Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Achievements List & Guide – How-to Earn Them!

Our Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Achievements Guide features a full list of all the achievements you can earn during this new battle pass season! These are a fun new addition to the game that will give you some interesting new things to shoot for while you are playing the game.

What are Achievements in Fortnite?

Achievements can be earned by completing unique tasks or completing a certain amount of objectives during the season. These are mostly for fun, so if you get a bit bored of the game, they give you something different to engage in. These do not grant experience, and aren't the same as badges. Each one can only be completed once during the season, you can view all of your completed achievements in the Career tab.

NEW SEASON: If you're looking for the list for the new season then check out the Season 2 Achievements List.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Achievements List

Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but I've added some notes where they might be a bit more confusing.

Star Wars Achievements

We have the full list of Star Wars objective achievements, but we don't have all the names. If you earn one of these that we're missing, please let us know in the comments!

  • The Spirit of a True Jedi - Healed a teammate with a bandage bazooka while wearing the Rey outfit.
  • No One's Ever Really Gone - Used a reboot van to bring back a teammate.
  • I Have A Bad Feeling About This - Took damage from the storm.
  • No, I Am Your Father - Eliminated an opponent with a headshot using a Sniper Rifle.
  • A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy - Danced at the Fortnite x Star Wars event.
  • A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away... - Attended the Fortnite x Star Wars event.
  • I Always Wanted to Fly One of These Things - Deployed a TIE Fighter.
  • Rebel Scum - Wore the Resistance Back Bling during a match.
  • Prepare My Ship - Deployed the TIE Whisper.
  • An Elegant Weapon - Pick up a lightsaber.
  • A Beacon of Hope - Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Rey outfit.
  • Straight to The Dark Side - Picked up a red lightsaber while wearing the Rey outfit.
  • Duel of the Fates - Blocked 327 lightsaber damage with a lightsaber.
    • The number 327 is referenced many times in Star Wars.
  • I Have the High Ground - Dealt 1138 damage to opponents from above.
    • 1138 is a number George Lucas uses throughout his works and on Star Wars products.
  • A Little Short for a Stormtrooper - Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Imperial Stormtrooper outfit.
  • It's a Trap! - Eliminated by a trap.
  • This Weapon is Your Life - Deflected 1977 damage with a lightsaber.
    • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released in 1977.
  • It’s Treason Then - Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Sith Trooper outfit.
  • Traitor! - Eliminated a First Order Stormtrooper while wearing the Finn outfit.
  • I’m a Big Deal in The Resistance - Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Finn outfit.
  • Long Live the Supreme Leader - Picked up a red lightsaber while wearing the Kylo Ren outfit.
  • Tempted by the Light - Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Kylo Ren outfit.
  • You Underestimate My Power! - Eliminated an opponent with a lightsaber deflection.
  • Fastest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy - Deployed the Millennium Falcon.
  • Bombing Run - Deployed Zorii's Y-wing.
  • I Will Finish What You Started - Eliminated an opponent with the assistance of a teammate while wearing the Kylo Ren outfit.
  • You Like Me Because I'm a Scoundrel - Eliminated an opponent by fall damage while wearing the Zorii Bliss outfit.

Fortnitemares/Halloween Achievements

You'll want to get these very soon, because once Fornitemares ends they will no longer be available!

  • Fiends with Benefits - Gained 1,000 Shield by defeating fiends during Fortnitemares.
  • Kingslayer - Defeated the Storm King during Fortnitemares.
  • Punkin' Chunkin' - Eliminated an opponent with a Pumpkin Rocket from at least 50m away.

Full Achivements List

  • Hide the Pain – Used a Bandage to heal yourself while in the storm (1)
  • Who's a Good Doggo? – You're a good doggo. Yes, you are! (1)
    • Pet a teammates pet. It doesn't have to be a dog!
  • One True Pairing – Won a Duos match during Season 1 (1)
  • Your Time to Shine – Won a Solo match during Season 1 (1)
  • Dream Team – Won a Squads match during Season 1 (1)
  • Woodchuck – Harvested 999 Wood in a single match (999)
  • You've Hit a Brick Wall – Harvested 999 Stone in a single match (999)
  • Collecting Rust – Harvested 999 Metal in a single match (999)
  • New Island. Who Dis? – Landed on the new island for the first time (1)
  • Dodged a Bullet – Used a Medkit while at 1 Health (1)
  • Got 'Em! – Eliminated an opponent who just opened a Supply Drop (1)
  • Lifeguard – Revive a knocked out teammate while in water (1)
  • I'm Trash – Just the worst (1)
    • Jump into a dumpster during a match.
  • Bushwacker – Destroyed 500 Holly Hedges (500)
  • Can I Speak to a Manager? – Took out your frustrations on 20 Fishstick restaurant decorations (20)
    • There's a big Fishstick restaurant over at Craggy Cliffs.
  • Going Nuclear – Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks (235)
  • Gunk Ops – Gained 10,000 Health or Shield from Slurpy Swamp (10,000)
    • There's slurp juice in the waters near Slurpy Swamp, you can sit in it and gain health/shield.
  • Pier Fishing – Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier (1)
    • The pier is right in front of the SoFdeez ice cream shop at Sweaty Sands!
  • Quick & Dirty – Eliminated an opponent in Dirty Docks within 60 seconds of jumping from the Battle Bus (1)
  • Salt Bae – Been droppin' Salty (100)
  • Savor the W-Key – Won a Solo match with at least 10 eliminations (1)
  • Tourist Trap – Eliminated an opponent with a Trap in Misty Meadows (1)
  • Were You Raised in a Barn!? – Got revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn (1)
  • Desperate Times – You picked up a Common Pistol (1)
  • WARNING! – Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste (1)
    • Eat a Slurpfish!
  • Raw and Wiggling –  Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper (1)
  • All You Can Eat Sashimi – Ate all the fish and two plastic lobsters (100)
  • Submarine Submachine – Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water (1)
  • Champion! – Won 10 Solo matches during Season 1 (10)
  • Victorious! – Won 100 Solo matches during Season 1 (100)
  • Double Trouble – Won 10 Duos matches during Season 1 (10)
  • Two Can Play That Game – Won 100 Duos matches during Season 1 (100)
  • 10-4 Good Buddies – Won 10 Squads matches during Season 1 (10)
  • Squad Goals – Won 100 Squads matches during Season 1 (100)
  • Team Player – Won a Team Rumble match during Season 1 (1)
  • In the Winner's Circle – Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 1 (100)
  • Giving 110% – Reached Level 110 during Season 1 (110)
  • Rise & Grind – Reached Level 250 during Season 1 (250)
  • On A Mission! – Completed your first Season 1 Mission (1)
  • Mission Complete! – Completed All Missions during Season 1 (10)
  • No one will believe you caught this – Caught a Mythic Goldfish (1)
    • Mythic Goldfish has been caught but it's extremely rare. You can fish for these, they do 200 damage when you hit someone with one.
  • Sleep with the Fishes – Eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish (1)
  • Trophy Hunter – Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish (1)
  • Nice to Yeet You - You Yeeted an opponent.
  • Impossible! - You opened 7 chests at a drive-in theater in a single match!?
    • Head over to Risky Reels and attempt to open up seven chests in a match. This is a joke reference to a challenge that required you to open up seven chests at Risky Reels in an earlier season, it was a very difficult challenge to complete.
  • I Pick You! - Eliminated an opponent with a Harvesting Tool.
  • The Ultimate Battle Royale Experience - Eliminated an opponent while riding a Rocket.
  • A Kick in the Grass - Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field.
  • YOINK! - Immediately eliminated an opponent after pulling them with a Harpoon Gun.
  • Cabin Fever - You’ve been in this cabin a long time.
    • It's unclear how-to earn this one, and it might not be available yet in the game.
  • Carrying the Team - You carried a teammate for 50 meters.
  • Friendly Fire - Healed teammates for 1,000 HP with the Bandage Bazooka.
  • Let Yourself Down - Eliminated yourself by fall damage.
  • Hittin' the Hay - Hide in the hay.
  • In the Zone - Landed inside the starting safe zone.
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  1. this page needs to be updated with the achievements for season 2. For example, Hook, Line, and Sinker is for eating a Slurpfish in season 2.

    1. I made a new page since the achievements are separate from each season:

  2. How do you get the Quick and Dirty achievement. How about Cabin fever, Let yourself down, Hittin the hay, In the zone, No one will believe you caught this, Sleep with the fishes, Trophy Hunter and the ultimate Battle Royale.

    1. Yea those are all the ones I meant don’t work, I do however have the ultimate battle royale experience, I just went into team rumble with a mate and we just kept trying, all you have to do is get a kill while riding a rocket, must be on the rocket to get the achievement

  3. Now I have ALL available achievements (78 achievements are working). I only need the three mythic goldfish ones and the “all missions” one.

    1. If you have any questions about these achievements .. ask me … I know everything about it and how to do it :-)))

      1. How do you have 78? I counted all mine and I have 71, the ones I don’t have are Victorious, Two Can Play It That Game, In The Winners Circle. Which is then 74 for you, and I need same ones as you to get, and the rest don’t work

  4. I am not getting some of the achievements and I have checked and I dont have them already. I should have ‘In The Zone’, ‘Hittin’ the hay’ and ‘let yourself down’ but none have counted. Any help?

    1. Those were removed in patch 11.11

      1. I tried doing these achievements prior to the first patch of the season and didn’t receive the achievements…

  5. Zorii’s Y Wing? Shes getting a glider! Evident, will kylo get a star destoyer or something then?

    1. No I don’t think so we got the tie whisper which is his glider

    2. It’s possible, there’s a lot of encrypted cosmetics.

  6. Maybe the cabin fever achievement has something to do with the new Christmas lodge.

  7. I’m pretty sure mythic goldfish do 200 damage, not 90

    1. I think you’re right, thanks.

  8. Excellent guide much appreciated!

  9. How is this possible?
    “Eliminated an opponent with a lightsaber deflection”

    Anyone did it?

    1. I did and I believe it was the hardest of all the challenges

      1. I did it too. Very very hard … But the achievements with the mythic goldfish are harder to get. There are 3 achievements with the mythic goldfish …

    2. What’s likely is that your opponent needs to be using a Blaster and you need to get close enough to deflect and hit them, I doubt you can deflect normal bullets, but maybe I’m wrong.

      1. It is nearly impossible. I killed a storm trooper (bot) with deflection. But it does not count. You need to kill a opponent (real player). But like you said … you can only reflect a blaster and nearly noone shoots with a blaster the whole time on you while you are deflecting … so very very hard

    3. Nope not yet, I’ll post an update if I do.

  10. Some Star Wars achievements I have completed:
    I always wanted to fly one of these things -Deployed a TIE fighter
    I have a bad feeling about this -Took damage from the storm
    A wretched hive of scum and villainy -Danced at the Fortnite x Star Wars event
    A long time ago i na galaxy far, far away…. -Attended the Fortnite x Star Wars event
    Rebel scum -Wore the resistance backbling during a match
    Prepare my ship -Deployed the TIE whisper
    An elegant weapon -Picked up a lightsaber
    A beacon of hope -Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Rey outfit
    Straight to The Dark Side -Picked up a red lightsaber while wearing the Rey outfit
    Duel of the fates -Blocked 327 lightsaber damage with a lightsaber
    I have the high ground -Dealt 1138 damage to opponents from above
    No, I am your father -Eliminated an opponent with a headshot using a sniper rifle
    The spirit of a true jedi -Healed a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka while wearing the Rey outfit

    1. Thanks, added all of these.

      1. Deflected 1977 damage with a lightsaber, is called “This weapon is your life”

        1. Added, thanks!

          1. Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Sith Trooper outfit, is called “It’s Treason Then”
            Eliminated a First Order Stormtrooper while wearing the Finn outfit, is called “Traitor!”
            Picked up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Finn outfit, is called “I’m a Big Deal in The Resistance”

            I’m hunting achievments and you always have the best guides to help me out, so I just want to help with what I can. I will let you know the name of “Eliminated an opponent with a lightsaber deflection.” once I manage to get it.

          2. Thanks, added!

  11. I don’t know how you find the achievements so ima try help out
    There’s PREPARE MY SHIP for deploying a tie whisper
    A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY…. is for attending the Star Wars event.
    A WRETCHED HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLAINY for dancing at the event
    AN ELEGANT WEAPON for picking up a lightsaber.
    A LITTLE SHORT FOR A STORMTROOPER for picking up a blue lightsaber while wearing the Imperial Stormtrooper outfit.
    That’s all that I’ve found by play but I’m sure there’s more

    1. Thanks!

  12. I tried fishing off the pier and got nothing also collected 999 wood and got nothing. Can you only do one a day ??

    1. No, you can do as many as you want in a day. Are you sure you didn’t already get those achievements?

  13. There’s also were you raised in a barn and you have to get revived inside the barn at frenzy farm

    1. Already on the list.

  14. Tourist Trap is finally working, I got it yesterday

  15. Quick & Dirty isn’t working

    1. Not working for me either.

  16. Nice to yeet you is actually achieved by eliminating an opponent by yeeting them. I threw them off the stack in slurpy swamp

  17. I got the Quick and Dirty one. All I did was land and eliminate someone within 60 seconds from leaving the battle bus. It doesn’t have to be only at Dirty Docks.

  18. when i got “im trash” it said “i may be trash but im still in the game”

  19. How does Fortnite have 11 weeks and 2 days to add everything and then put in acheivements that you can’t even obtain.

  20. Hey evident there’s a achievement called “Yoink” in the new surprise update

    1. Added, thanks.

  21. A easy way to get the “impossible” achievement is to go to Strom King gamemode and search all the chests at risky reels

  22. There’s an achievement called “A kick in the grass” and it is to score a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer goal

    1. That’s listed in the “newly added” section.

  23. There is also one called “I pick you” when you eliminate an opponent with a harvesting tool.

    1. Added, thanks.

  24. Fiends with Benefits

    Gain 1000 shield by defeating fiends during fortnitemares

    1. Added, thanks!

  25. Hey @Evident. Some of the unacheivable acheivements are now acheiveable.

    1. Great, thanks!

  26. Hey what is meant by you’ve been in that cabin for a long time

    1. That one is supposedly not achievable in the game yet.

  27. I have completed a bunch of these but I haven’t received credit for them. Anyone know if this is a bug or if I’m missing something.

  28. Ok, if you find anything out about these Un-Unlockable acheivements could you post it here @Evident?

    1. I will try!

  29. Also, some aren’t avaliable yet. Do you know anything about this???

    1. No, sorry.

  30. How do you unlock Cabin Fever?

    1. Not sure on that one, sorry.