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Fortnite Back Bling Cosmetics & Skins List

Looking to style your new skin with some different back bling options? Check out all of the currently available styles below!

Check out all of the newly added Back Bling cosmetics and skins for Fortnite: Battle Royale below! A lot of these come with some of the skins, but you can also earn them via the seasonal battle passes.

How-to Get Back Bling?!

Currently there are only two ways to get back bling. You need to purchase a particular skin (or get it via a promotion) that comes with the back bling you want, or you can earn it via a seasonal battle pass. This may change in the future as they add more skins and optional purchases, but for now these are the only ways. Make sure to grab any skin you can get for free, because it'll allow you to potentially grab that back bling for use with other skins (e.g., Twitch Prime skins).

Are Back Bling and Backpacks the same thing?

Nope! Backpacks are a new item type that has been added to the game. These items allow you to do things you couldn't do in the past, currently you can grab a jetpack that allows you to boost yourself up into the air. The big difference between the two is that back bling is cosmetic and backpacks are in-game limited use items! Learn all there is to know about backpacks with our Fortnite Backpacks Guide!

Back Bling Categories

Back Bling Outfit/Skin Only List

These back bling's are only available via purchasing the skin that matches with it. There's no other way to get these!

Rare Back Bling

Epic Back Bling

Legendary Back Bling

Ski Back Bling

These are exclusive to the Alpine Ace and Mogul Master skins.

Back Bling Sets

The Back Bling set is new to Fortnite. If you purchase a set, you get multiple Back Bling for your V-Bucks.

Buckled Back Bling Set

Back Bling Battle Pass Outfit/Skin Only List

These back bling options can only be gotten via the battle pass! Each season has exclusive skins and back bling options, so be sure to pick them up because they might never return.

Battle Pass Season 7 Back Bling

Battle Pass Season 6 Back Bling

Battle Pass Season 5 Back Bling

Battle Pass Season 4 Back Bling

Battle Pass Season 3 Back Bling

Season 3 of the battle pass was focused on space exploration and featured space styled skins along with a legendary skin based on John Wick!

Battle Pass Season 2 Back Bling

Season 2 of the battle pass was medieval based and featured multiple knight styled skins!

Back Bling Promotional Outfit/Skin Only List

These back bling were obtained via promotions or challenges. If you want to learn more, click on the image for information.

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  1. Any back blings that look good on alpine ace great Britain? Apart from the shields or the other alpine ace skins back bling.

  2. I have a question the legendary reaper I have it I would like to know what is the back bling for it and if it’s gonna come out ever also the glider so I can complete my legendary set

    1. There is no back bling for the Reaper skin, however there is a glider, called High Octane, which was available only in Season 3 through the Tier 100 Challenges.

  3. @Evident, were the Destruction of the Cube challenges only out for a day or two? I don’t remember seeing them..
    BTW: @Evident, what’s your favorite skin combo, [that’s not part of a set]? (Skin + Back-bling)

    1. sorry for being late but a couple backblings that fit him are the love wings,six string,brite bag,back plate,any cape (troll),birthday cake and keytar.

  4. The China exclusive backblings do u have to play 20 in a day or Is it a LTM
    Oh and another question would they come to our servers or no

      1. for green, paradigm,love wings,bamboo and the dismal cape
        for purple, ominous orb,dark wings and battle shroud
        for orange/yellow, venturion/ventura cape,night cloak,royale flags and the dire sword.

    1. It’s a sphere, also the Visitor brought the cube into the world, the rocket hit the sky and made the rift which made the lightning which made the cube

  5. What skin goes with the black knight shield? The skins I have are all the rare skins all the legendary skins except ragnarok and all the green skins and all the purple skins except ghoul trooper and I don’t have moisture merman and wildcard so I actually have a lot of skins.😐

    1. The max ragnarok can only go with a couple backblings (frozen shroud,valkryie wings,rearguard and enduring cape) but when hes on the base style he goes with way many backblings.

  6. So I was thinking about buying a skin that included a back bling, If I buy that skin do I have to buy the back bling separately or does it come with the skin?

    1. If a skin says it comes with a Back Bling in the item shop then you only need to buy the outfit to get the Back Bling with it

  7. In my opinion the best back bling that goes well with Stage 3 Drift (red hoodie and cat mask) is the Skirmish back bling bc the colours match perfectly and it just looks like a really good combination.

    1. I agree with ion cage, but if you can get the buckler (the backbling for highland warrior) it actually matches. I use the combo ALL THE TIME!

    1. There was a bug with Cape Back Blings and cloth outfits, the problem has been fixed now. If you still have an issue please inform Epic by using report feedback from the Battle Royale menu

  8. Both the Insignia and Penguin backblings are for the Chinese release of the game, exclusive to the WeGame Launcher. You can look it up at .

  9. is the stage 3 cape unlocked from Ragnarok a backpack bling you could also use with other skins? or is just exclusive to the skin itself?

  10. I’ve been starting to take a liking to putting the Battle Shroud backbling on the Huntress from Tier 1 Season 5 because it makes it look like the cape is comeing out from the back of her armor and just under her wool hoodie/coat.

    1. I’ve been seeing a lot of people use the Love Wings from the Love Ranger so if you have it I guess try it

    2. I’ve been using the back bling from the season 3 free pass, it goes great with the pink and black color scheme.

  11. But if Omen didn’t have a back bling then i also guess the Offworld Rig would be a prefect combo for him as well because it has a cape connected to it

  12. Does the Gumshoe skin go well with Battle Shroud back bling? want to try it out but cant decide if it looks good. Please help.

  13. Which is the best back bling for Commando out of this selection?

    Dark Matter, Rust Bucket, Standard Issue, Goodie Bag, Offworld Rig, Precision , Astro.

  14. What back blings goes great with The Reaper (Except love wings I hate them) World love to have some advice! 🙂

  15. Any good combos?
    Skins: carbide, dark vanguard, omega, Rex, visitor, valor, elite agent, squad leader, teknique, trailblazer, zoey

    Back bling: dark matter, offworld rig, scaly, blue shift, goodie bag, true north

    1. I think the love wings,scaly or buckler would go best with her. I don’t personally own her so I don’t really know. Hope this helps though

    1. Strongbox from scoundrel love wings black shield or red shield scaly and maybe iron cage and cuddle bow
      Almost every back bling goes with rapscallion

  16. What back bling would go well with raven? I was thinking love wings but I’m also thinking the battle hounds cape

  17. I’m really stuck with what to buy with 1500 vbucks. I love the brute bomber with love wings, plunja and feathered flyer but any opinions or advice on what to buy would be appreciated:)

  18. Which back bling would go well with the diecast skin? I recently bought it and I need a good back bling for it.

      1. Steelcast is by far the best backbling for Diecast/Chronium, but you may not want to pay $15 for a terrible skins and mediocre backbling. Scaly is also pretty good on it, and the skins you get with it is pretty good (Rex).

        1. Actually, the steel sight skin doesn’t give you steelcast. It was in the shop a day or two ago, and it didn’t come with that back bling.

  19. I’m almost positive Battle Shroud actually goes with Fate, not Omen. Fate and Omen are actually part of 2 entirely different sets for that matter, with Fate having the Fated Frame pickaxe and Omen having the orb thing. Therefore, it would only make sense that Omen would also have the orb backbling, considering that the orb has nothing to do with the assassin theme of Fate.

      1. Well let’s not forget, in all of the trailers for Season 3, John Wick was shown wearing Cuddle Bow, something he obviously does not come with. Therefore, this wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite has done something like this. We’ll have to wait and see though.

  20. Does anyone know what goes good with the Circut Breaker? I have the Tendril pickaxe, the orbital shuttle, and in search of a back bling.
    I am trying to make a cool outfit

    1. Backup Plan (Twitch Prime Back Bling #1) looks really good with Circuit Breaker. I use it when I use Circuit Breaker

  21. Anyone know good backbling for the assault trooper, it’s the uncommon skin with brown shirt and brown pants? I like the skin but i don’t have a backbling for it.

  22. I really hope the safe backbling is on the girl character because I want them both but if not I’ll just get the girl because she’ll go pretty good with love wings

  23. A combo I use a lot is one I made up. It’s Shadow Ops, with Backup Plan, Instigator, and Deep Space Lander. You have to have Twitch Prime though.

  24. Anyone know any combos i have
    Skins: Carbide, Rogue Agent, Rust Lord, Teknique, Dark Voyager, Battle Hawk, Mission Specialist, Moonwalker, Zoey and Blue Team Leader

    Back Bling: Dark Matter, Catalyst, Astro, Goodie Bag, Rust Bucket, Precision and Standard Issue

    1. Moonwalker and goodie bag is a good one I use from time to time. Pretty much moonwalker and any backbling, which is why I like it so much

    1. Black shield, Dark matter, squire shield, love wings, scaly, six string
      Also maybe last gasp and raptor satchel if you don’t care about colour schemes

    1. I think that since the arctic assassin has black highlights, a simple black back bling will do. E.g black shield, cuddle bow, catalyst (i have catalyst and it literally works with ANY skin)

    1. Skirmish apparently might not be a back bling, but Eye of the Storm tracker is a BACKPACK (in-game item, not a cosmetic). They accidentally added the Eye of the Storm Tracker to the game, it could’ve been a temporary skin they were using for it. I will wait to change anything until we get official word on it.

      1. I am gonna get snorkel ops but what should I do with the remaining 800 v bucks I have also for the snorkel ops I have the Royale shield the positeron pick axe and the intrepid glider what else should I buy

        1. Im actually running party animal axe and am waiting to buy the Rex when it comes back to the shop to use the back bling on snorkel ops

  25. I was just playing 50 vs 5p v2 today ( May 15 – 2018 ) & it came down to a 1v1 battle and unfortunately I was outplayed ! But as soon as i was eliminated i was automatically sent to spectating him and noticed he was wearing a Black backbling ( not listed here ) description : kind of a robot / superhero + raven back bling look ! It was really weird it was like that momment we all found out about the brite bag how some guy was just wearing it in game ! Ofcourse i tried to screenshot it but as soon as i clicked the button it had already sent me to the loading screen so i was unable to get a photo of it. And well basicly i surfed the web trying to figure out where the hell that came from & I was wondering if there’s like a special tier challenge award for tier 100 battle pass besides the omega upgrade kind of like how we got the ” High Octane ” glider from season 3 ! Help please , it’s killing me knowing no one else knows what the f it is 😔😔🔫 Thanks

          1. I think it’s the dark matter back bling for the dark voyager but it has that glitch that makes it look ugly happens to a lot of back blings

  26. does anyone have any good skin/back bling combinations for me? I have 1,550 vbucks, and the skins I have with back blings are rogue agent blue squire royale knight and rust lord (rust bucket)

    1. Snorkel ops goes great with the blue shield an whiplash goes good with the starter pack back bling and also Recon specialist with starter pack

    1. Rust Bucket is in the promotional area because it was given away for free as an apology for the server downtime.

  27. Should the Rose Team leader and war paint be given free to limited edition pve players as they come from save the world limited edition package?

  28. The skirmish and pursuit backbling are for rose team leader and warpaint epic leaked it not on purpose but was on twitter for like 2mins
    i didnt get a screen shot but other people might have

  29. do you think they will add back bling to buy by itself, because i have the reaper and i want the love ranger back bling, but i only have 1,000 v-bucks

    1. The only time they did that was with the Rust Bucket (but it was free). However I would like to see this feature eventually more often.

  30. Do you know how to get the “flag” (I do know the real name) back bling? Muselk used it in his latest YouTube video.

  31. Will there ever be an option to purchase the backblings on their own, rather than their respective skin? I really want the Love Wings backbling, but now Valentines is over and the Love Ranger is pretty expensive. A backbling should be like half the price of its skin counterpart.

    1. Hard to know, there’s a lot of stuff they could do with the store. I hope they continue to add options so people can purchase whatever cosmetics they want.

  32. There is a free back bling called precision in the free battle pass during season 3 other than that every back bling is on the list

  33. For the Astro and Dark Matter, you don’t “need” the moonwalker and dark voyager skins to own them. Just a small critique otherwise great!