Fortnite Double Helix Skin

The Double Helix Skin is an Epic Fortnite Outfit from the Double Helix set. Double Helix was first added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 6.

The Double Helix skin comes with the Nintendo Switch Fortnite special promotion. Along with the Outfit, you also get 1,000 V-Bucks, Back Bling, Glider, and Pickaxe. Here's more information from Nintendo:

Fans of the hit free-to-play game Fortnite who are looking to play the game anytime and anywhere are in for a treat. On Oct. 5, a new Nintendo Switch bundle featuring special items from the game rockets into stores at a suggested retail price of $299.99. The Nintendo Switch: Fortnite – Double Helix Bundle includes a Nintendo Switch system, 1,000 V-bucks (in-game Fortnite currency) and the Double Helix Set, consisting of a unique Character Outfit, Back Bling, Glider and Pickaxe. The included V-Bucks can be used to purchase a Battle Pass, which unlocks additional in-game content, or can be used to purchase other in-game items.


Spiral toward victory.
Rating: 3.3/5. From 4.7K votes.
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Cosmetic Details

Double Helix's Attachments

If Double Helix has a Back Bling it will be listed below.

Double Helix Styles & Images

You can find additional Double Helix styles and alternative images below!

Double Helix PNG

You can find PNG images of Double Helix below! Click to enlarge the image.

Double Helix Set

Double Helix is part of the Double Helix set! You can find all of the items that belong to it below.

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  1. lmao i have this

  2. I love this skin i have it and destroy people but in fortnite.

  3. Is this promotion over yet?

  4. Am I able to get the skin even if I have a switch already

    1. It’s on the Internet for $150 (switch included)

    2. No.

  5. I dunno why but seeing that archetype has a cool png picture while double helix has nothing makes me feel like epic think that double helix is bad

    1. It’s worth like 500 bucks so not really it just lazy designing to almost completely copy archetype

      1. Almost two months this skin was 500, it’s somehow more expensive now.

  6. double helix is better than archetype(way better).

    1. Yep, i agree

  7. i have him

  8. How rare is double helix?

    1. Most of the promotional skins for consoles are fairly rare.

      1. Especially this skin, it was out for a couple of days and not a lot of people got their hands on them.
        It’s almost the price of Ikonik, $1,000.

  9. Can a code be used multiple times?

    1. No.

      1. Are we still able to get this bundle in 2019?

        1. I don’t think they are producing them anymore, but if you can find a new one floating around you can probably still use the code.

  10. Can I get the skin without the bundle

    1. No, you can’t.

  11. Look I don’t know how to go two anymore but I have been asking and leaving comments on literally every website I can I want the double helix skin very badly but I cannot afford a $300 system just to get a skin that would probably cost less than that in the shop so please if there is any way for me to get the double helix skin please make it possible I am a switch player and I am not about to buy another switch just so that I can have the skin please if there is any other way for me to get the skin please make it possible!!!

    1. Just go on eBay and find the code there? I just checked and there’s quite a few of them.

  12. How will I redeem a code if because I bought a switch without it on it so how do I redeem it like a code?

    1. it has to have the code with it

  13. I put the code in and everything but it doesn’t show up on my fortnite

  14. Hey guys, big question. If I have a ps4 account and I get the nintendo switch pack, will I get this skin available on my ps4 account? Nowhere does it say it will be available on my ps4 account.

    1. as long as your ps4 account is connected to the same epic games account as your switch then yes it will be available on your ps4

  15. I own a Switch, and my GF has been wanting one. Got her this bundle for her bday, and I got the code. Made it work, got the skin.

  16. This skin looks too cool to be in a bundle, I want this skin, but I can’t because I already own the switch, can’t we buy the costume like $4.99 costume pack? But if we bought the bundle we get it for free? That would have been so much better

    1. This skin is supposed to be a Switch exclusive, meaning only available with the purchase of the Switch. If it was a bundle it would be public to everybody and everyone would have it. It’s called an Exclusive for a reason.

    2. It’s a remake of ARCHETYPE!

      1. or archetypes a remake of him

  17. This is realy unfair. We who have supported Nintendo by buying the switch is now being left out. We want to be able to buy this skin. This is the worst service!! Realy realy unfair to current customers.

    1. The same thing happened with every other console man there’s the Royale bomber and the Eon skin, no one complained about either of those stop whining

    2. Yeah that’s true I already have it

  18. If i got a fortnite account in my PC and i buy the fortnite swich pack, i will have it in my PC account or just on the switch??

    1. You’ll have it on both.

  19. Double Helix skin, Nintendo Switch exclusive. You need to buy a switch, so R.I.P switch players rn. Now even before this exclusive was leaked, I was going to buy a switch. Now I have a bundle to buy, why not because I have a lot of skins. But if you see this skin don’t think “O I GOTTA BUY THIS BUNDLE” not worth it. It is better than Archetype but it is huge copy.

    1. i have the bundle and the EON skin.

    2. Yeah dude I’m actually upset that we can’t get the Double Helix. I know it is a big rip-off but I wanted a Skin that all my non-switch players will not have. They should honestly give it to all the players who already own a switch

      1. Of course you need to buy a switch in order to get this, it’s an exclusive skin. You don’t have to buy the switch for the skin, you could just buy the regular switch. They shouldn’t give the switch skin to all users of the switch because the skin wouldnt be recognized as an exclusive skin.

  20. Yeah ill pay 300 for a red archetype… not. Just give it to switch players for free, or at least be able to buy it if you already have a switch.

    1. Ikr ive had a switch since july 2017 and now they bring up this bs.
      Why can they not give it for free for older players. Its what they did for the note 9. It was also a pre order only bundle and then one day it wasnt. Absolute bs

      1. Oh get out, you had time to get the Season shop skins. Just buy the archetype and stop whining.

        1. Okay, pay 300 for a red archetype.

          If you’ve had the switch since July 2017, you should have done what a lot of players did. return the switch and buy the Fortnite bundle.

          I agree, Koni.

  21. I wonder if you have the archyatpe that they will let you select the style like tomato head, I would love to have double archyatpe and double helix loot

    1. I love this idea

    2. Very doubtful.

  22. Can you get it in you hace already a Nintendo Switch? Or just with the bundle of the console?

    1. It’s only bundled with the console, you can’t get it if you already have it at the moment.

  23. Definetly better than archetype love the skin plus I ve been wanting a Nintendo switch plus 1000 Knicks yeah sounds good

      1. Hehe🍣

  24. They have one for ps4(multiple), one coming for xbox, and now one for nintendo switch?!

    what about pc epic?… :^(

    1. *Cough* *Cough.*
      Did you forget about the Reflex bundle?

    2. You can link your pc account with all of the consoles so if there’s an exclusive outfit for any of the consoles, u can get it

    3. So you want to buy a gaming pc for a skin

  25. At least u get 1000 vbucks included

  26. Ye this skin is absolutely a remake of archetype I have the whole set so is a waste of time spending freakin $300!!!! Just for a clone, unless ur total psychopath who is connected to fortnite TO much

    1. Yeah, just like almost every other exclusive skin. Eon is a remake, Dark vertex is a remake, Rogue spider knight is a remake. Neo versa is a remake, galaxy is a remake, wonder is a remake, honor gaurd is a remake, the only exclusives that are original would be the Ikonik, and Reflex bundle…

  27. Would I be able to get it without the with the regular switch from e shop or do I have to buy a whole new one

    1. You’d have to buy a new one, but the skin might come out with a controller or another peripheral like it did with Royale Bomber.

      1. i sure hope so, i aint pay 300 dolars for a skin exlusive to a console I already have and play!

  28. In a couple months it will probably be a set with a controller like the Royale bomber for the ps4 controller that costs $60

    1. Well I’ve been needing a new Pro Controller so I kinda hope it happens, if not then oh well, it’s just a reskin.

  29. i have a nintendo switch and dont have a skin but theres a skin with this T_T


    1. Put it in Item Shop??? Are you crazy. It’s an exclusive skin, not an Item shop skin.