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Royale Bomber

Royale Bomber was leaked a while ago and we weren't sure how they were going to release it. Due to an advertisement leak, it was confirmed that it can be collected via a PS4 Console purchase. Yes, that's correct! You will need to purchase the Fortnite PS4 Bundle to get this skin. I'm guessing it will be a code you can redeem, so I could see this being sold wherever people sell skins. So be on the look out for those, or maybe finally decide to purchase a PlayStation if you haven't!

Update: It appears you can now purchase a PS4 Dualshock Controller and get 500 V-Bucks and the skin! This is much cheaper than having to purchase a whole PS4, so keep an eye out for that deal.

Official Description

Searching for a target-rich environment.


  • Rarity: Epic
  • Availability: PS4 Bundle
  • Type: Outfit
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  1. Bruh I don’t really like it but since it is rare my greed is getting to me and I suddenly want it. I mean, I kind of like the skin, but not really.

  2. I really want it, because this skin looks so nice and my brother can’t have it because he playes on the pc and I can laught him out.