K-Pop Skin

K-Pop is an Outfit. This cosmetic has been leaked and is currently unreleased, but will hopefully be available in the near future!

K-Pop is a bit of a mysterious skin that has been leaked via datamine. No one is sure how it will be released and the name itself is still not necessarily confirmed. It could be an exclusive skin for China or Korea, but we'll have to wait and see how it is added to the game.

This skin was evidently removed from the game files from which it was found. It seems like a possibility that it might not be released, but there's been little clue what Epic's plans for the skin will be.

How-to Get the K-Pop Skin

The K-Pop Skin was leaked or datamined, which means we don't know for sure how it will be released. It will possibly be in the Item or Cash Shop, but could also end up being a Promotional item.

Cosmetic Information

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  1. Y’know, i do enjoy the ikonik skin a lot, but i do feel like if they did a bit more touch up work on this it could definitely be a nice skin for the item shop…

  2. I know a lot of you will think this story is fake, cuz I got no proof.One day I was loading on to Fortnite on my Xbox One S. When it asked me which mode to pick, my brain stopped me for a minute. The pic for the banner of creative was the K-POP skin! I put down my controller and ran to my room to think about if this is a sign of it coming out. An hour later I decided to tell my friends to get on and take a look for themselves. The moment they got on they said it was fake because it changed to a banner of the IKONIK skin. Does this mean it will be released?

  3. Did you hear that this is possibly the next starter pack? I saw it on YouTube but i don’t have any idea if it’s real or not

  4. I don’t get it Evident what are these skins like if they do come out would they be mythical or something because the “Evil Suit” skin has the same colors in his box and so does his wrap and pick-axe

  5. This skin needs to be released. It has been in leaked since the start of summer in 2018!!! I’m not saying I like it. It just needs to come out. Hey Evident. heard any news about when K-Pop is coming back???

  6. Dude I think this is basically this is the “IKONIK” skin. If you look closely at them they are doing the same exact pose and their shirts or jackets are almost the same as well. They also have the same hoodie shape. “K-pop” is probably just the concept of “IKONIK”

  7. I hope this skin releases. Not that I want it, no. The Datamine is like an orphanage for skins. Eventually, some shop would adopt them, but we never know. It feels weird to have a guy stay leaked for so long.

  8. Perhaps it was for a test to see how and where we data mined, maybe explaining why leaks we receive are late or are never data mined at all?

    1. They started to more heavily encrypt the skin files which is why they aren’t being leaked as much. It’s likely that they were going to release this skin, but for whatever reason decided against it. It could still come out in the future, but it might not.

  9. I think it was something to do with YouTube rewind as there is a design on the bottom right of his jumper that looks like the YouTube rewind battle bus and in YouTube rewind they actually mention the name “k-pop” so it might have had something to do with that but as YouTube rewind has already happened I don’t think it will be released

  10. Bro. This skin was leaked in season five. Now it’s season seven. This is outrageous! Hey Evident, where did you find the leak for this skin? It’s either a fake, a cancelled skin by Epic, or a skin Epic completely forgot about.

  11. Evident, any word on this skin? They do have the challenges on Korea for playing in computer cafes, does this go with those challenges?

    1. It doesn’t that I saw, but I haven’t heard anything about this skin other than it was removed from the files at some point.

  12. This is the longest leaked skin I have seen, and there is no word on when it’s coming out, if it’s coming out at all! Anything could happen with this skin!

  13. lol ik right i think it is going to be an additional korea or china skin because I don’t see any reason to make this an item shop skin or challenges skin.

      1. I really think it’ Be a china skin. Maybe a chinese shop exclusive? Either way if it does become a halloween skin, that be cool too. Also lay off Oblivion. They could be right. With Epic you never know…