Fortnite March 2, 2019 Item Shop

Time to see what's available in the Fortnite Item Shop for March 2, 2019! Each day gets us a batch of new cosmetics to purchase, however, they aren't always things we haven't seen before. We often get items that have been in the shop many times. While that might bum you out a bit, there are days when we get completely new items that have never been available, and you will get a chance to be one of the first to purchase it!

The skins available for March 2, 2019 are: Mullet Marauder, Bendie, Twistie, and Trooper. While also containing the following items: Viceroy Mark I, Crazy Feet, Flimsie Flail, Harpoon Axe, and Breezy.

You can check out what's available in the current shop in our always updated item shop page.

Available Skins

Mullet Marauder skin
Set: Spandex Squad - Price: 1,500 V-Bucks
Last seen 201 days ago.
Rating: 2.1/5. From 2.8K votes.
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Bendie skin
Set: Hot Air - Price: 1,200 V-Bucks
Never seen before.
Rating: 2.0/5. From 6.9K votes.
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Twistie skin
Set: Hot Air - Price: 1,200 V-Bucks
Never seen before.
Rating: 1.6/5. From 3.9K votes.
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Trooper skin
Set: None - Price: 800 V-Bucks
Last seen 144 days ago.
Rating: 2.3/5. From 2.1K votes.
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Available Items

Viceroy Mark I
Set: Hardboiled - Price: 1,200 V-Bucks
Last seen 1 day ago.
Rating: 3.6/5. From 224 votes.
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Crazy Feet
Set: None - Price: 500 V-Bucks
Last seen 48 days ago.
Rating: 3.3/5. From 335 votes.
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Flimsie Flail
Set: Hot Air - Price: 800 V-Bucks
Never seen before.
Rating: 2.7/5. From 461 votes.
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Harpoon Axe
Set: Divemasters - Price: 800 V-Bucks
Last seen 33 days ago.
Rating: 2.5/5. From 344 votes.
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Set: Hot Air - Price: 200 V-Bucks
Never seen before.
Rating: 3.0/5. From 417 votes.
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