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Red Knight

The Red Knight is one of the earlier Legendary skins ever added to the game. It is based on Season 2 of the battle pass where the theme was heavily influenced by medival times and knights. It is one of the rarest skins in the game, it has not reappeared in the shop since the season ended and is highly sought after.

Red Knight finally returned on July 5th, 2018. The back bling was originally not included, but will be granted to players according to Epic on Twitter.

Official Description

The red menace of Anarchy Acres.


  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Availability: Item Shop
  • Cost: 2,000 V-Bucks
  • Back Bling: Red Shield
  • Type: Outfit
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  1. I wish I had the Red Knight, I never had a opportunity to buy it but I did saw it in the item shop on July 5th and August 10th, I hope it comes back to buy it, Please Epic Games bring back the Red knight in the item shop Please

  2. I personally have this skin and I will be livid if they bring it back. This is a rare skin and it should stay that way. Might as well bring back the Crackshot and Skull Trooper while you’re at it, epic. -_-

    1. Everybody so Butt hurt.
      1. It’s not SEASONAL aka ghoul trooper
      2. OG skins are battlepass season
      1 and 2
      3. They might be putting a castle in the game, so it makes sense
      4. Skins that are sold in shop can’t be rare bc everyone can purchase it and will
      5. How many red Knight u see running around and Ravens? Everybody got it but don’t use it
      6. Black Knight is cooler ( more intimidating) and it’s never going to be sold.

      1. 1) Not seasonal but still an OG skin cause idk community logic

        2) A castle is propably not happening

        3) When red knight was released not a lot of people got it since the game had ALOT less players

        4) When red knight was released for the second time…oh boy I believe you remember all those lobby’s full of red knights

        5) People stopped using the red knight for the following reasons : a) Old players got embarrassed and sad that so many kids bought the skin
        B) kids stopped using it cause it wasn’t “cool” enough after the 2 hours of use

    2. Well sir they actually will bring back crackshot and skull trooper because they were seasonal skins sorry to disappoint you bud

  3. The red knight is coming back soon! It’s coming with a pickaxe that goes with the red knight.Im 100% getting this skin this may be limited time so hurry! I’m also not sure if a glider will come with it.

  4. The red knight is so cool and I really want it but my parents can’t afford it and it would be cool to have it.