Fortnite Deadpool Challenges Guide – How-to Get Him!

If you're looking to get and unlock Deadpool in Chapter 2: Season 2 of the Battle Pass in Fortnite then you've come to the right place! We're taking a look at what you'll need to do to get the mystery skin for this season that isn't so mysterious! This is a pretty amazing skin and is a huge surprise to Fortnite player, so you will want to make sure to complete all the challenges to get it as soon as possible.

Deadpool Mystery Skin

How-to Get Deadpool

To find out what challenges you need to complete for the week, you'll need to go into his secret lair in the Agency. Just hit the Battle Pass menu option at the top of the screen!

Once you are here, look for the spinning vent to the right. You will see a blue diamond icon above it. Press that to be brought into his dwelling.

Now that you've clicked on that, you will see a couple of options in here.

The one we want at the moment is the computer, so press on that and you will be shown the objectives for the current and previous weeks!

Every Friday there will be new Deadpool challenges to complete.

Deadpool thinks Thursdays are enough of a challenge. Throughout the Season, check for his updates every Friday. - Source

Deadpool Challenges Guide

Here's a look at all of the currently known Deadpool Challenges and how-to complete them!

Week 1

Find Deadpool's letter to Epic Games

This one is pretty easy because it's right in Deadpool's little secret hideaway. Look to some of the trash on the floor to the bottom left and you'll see a blue diamond over a piece of paper. Just click on that and you can view Deadpool's letter!

Don't thank the bus driver

Another simple challenge for this week! Just go into a game and make sure NOT to thank the bus driver. Just jump out and don't press your thank the bus driver button and you will get credit for the challenge and complete the week!

Week 2

These challenges leaked in the previous week, but for whatever reason are still not actually live in-game. This might be a bug, so we'll update this post when things actually start showing up in the game. We do know where this stuff should be located because of leaks, so take a look at that below.

Find Deadpool's milk carton (1)

The milk carton can be found on top of the urinal in Deadpool's little hideaway office.

Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ (3)

The chimichangas are scattered around the different menus in the Battle Pass section of your menus.


You can find the chimichanga in the Upgrade Vault right next to Maya. It'll be on the shelf just to the right of her.


Head to the Agents area and click on the Brutus option and you'll be taken into an area with some training equipment. You can find the chimichanga on the desk to the right.

Main Menu

You can find this one right below the big circular desk that's in the center of the menu. It's to the right of TNTina's little propane tank!

Week 3

Find Deadpool's toilet plunger (1)

Deadpool's toilet plunger can be found in the Agents area and in TNTina's agent area!

Destroy toilets (3)

Toilets can be found in the larger houses in-game. Places like Salty Springs or Pleasant Park are good spots to find them. Not every house has them, so head to the big houses to find bathrooms!

Week 4

Find Deadpool's katanas (2)

You can find Deadpool's Katanas around the Battle Pass menus! The first one can be found right in Deadpool's lair, it has been smashed into the mirror above the computer. Seems that Deadpool got a bit upset at the game of Fortnite he was playing! The second one can be found in the Upgrade Vault to the left of Maya.

Deal damage to opponent's structures (10,000)

Nothing super special about this challenge, you'll just need to destroy a lot of structures that were built by your opponent. I would recommend heading into Team Rumble, and maybe grab some explosive and knockdown towers that have been built throughout the circle area!

Week 5

Find Deadpool's stuffed unicorn (1)

Deadpool's stuffed unicorn can be found in Meowscles' agent room in the Battle Pass menus of the game!

Embrace the rainbow by visiting the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Steel Bridges

Bridges are pretty easy, you can just visit them across the map. Consider grabbing a Choppa and flying around to them to finish this up quickly!

Week 6

Find Deadpool's big black marker (1)

You can find the big black marker in Brutus' Agent area, it's right on the desk:

Deface GHOST or SHADOW recruitments posters (3)

Here's a video that shows some of the posters you can deface:

Week 7

If you were having trouble completing these challenges before, it looks like they have been fixed!

Find Deadpool's 2 pistols (1)

One of the pistols can be found in the main battle pass menu under the table and the other can be found in Meowscles Agents room!

Enter a Phone Booth or Portapotty to become the Super-est of Superheroes (1)

These are scattered all over the place, but you can find a Phone Booth to go into on the map below. Once you enter into one of these you will come out as the legendary Deadpool! You can leave the game and you will then have your brand new skin.

Credit to for the map.

Week 8

Completing this set of challenges will get you the Deadpool skin Unmasked style!

Find Deadpool's pool floaty (1)

Deadpool's pool floaty is in the Skye Agent menu. It's to the bottom right of the area, just click on it and you will have collected it!

Dance at Deadpool's Yacht Party (1)

Head over to The Yacht on the map and do a dance! You can do this in Team Rumble, it's pretty easy to just land at the yacht and do a quick dance!

Week 9

Completing these challenges will get you the new X-Force Deadpool style once they are available. You should be able to complete them on April 17th (Friday).

Find Deadpool's shorts (1)

Head to the Battle Pass menu and go to the Agents area. Click on Midas' option and you will find Deadpool's shorts on the chair right behind Midas!

Salute Deadpool's pants (1)

Deadpool's Pants can be found on the east building in Sweaty Sands. The pants are hooked up to a flagpole, and you can go up to it and interact with it. Hit the button that is displayed and you will Salute the pants and complete the challenge. You DO NOT have to have the Salute emote!


It looks like you will get some kind of Deadpool cosmetic for completing each of the week's Deadpool challenges.

That's all the information we have for now, but we'll be updating this guide every week until you can finally obtain the Deadpool skin. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check back regularly.

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Fortnite Deadpool Challenges Guide – How-to Get Him!

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  1. evident is there a challenge where I can get deadpool katanas harvesting tool?

    1. No, those are only a back bling.

      1. oh come on I wanted to go to the yacht kill deadpool get his pistols and look like I am the boss deadpool IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        just kiding the guide was amazing though can you do a guide about how to level up super quickly so I can get the Midas skin please I am only level 79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. thanks evident. read the guide it is super helpful

  2. is there going to be week ten chalenges

    1. I don’t believe so.

      1. maybe because when you go in a game then go see your challenges, the deadpool challenges are still there

        1. Nope, there isn’t any week 10 challenges sadly

  3. My brother found a pair of pants at Dirty Docks!

  4. when do week 9 challenges come out for deadpool

    1. It will probably be on Friday at the same time as the rest of them.

  5. love it thanks

  6. I do believe there is more Deadpool stuff than the common eye can see. According to his computer, there will be a Week 9. Perhaps the challenges and rewards for Weeks 9 and 10 will leak with next week’s possible update? What do you think, Evident? Is Deadpool hiding more rewards for us in The Agency, or did we finish everything like he finished up his toilet paper? Thoughts?

    1. I guess we’ll see when the next patch is released!

      1. im pretty sure that there are twelve weeks of deadpools challenges

  7. Hey evedent can you plz tell me if there’s gona be more challenges for deadpool cause I coumleted all of them and the rewards are lame so I am asking for cool challenges that give you awesome items like deadpools pikxace and glider and shadow or gosht styles for him and also can you send me a friend request in fortnite my nickname “Godfire5678

    1. I don’t think deadpool is going to be getting shadow or ghost styles like the other battle pass skins. As for pickaxe and glider then you missed those from the item shop last Friday and Saturday if i recall correctly..

    2. There’s likely not going to be any other challenges other than the last two you can complete for the unmasked style. Sorry, I don’t add people in-game!

      1. Just checked, we have week 9 challenges, but idk what they are

        1. You get white deadpool

  8. His pool floaty will be in Skye’s room.

  9. True believers rejoice! From what I heard, and from my tests, the Week 7 Deadpool challenges should be out for heroes like me who couldn’t do them before. Prepare to see the merc with the mouth in every match!

  10. So wat do I do if the challenge did not pop up on Friday

    1. Wait for Epic to fix the bug.

  11. I can’t seems to find the pistols. They aren’t appearing on my screen. Could someone tell me why?

  12. I opened up Fortnite on my pc and the only pistol I actually found was in the upgrade vault and it’s not a Deadpool pistol. The actual 2 pistols aren’t there for me. Idk if it’s just me or what’s happening.

  13. Um… I don’t have the cahlleges yet. is there something wrong. I have the changes to the item shop but I can’t get the challenges and I have completed all of the and the last one I did got me the deadpool wrap. I live in Canada if that makes a diffrence

    1. Looks like there’s a bug with the challenges for some players:

  14. What time is dead pool coming in Australia? And on which day?

  15. Hey Evident can you plz tell me if there’s going to be a glider in the deadpool challenges people think that you have to buy it but there was a small leak that epic games is trying to get people to spend a lot of v buck for it because simething very expensive is coming to the item shop do you agree that it is true.

    1. Haven’t seen anything about it. I would guess it’s going to be in the shop, but it could be some kind of challenge. I doubt Epic intentionally tries to get people to spend their v-bucks because something else is coming out soon.

  16. I have a glitch where sometimes I can leaks for the next Deadpool challenges early. This happened within the first few weeks where my brother and I found the unreleased chimichangas. Now, we got the Battle Pass glitch again, where the main vault door says we don’t have the Battle Pass, there are red pipes across the main meeting room in HQ, and we found Deadpool’s chimichangas, katanas and pistols in the many rooms. What I’m saying is, I’m getting future leaks about the Deadpool challenges and where the items will be located days before their actual release.

    Also, tomorrow, Deadpool releases! So excited!

  17. Thank you so much Evident, I got the battlepass only today and I have completed every dead pool challenge and couldn’t have done it without this guide. You are a legend

    1. Glad this helped you, hope you’re enjoying the battle pass!

  18. Hi Evident, where are deadpools pistols?

    1. That challenge isn’t available until Friday?

  19. IN the latest t5G video he mentions that fortnite has canceled the deadpool event and people who were going to receive deadpool will instead be given 1500 vbucks

    1. it was confirmed fake

    2. Probably an April Fools’ Day joke.

  20. If you look in deadpools room now there’s a calendar in the back above the toilet now showing a red circle on a date that appears to be roughly 2 weeks from now, could this potentially be when we could get deadpool?

  21. I want Deadpool to release on Week 9 so on Week 7 we can harvesting tools for his katanas in a mechanic similar to Brutus and Week 8 we can have a glider.

    1. I been wondering if they would do this, I’m hopeful that they have pulled out all the stops to make this set even more awesome, but I still want Deadpool as fast as possible I will use something else to slay the enemy and wait till the bonus cosmetics come out.