Instinct is a Rare Fortnite Outfit from the Counterattack set.

Official Description

Victory comes naturally.

Cosmetic Information

  • Release Date: 03/02/2019
  • Last Seen: 03/04/2019
  • Days Ago: 170
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Outfit
  • Cost: 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Availability: Shop
  • Categories: Female
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Rating: 3.6/5. From 3.4K votes.
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Instinct's Attachments

Attachments are items that come with a cosmetic when a particular one is purchased.

Instinct PNGs

Counterattack Set

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  1. Will there be a edit style for this skin for who have had it since day one? I have it and got it the first day. Just cause it’s been a while I wonder if we will get it cause it is starting to get very rare

  2. When is the Instinct skin going to come back out, as I really want this skin to be added to my locker immediately as this skin is a very good one. Please bring it back and put very soon as this is the best and only skin I plan on buying thus far.

  3. Evident, do you think Instinct and Reflex will return regularly? Also, weren’t they supposed to be exclusive?

    1. As far as I can tell, the Reflex skin was supposed to be exclusive. Instinct wasn’t part of that bundle though. Not sure if we’ll see them in shop again, they put a starter pack skin into the store once and it hasn’t returned.

  4. Instinct might have been confirmed for a new computer bundle for the MSI gaming bundle in the name “Street Ops”. Just want to let you know

    1. Okay, thanks. I’m not sure if it will be this actual skin, but we’ll see. I wrote about it on the leaked skins page.

    1. I Want This Skin To Come Out Thursday Or Later Because I Get 800 V Bucks From Save The World That Would Put Me Up To 1,300 Which Would Be Enough To Get Her