Elder Scrolls: Blades Enemy Weaknesses & Resistances Guide

We're taking a look at which enemies have weaknesses to certain damage types and what resistances they have in Elder Scrolls: Blades!

Our Elder Scrolls: Blades Enemy Weaknesses & Resistances Guide features all the information you'll need to know on how to take down the enemies you'll be facing during quests, jobs, and in the Abyss! Most enemies have a weakness to a certain weapon type, but also they'll have weaknesses to certain elemental damage. It's best to use the right weapon or spell for the occasion, especially when you get into the deeper parts of the game.

Each enemy type you fight against will likely be weak to a certain weapon type like Bashing, Cleaving, or Slashing. Some, however, aren't weak to weapon but are weak to elemental damage like Fire, Frost, Poison, and Shock! We have a table below that has the weaknesses of each enemy type you'll come across with their corresponding weaknesses and what they are resistant to!

Blades Enemy Weaknesses & Resistances List

Now, just because an enemy has a certain weakness or resistance doesn't mean you need to switch out your weapons every fight! It will help though once you get later into the game and every bit of damage counts.

Each weapon does a different type of damage, Swords deal Slashing, Axes are for Cleaving, Hammers and Maces deal Bashing damage. The elemental damages can be either done with spells, or they can be imbued on your weapon.

Enemy TypeWeaknessesResistances
Ancient DragonSlashing, ShockCleaving, Fire, Frost, Poison
BanditPoisonFire, Shock
BearShock, SlashingBashing, Frost, Poison
DragonSlashing, FrostCleaving, Fire, Poison
Dremora RaiderFrost, SlashingCleaving, Fire, Poison
Dremora WarlockFrost, SlashingCleaving, Fire, Poison
Goblin CasterBashing, FrostFire, Shock
Goblin WarriorBashingPoison
MercenaryPoisonCleaving, Fire, Frost
NecromancerPoisonFire, Frost
Nether LichFire, SlashingAll Others
OutcastCleaving, ShockBashing, Fire, Poison
SkeeverFirePoison, Shock
SkeletonBashing, ShockFire, Poison, Slashing
SpiderCleaving, FrostPoison, Shock, Slashing
SprigganCleaving, FireBashing, Frost, Shock
Thalmor AgentPoisonFire, Shock, Slashing
TrollBash, FireFrost, Shock, Slash
WarmastersCleaving, PoisonFrost, Shock
WightCleaving, FireBashing, Poison, Shock
WispFireBashing, Cleaving, Frost, Poison, Slashing
WispmotherFireBashing, Cleaving, Frost, Poison, Slashing
WolfShock, SlashingBashing, Fire, Frost

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  1. how does the second resistance affected by the breath type? for instance, fire is resistant to fire, or fire will be resistant to ice?

  2. Don’t know if it’s helpful to anyone but having tested assorted weapons against the frost Atronach it’s most susceptible to my elven long sword of burning. A fireball and 4 or 5 swings of the sword drop them quickly. So I’m guessing the at least have no resistance to slashing damage and are weak against fire. Which stands to reason.

  3. I hit level 19 and everything scaled to the point where even one skull missions are kicking my ass. I must be doing something wrong. I just got wailed on by a troll who was healing faster than I could damage it.

    1. What kind of gear were you using? I know the glass ceiling you’re talking about, I’ve hit it too, but I just realized my main armor wasn’t tempered at all…
      Could that be your problem as well?

  4. This list is great to start on and really helpful for a beginner, but is missing some of the tougher enemies who have different resistances to their earlier counterparts. For example goblin berserker is resistant to frost.

    1. “Dragons” are vulnerable to Slashing and Frost while resisting Bashing, Fire and Poison.
      “Ancient Dragons” are vulnerable to Slashing and Shock while resisting Bashing and Poison but their second Elemental resistance is based on the Ancient Dragon’s breath element.

  5. I recommend putting a folder or something into the game as a guide or index so we can come back to this when we really need it. Maybe under the chest tab? But it would be really helpful