How to get resources in Disciples: Liberation?

In Disciples: Liberation, you quickly claim ownership of a castle in Yllian, and you can upgrade it as you play through the game. Many different types of resources are needed to accomplish this. There are three ways of acquiring resources. The first is when exploring the different realms. You’ll see different resources all over the […]

Should you kill the rebels or the forest beast in The Hale and the Veil quest in Disciples: Liberation – The Plain of Widows

As part of the main story, you speak to a priestess called Corisandre. She mentions that out of her group of ten, she is the only one that survived due to a curse called The Ghost of the Veil. You have a choice to be made from this conversation, to kill the rebels to gain […]

How to complete She Who Was Marked Pure side quest in Disciples: Liberation – The Plain of Widow

Just below Corisandre is a Vauquelin, The Holy Light. He offered his wife up, who was impure, for a promotion in The Empire ranks, but now regrets it and asks you to save her. Isabeau—his wife—is located in the Church of the Highfather Dungeon to the northwest of Equisheim. Once inside the dungeon, head to […]