Call of Duty Blackout Equipment List – Best Equipment, 9-Bang, Combat Axe, and More!

Our Call of Duty Blackout Equipment List guide has all of the items you can pickup around the map and utilize in your equipment slot. These are generally one time use items, but some can be utilized more than once.

There is a lot of equipment available in Blackout. The majority ends up being various throwable grenades, but stuff like the barricade, grapple gun, razor wire, recon car, sensor dart, and trophy system offer lots of different utility. These items can help block off incoming fire, or they can be used to move quickly around the map. As you progress in Blackout, you will find that Equipment will start to make or break how you approach fights.

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Blackout Equipment List

Here's a full list of all the equipment that is currently available to be found in Blackout!


Tactical device that flashes and stuns. Can be cooked to detonate multiple times.

This one is really powerful because you can cook it (hold onto it and then throw it so it explodes instantly) which makes it extremely hard to avoid. It also has a large spread with the nine separate flashes that are spread out as long as it's cooked. Cooking it does take a bit of time to charge up, so you can get caught out if you do it without cover.

Acid Bomb

Canister of highly toxic chemical compound. Sticks to the first target it hits then explodes.

Very rare item that is only really found in Mystery Supply Stashes that are found near Zombies. Similar to the Cluster Grenade in that it sticks to whatever it touches first, but explodes with toxic chemcials instead.


Deploy reinforced cover for protection or blockading. Build in microwave field slows and damages enemies.

If you long for the days of building in Fortnite then this item might be for you. You play down the barricade and it can provide you protection in an open area. It's a good item for blocking off a door or garage. The front of it has the aforementioned microwave that slows and deals damage to enemies.

Cluster Grenade

Powerful explosive that sticks to surfaces and releases sub-munitions upon detonation.

Rather than bouncing around, this grenade sticks to whatever it first touches. This is better for in-door situations or scenarios where you are closer to your enemy. You don't get the benefit of ricocheting it off the wall and into a tight area, but you do get the plus of it having a wide explosive area. This grenade has one initial explosive, and then a bunch of smaller grenades bounce around it and blow up again.

Combat Axe

Retrievable axe that kills instantly on impact.

This is actually quite good for close engagements. If you are able to wing this at someone and hit them it will kill them. If you were to get really good with this, then you could be pretty much unstoppable at close distances. The axe can also be retrieved, but keep in mind if you miss and it falls nearby your enemy, they will be able to pick it up and use it on you!

Equipment Gameplay

You can see all of these in action with the following video!


Disorients enemies and slows movement.

This is basically a flashbang grenade that semi-blinds the enemy and slows them down. Makes it so they are an easier target to hit, but they can still kind of see what's going on under the duration. It doesn't last for super long, but if it did it would be pretty overpowered.

Cymbal Monkey

When thrown, becomes a retrievable bomb that will make noise and detonate when an enemy or zombie approaches.

This is mainly good for Zombie areas because it makes noise when they are around and attracts them to it. After a fairly long time, it will detonate and either kill or turn the zombies into Crawlers (Zombies with no legs). If there are no Zombies around it will basically sit there dormant, so you can pick it up again.


Explodes after a short fuse. Can be cooked.

Pretty standard grenade from most games of this nature. You can cook it so it will explode sooner rather than bouncing around and allowing the enemy to move out of range. The explosive radius is relatively small.

Grapple Gun

Quickly grapple and zip to locations nearby.

This is a great item for pushing up at enemies or running away. It's also great for getting the high ground on areas that are hard to reach. This can also be used to quickly flank if your enemy is focused on one of your teammates. It can be used up to five times before it breaks.

Mesh Mine

Deploys explosive traps that connect to create lethal tripwires.

You can use the Mesh Mine to connect points and create what basically amount to a tripwire. If someone runs through the area it will explode and deal damage. This can sometimes lead to kills, but it depends on their hp and armor.


Explodes on impact, spreading flames over a small area.

This can be an aggressive and a tactical style of item. You are either throwing it right on top of an enemy or at someone that is behind cover to do immediate damage, or you are throwing it in an area to block off enemies from running through there. This can be good if you are trying to get away and heal up or regroup. Either way, this is a pretty strong and does quite a bit of damage to anyone stuck in the flames.

Razor Wire

Defensive razor wire damages and slow enemies that attempt to cross it.

An okay item for blocking off areas that you don't want people running through. You can run through it without taking damage or being slowed.

Recon Car

Retrievable remote controlled scouting car.

Only useful if you can really protect yourself or you have teammates to keep you safe. It's best if you are a super tactical player and want to sweep an area before heading into it. It does have a limited distance it can travel away from you before you'll lose control of it.

Sensor Dart

Sensor equipment that reveals enemies in its proximity.

Once you fire the dart at a surface, if someone is nearby it will show them on the mini map. It doesn't outline them, but it does give you a marker on the map which can be useful if you are unsure if an area is clear or you want to keep track of someone in a particular spot. The item is particularly good in the end game where there's a small circle and there's not really a way for your opponent to avoid it. It does make a low beeping noise and it can be destroyed, so if you hear that be on the look out for it so you can get rid of it.

Smoke Screen

Produces a smoke screen upon impact.

This is a pretty strong item for blocking off sight from your enemy. Keep in mind that this grenade doesn't bounce and will trigger smoke right on impact.

Trophy System

Destroys enemy Lethals, Tacticals, and explosives within 10 meters. High velocity missiles have a chance to penetrate the system.

If anyone is lobbing explosives or whatever at you this will destroy it for you. It's a pretty fringe item, but can be useful in certain situations.

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