level because then you can’t purchase the right resources for gear?

      1. That’s ablosutly true. However I’ve discovered that when I upgraded smithy to Orchish level, it started to give me orchish items in chests. When I upgraded to Dwarven, they’ve also started to appear randomly in chests. It may also depends on player level but I’m pretty sure, that smithy level is also considered.

        1. Chest loot is based on lvl not your smithy, im lvl 20 and getting mostly silver gear, while my smithy is lv9.

          I upped my smithy a few lvls so when i ding 28, i have all materials to fully temper a glass set. So i would say keep your smithy a few lvls a top off you.

        2. Seems that way, did upgrading your smithy give you a lot of prestige towards Town Level?

          1. Very little unfortunately. Upgrading town level and smithy takes a huge amount of copper, that is very hard to get. I’m doing a lot of jobs. Also opening chests all day long 🙂