Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 Achievements List

Our Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 Achievements Guide features a full list of all the achievements you can earn during this new battle pass season! If you're someone who likes to complete all the challenges in a game, then you'll need to navigate your way through this new batch of achievements!

What are Achievements?

Achievements can be earned by completing unique tasks or completing a certain amount of objectives during a season. These are mostly for fun, so if you get a bit bored of the game, they give you something different to engage in. These do not grant experience, and aren't the same as badges. Each one can only be completed once during the season, you can view all of your completed achievements in the Career tab.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 Achievements List

While some achievements are new for the season, a lot of them are the same as Season 1 just given a new name.

Win Matches Achievements

  • Master Spies - Won a Duos match during Season 2.
  • Secret Agent - Won a Solo match during Season 2.
  • Pack of Spies - Won a Squads match during Season 2.
  • Special Operative - Won 10 Solo matches during Season 2.
  • Legendary Spy - Won 100 Solo matches during Season 2.
  • Spies on the Prize - Won 10 Duos matches during Season 2.
  • Co-Operatives - Won 100 Duos matches during Season 2.
  • Squad Job - Won 10 Squads matches during Season 2.
  • Quadruple Agents - Won 100 Squads matches during Season 2.
  • Rumble Agent - Won a Team Rumble match during Season 2.
  • There's No "Spy" in Team - Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 2.

Weapon Expert & Specialist Achievements

  • Pew-Pew-Tic-Tic-Tic - Earned AR Expert in Season 2.
  • Ka-Boooom! - Earned Explosives Expert in Season 2.
  • Thunk! - Earned Pickaxe Expert in Season 2.
  • Pop-Pop-Pop! - Earned Pistol Expert in Season 2.
  • Ch-Chak Chooom! - Earned Shotgun Expert in Season 2.
  • Ra-tat-tat! Ra-tat-tat! - Earned SMG Expert in Season 2.
  • Ba-Zing! - Earned Sniper Expert in Season 2.
  • Man-At-Arms - Earned 2 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Weaponologist - Earned 3 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Painbringer - Earned 4 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • Super Soldier - Earned 5 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • One-Man-Army - Earned 6 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.
  • A Weapon of Mass Destruction - Earned 7 different weapon specialist accolades during the same match.

Golden Styles

  • Delux Tux - Unlocked the fully golden style for Agent Peely.
    • Reach Season Level 340
  • .=^._.^= - Unlocked the fully golden style for Meowscles.
    • Reach Season Level 220
  • Doubloon Agent - Unlocked the fully golden style for Brutus.
    • Reach Season Level 180
  • Golden Explosion - Unlocked the fully golden style for TNTina.
    • Reach Season Level 260
  • Golden Touch - Unlocked the fully golden style for Midas.
    • Reach Season Level 140
  • Heart of Gold - Unlocked the fully golden style for Skye.
    • Reach Season Level 300

Other Achievements

  • Weather the Storm - Used a Bandage to heal yourself while in the storm.
  • Agent Good Boi - Pet another player's pet.
  • Board Hoard - Harvested 999 Wood in a single match during Season 2.
  • Rock Collection - Harvested 999 Stone in a single match during Season 2.
  • Store That Ore - Harvested 999 Metal in a single match during Season 2.
  • On a Razor's Edge - Used a Medkit while at 1 Health.
  • Honey Trap - Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop.
  • Lifesaver - Revive a knocked out teammate while in water.
  • Bushwacker - Destroyed 100 hedges in Holly Hedges.
  • Can I Speak to a Manager? - Took out your frustrations on 20 Fishstick restaurant decorations.
  • Going Nuclear - Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks.
  • Operation: Slurp - Gained 10,000 Health or Shield from Slurpy Swamp.
  • Pier Fishing - Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier.
  • Salt Bae - Landed in Salty Springs 100 times.
  • Eliminate & Dominate - Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations during Season 2.
  • Tourist Trap - Eliminated an opponent with a Trap in Misty Meadows.
  • Were You Raised in a Barn!? - Got revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn.
  • Swallow Hook, Line, & Sinker - Ate a Slurpfish.
  • Operation: Fish Fry - Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper.
  • Stuffed to the Gills - Ate 100 Floppers.
  • Aqua-Marine - Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water.
  • Giving 110% - Reached Level 110 during Season 2.
  • Rise & Grind - Reached Level 250 during Season 2.
  • Mission Possible - Completed your first Season 2 Mission.
  • Mission Complete! - Completed all Missions during Season 2.
  • [REDACTED] - Caught a Mythic Goldfish by [REDACTED] with a [REDACTED] while fishing.
  • Sleep with the Fishes - Got eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish.
  • Wet Work - Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish.
  • "The Ultimate Battle Royale Experience" - Eliminated an opponent while riding a Rocket.
  • GOOOOOOAAALL! - Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field.
  • Blend in with the Enemy - Hid in a dumpster.
  • Hitjob - Eliminated an opponent with a Harvesting Tool.
  • Pullin' a Fast One - Immediately eliminated an opponent after pulling them with a Harpoon Gun.
  • Meet 'n Yeet - Eliminated an opponent by Yeeting them during Season 2.
  • Liquid Gold - Picked up a legendary weapon on The Rig.
  • Your Argument is Invalid - Destroyed a straw man.
  • Pro-Fish-Ency - Use explosives to catch 10 fish in Season 2.
  • Codfather - Catch 10 fish in a single match.
  • Undercover Agent - Used a phone booth to disguise yourself.
  • Cloak & Dagger - Used a phone booth to disguise yourself 20 times.
  • Master of Disguise - Used a phone booth to disguise yourself 50 times.
  • If it Fits, I Sits - Use Creepin' Cardboard as Meowscles.
  • Narrow Escape - Used a Secret Passage.
  • Deep, Dark Secrets - Used a Secret Passage 20 times.
  • Tunnel Vision - Used a Secret Passage 50 times.
  • WEEWOO WEEWOO WEEWOO - Opened a Vault door.
  • Ransacked - Shookdown a Henchman.
  • Recon Agent - Shookdown an opponent.
  • Pickpocket 100 - Shookdown 10 opponents.
  • Chute First - Eliminated an opponent while they were gliding.
  • Pescetarian - Ate 50 Slurpfish.
  • Private Eyes - Used an ID Scanner 25 times during Season 2.
  • Cat Scan - Scan Meowscles at an ID Scanner.
  • Tossing Your Goodies - Threw a consumable.
  • I'm Flying! - T-Posed on the bow of The Yacht.
  • Yacht Club - Eliminated an opponent with a pickaxe on The Yacht.
  • Boop! - Landed on the nose of The Shark.
  • Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Visited The Shark in a motorboat.
  • Get Outta My Swamp! - Eliminated 5 opponents in Slurpy Swamp in a single match.
  • Fracking Henchmen - Eliminated 50 henchmen at the The Rig.
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  1. There is an achievement called, “Tomorrow, The World!” You get it by completing all Location Domination challenges.

    1. You also get one called gnome more war for dancing at the spot where the gnomes & bears are signing a peace treaty. Also apparently the achievement for unlocking the fully gold style for meowscles at level 220, =^._.^=, is bugged now because I got to level 220 around May 16th & bought this season’s battle pass and the achievement didn’t show up.

  2. your missing all the starwars ones as well ones i know are
    *An Elegant Weapon: Picked up a lightsaber
    *Tempted By The Light: Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Kylo Ren outfit
    *I Have A Bad Feeling About this: took damage from the storm
    i have no clue what the final one has to do with star wars but it is blue like the other star wars one

    1. Those achievements are from last season and they’re already on the page that has all the achievements from chapter 2 season 1.

      1. well there also in season 2

  3. Here are a few Achievements you can add in:
    *Get to the Choppa! – Flew a Choppa in Season 2.
    *Drop the Bomb – Won an Operation: Drop Zone match.
    *In the Zone – Won 10 Operation: Drop Zone matches.
    *The One Who Knocks – Won an Operation: Knockout match.
    *K.O. Combo – Won 10 Operation: Knockout matches.
    *Wish You Were Here – I went to Astronomical and all I got was this Fortnite Legacy.
    *No Bystanders – Danced during Travis Scott’s Astronomical.
    Since there are two achievements for the Astronomical Event, I wouldn’t doubt it if there were similar two for a future event this season.

  4. There’s also these:
    •The One Who Knocks:
    Won an Operation: Knockout match
    •K.O. Combo:
    Won 10 Operation: Knockout matches.

  5. I cannot get the “If it fits, I sits” achievement and have tried several times now, any suggestions? I have Meowscles and have used the cardboard in a few different matches with the skin on.

  6. Special Delivery – Walk from Retail Row to Holly Hedges as a cardboard box

    Round the World – Swam round the whole map in one match in Solos/Duos or Squads

    1. The special delivery one does not work

    2. How did you find out about these?

  7. Evident, while Midas, Brutus, and Skye are correct for unlocking fully gold style and 140, 180, and 300, Meowscles unlocks it at 220, TnTina unlocks it at 260, and Peely unlocks it at 340. Thanks.

    1. Peely has it at 350

      1. Use the groundpound emote ss deadpool is also An achievment

    2. Fixed, thanks.

  8. There are achievements for getting in a helicopter, winning 1, 10 & probably 100 matches of operation drop zone now which were added to the game in v12.20.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good way to get a full list of achievements at the moment. If I find one, I’ll update this post. If anyone has access to the full list, feel free to let me know!

  9. I want to brag to my friends how dumb I am so what do you think is the most pointless achievement on this list.

  10. Get outa my swamp = shrek reference
    pickpocket 100 = Skyrim reference
    Im flying = titanic reference
    I believe boop and gonna need a bigger boat are bothreferences just not sure to what
    And because of these references I love fortnite even more

    1. Gonna Need a Bigger Boat is a reference to the movie Jaws.

  11. Idk if you can do the Tourist Trap bc they vaulted the spike trap.

    1. They might add other traps later in the season.

  12. You forgot one catch 10 fish in 1 match. Godfather

    1. It’s there, you might have missed it because it’s Codfather not Godfather.