Fortnite Item Shop – Today’s Currently Available Skins & Cosmetics

Take a look at what's in today's item shop in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Our today's Fortnite Item Shop post features all of the currently available skins and cosmetics in the item shop right now! This is updated on a daily basis, and has all of the information you will need when making your decision on purchasing a new skin!

The available skins and cosmetics items are available below. You can click on each of the images to learn more about the skin or item, such as the release date, set name, and what the cosmetic comes with when you purchase it!

When Does the Item Shop Update?

The item shop updates on a daily basis at 5pm PT. However, there are times when Epic will make an early day update. This usually includes when they are launching a new skin that corresponds with a patch. These times are usually around 3am PT or whenever the maintenance has been completed on the server.

Bookmark this post so you can check it each day for the most recently available skins and cosmetics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most common questions I get are: "When is XYZ skin coming back into the item shop?" and "Will XYZ skin return to the item shop?" To answer the first question, if the skin wasn't a Battle Pass skin then it's likely to return at anytime. While there are occasionally leaks that lead to us knowing what items will be in the shop, these are usually on the day of the release and we don't have a lot of prior notice. So, we don't know when a skin is coming back and if you ask in the comments it will be deleted (I get tons of these comments).

The answer to the second question is that unless it's from the Battle Pass, every skin is likely to come back at some point. Holiday or not, a skin can return at anytime during the year. However, these Holiday skins usually don't show up again too often, so if you like one you should grab it when you see it! Again, if you comment asking about the release date of a skin it will be removed.

Another question I get a lot is "Should I get XYZ skin?" The answer to that is get it if you like it! Nothing someone else can tell you should really influence your decision on whether or not you like a skin. There's a lot of thought about if the skin will be "rare" in the future, and the truth of the matter is that unless it's a Battle Pass skin it's very unlikely that a skin will be rare ever again. The only reason skins are going to be rare in the future is because people don't like them and didn't purchase them. Most people dislike the Flytrap skin, and that actually makes it pretty rare, but that doesn't make the skin good!

Currently Available Skins in the Item Shop

Last Updated: 8/21/2019 - 5:00pm PT

Looking for unreleased and leaked skins? Check out our Fortnite Leaked Skins post!

Available Outfits

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Available Items & Cosmetics

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  1. What are the odds Corrupted Voyager gets an edit style with the helmet open / removed? They tease me with a space octopus back bling but I just want a full tentacle mouth skin already dang it lol.

  2. A lot of people have been praising the newer Uncommon skins, and I wanna list my favorite of these skins:
    B.R.U.T.E Gunner
    B.R.U.T.E Navigator
    Banner Trooper
    Branded Brawler
    Branded Brigadier
    Crimson Scout
    Grill Sergeant
    Highrise Assault Trooper
    LT. Logo
    Masked Marauder
    Nog Ops
    Patch Patroller
    Plastic Patroller
    Prickly Patroller (3 patrollers in a row)
    Red Nosed Ranger
    Scarlet Defender
    Sgt. Green Clover
    Sgt. Sigil
    Signature Sniper
    Star-Spangled Ranger
    Star-Spangled Trooper
    Striped Soldier
    Symbol Stalwart
    Toy Trooper
    Whistle Warrior
    World Warrior
    Yuletide Ranger

  3. Will tomato head and beef boss get new post apocalyptic styles for the zombies in retail because that’s what it showed in one of the new loading screens

  4. No one gonna talk about the worst decision Epic has make to this day?
    They release a Battle Pass cosmetic for 1,000VBucks?
    That dog looks exactly like Bonesy? I want to know WHO make that decision? He/she must be fired! How is that possible?

    1. Is a nice skin! I would buy it if he return and I have the 2000 Vbucks.
      But there is not a single reason why he hasn’t received a backbling yet. Is a lazy decision of Epic.

  5. Can’t believe that Epic put only for 1 day the Deadfire skin. The last time he was on the shop was on October. Why they don’t give him at least 1 more day?! 😡😡
    Do you guys think that he will return eventually in normal days or we have to wait to maybe on Halloween?

  6. Someone who has Deadfire:
    How many “stages” he has?
    I already won a game with him but don’t know if I reach his final stage, I just kill 2 players.

  7. Wow Longhorn has finally come out and some other skins from western so maybe tilted become western soon as in the leaks

  8. Hi Evident I brought the break Point pack but I’m going on holiday tomorrow, and I haven’t done all the brute challenges because some of them are still locked and I have still got to unlock 700 vbucks. And I need them vbucks to get the battle pass. Can you give me some advice please.

    1. There will be more limited time challenges, so I think you can just do those instead. I believe you can complete the challenges whenever you want for the breakpoint pack.

  9. Hi Evident I linked my YouTube account to my epic,do I have to watch the world cup/game jam on my YouTube account or console that I play fortnite on?

  10. Hey evident,on the YouTube drops do you only have to watch 20 minutes of game jam/World Cup do get ALL of the rewards?

    1. You have to do it for each of the rewards, they are given out on different days:

      7/25 – Game Jam Spray
      7/26 – Game Jam Spray
      7/27 – World Cup Spray
      7/28 – World Cup Spray + Red Line Wrap

  11. Can anyone help? I bought the emblematic harvesting tool but my flags doesnt seem to flow around like everyone elses. Is this a glitch or just for nintendo switch owners since i bought it through that system?

    1. I think Nintendo Switch’s graphics settings are lower so you might not be getting some of those additional animations.

      1. Nintendo Switch and Mobile has very good graphics for its GPU performance, but the cost of that, is the poor physics of cosmetics. The hair don’t move when the character are running, or some details of the clothes are like stick on the body and don’t have free move animations.
        Skins with capes or long clothes don’t have moving animations, but at least the graphic details of the skins are on par with medium-high settings on PC.

  12. Can someone help.. I have just bought the Samsung S10. Downloaded Fortnite and logged into my sons Epic account. I have then played 3 games (badly) to completion. I then logged into his account through his xbox and was able to unlock the ikonik skin. HOWEVER, the main thing I know he wanted was the galaxy skin. Please can someone tell me if this is still available for latest Samsung phone purchases? Thank you

  13. If I was to create an xbox account, link it to my epic account (which is connected to PSN) Then redeem the Dark Vertex skin on microsoft’s website. Would I have Dark Vertex on a Ps4? p.s. I used to be called Jek_Ford

    1. I’m not sure on that, I know some things with PlayStation can be weird. You might want to ask Epic support about it.

  14. Hey evident i think youre name is.
    I was wondering why the world cup skins (fishstick) is not in the itemshop??

    1. They’ll be in the store tomorrow according to Epic: “Landing in the store on Thursday, July 25 at 8 PM ET, will be exclusive Fortnite World Cup 2019 Outfits – World Warrior and World Cup style for Fishstick – and a wrap.”

  15. Evident I keep getting this thing on my phone that I have viruses and a hacker will leak stuff in like 2 mins? Do you know why?

    1. We’ve been looking into this, nothing should happen when you receive that message. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  16. Okay, I brought Jumping Jacks and then after purchasing it, I realized that the SAC code had disappeared for a refresh. I quickly added your code in but I don’t know if it still registers for the purchase. Do you know? On the bright side, it’s only an uncommon emote so it’s not the end of the world.

  17. Evident I know I’ve asked before both any chance there will be a combos feature/ maker/ best combos? Love the site btw

    1. A feature like that on the site? Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but if I get some extra time to develop then it’s a possibility.

  18. Hey Evident, I wasn’t sure where to ask this, but could you add the Marshmello loading screen into the loading screen list? If you have and I haven’t seen it, could you link me?

  19. What exactly happened in the most recent live event? i didn’t watch it because i don’t play anymore

  20. Hey, Evident, I think I said this once, not to mean, but can you add all the cosmetics from the crossovers in the cosmetic galleries? Like how you did with the mystery items?

    1. I saw it, I understand you weren’t trying to be mean. I added it to my to-do list, so it should hopefully be done soon!

  21. Evident. A YouTube Channel named Top5gaming actually used your site on their last video. Named: Top 10 Secrets you missed in Fortnite Monster vs robot event!) I just wanted to inform you 😉

  22. Hey Evident, can you add an Availability category, Challenges, where all the secret Battle Pass skins would go? If so, you might wanna update Singularity as she is categorized as Battle Pass.

    1. It’ll be out all today most likely, after the event it’s hard to say. They usually bring skins back a week or two after release.

    1. I’m hoping for there to be a team monster skin, just to see how it looks like. We all know that team monster is going to win, because it is part of the good guys, but I’m still rooting for the monste. I might be able to see the event live! And by the way Evident, who are you rooting for?

  23. Evident, in the shop is a lot of Team Mecha or Team Monster propaganda. Today they release the Mecha Team Leader skin and it looks nice. You think that they will release tomorrow the “Team Monster Skin”?? Because I can only afford one skin right now but I dont want to buy the Mecha Team Leader with the risk that they release a cool monster and I regret it.
    What is your advice?

    1. You can probably wait because I’m sure they will both return after the event or during it. I’m not sure if there’s a Monster skin, it seems likely though.

  24. I tried to connect my ps account to my epic account, and the process made me lose all my skins. Anyone have advice or some sympathy?

        1. It’s ok everything will be alright, they might return and if they don’t just get vbucks and everything will be back to normal

  25. Evident, Sometimes while browsing this site it tries to install a virus on my laptop. Wth is happening?

    1. It’s not intentional I can assure you! Are you sure it’s just my site? If it happens again, please try to take a screenshot and e-mail me via the contact form. I can try and see if we can locate the issue.

      1. I can’t, I’ll have to wait for it to happen again. And don’t worry, I know you wouldn’t do that on purpose

    1. Yes that is a good idea and why is the air strike not in creative inventory I want to do a bunch of science with it!

      1. There’s probably not enough for a guide, but it’s mainly used for knocking down people a bit so you can build up over them.

        1. Thanks I also figured out that it’s easier when some one is in a confined space and not an open one

    1. for the flash i would say basic hybrid would look the best. Green arrow(i think thats waht u mean) could be: green vendetta, green omega,

  26. Evident, for cosmetic lists can you please make the money shop and item shop two different categories? Thanks

  27. How can we get the ikonic skin and dance off the xbox for fornite?? My grandson really wants this for his birthday.

      1. If you want it on the Xbox, you must type your grandson’s Fortnite account onto the phone. He would save all his cosmetics and wins on his phone, and the same for the Xbox. Win win for everyone! I hope this helped.

  28. hey guys after seeing hiw much you like recomendeing marvel like skins i have a few as im an avid fan too!
    1. Wolverine
    2. Spiderman
    3. Mysterio
    4. Ronin
    If ou can put baxk blings too! Thnx

    1. 1. Difficult one, my best guess is Firewalker. Is the most closest skin that I can find.
      2. Difficult as well, but I will say that the first stage of Hybrid in red variant is the closest skin to Spiderman ( and Deadpool)
      3. Tempest. Is one of my favorite skins, and I think that I like him more than Mysterio. Also has one of the best backblings. He looks a lot like a Super Hero Comic villain.
      4. Omen, is one of my favorite skins as well, nice cape backbling. Looks a lot like Ronin. I also like the retro sci fi villain that he represents.
      Hope to help you!

  29. Hey people what Fortnite skins looks like these comic book characters

    1.) Colossus
    2.) The Punisher
    3.) Aquaman

    1. 1. Diecast without a doubt.
      2. Warpaint, because ha has a skull. The Supersonic variant with a skull may be the next option.
      3. The girl of the Fish Food set could be the most close skin to Aquaman. There are a lot of Superheroes & Supervillains skins but no one looks like Aquaman. Is not that nice hero to make him a clone skin.

      1. thanks for the recommendations but if anyone could find an aquaman skin it would be greatly appreciated.Also I’m an aquaman superfan soooooooo he’s cool in my mind

          1. Thanks! I’m glad all of you are helping me out but I think I figured it out butI can’t decide chomp sr. and leviathan

  30. Evident what skin,glider,pick would look good with the tactical shotgun I know it’s a weird request but hey weird request from a weird guy!😅

  31. Hey Evident, what are your fav skins?
    I like Leviathan, Sun Strider, Fishstick, and Cuddle Team Leader. I have all of them. I also like Dire.

      1. Hey evident just wondering, why do like lace. It’s not a very good skin in my opinion. Not hating just wondering

        1. I like the gothic style, as well as the hair color and the contrasting pink/black skirt. Plus, it has in my opinion, one of the best back blings. It’s a super unique skin. What makes it not a good skin in your opinion?

          1. I not a huge fan of it because I don’t like the color combo and don’t particularly like the back bling. It kind looks like zoey’s evil twin. I also don’t like the girly and gothic vibe. It’s just not my type of skin.

  32. I’m kinda sad cause Star-Spangled Trooper was the only “rare” skin I have and they brought it back. I think they should have only made the hat styles for the Fourth of July skins for the og’s so their skin could’ve still been rare.

      1. But now that I think about it all the other Halloween and Christmas and other holiday skins aren’t rare anymore soooo, I guess there’s like, no rare skins left other than battle pass skins. But I did buy the color guard back bling!!

  33. Somehow you guys got compromised. I can’t go to your page anymore without a “you’re phone is compromised and locked. Download this fix here.”
    Happens 90% of the time now in the last week.

      1. Guys it’s a scam for you to download an app it’s a phone security app it’s pretending your device is hacked it’s dumb but it’s really annoying non the less

        1. I agree, it’s not intended, I would never allow that kind of ad on the site. Unfortunately, they are hard to remove.

  34. Well, I guess that the ones who waited for Fishstick, will wait until season 10! Starsfish is availible, but Fishstick, nahhhhhh

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! I have been waiting for fishstick since Starfish was leaked because they’re from the same set. I’m disappointing.

      1. Are feel like they want to make him rare so he would sell a ton every season, and they chose someone so lovable like Fishstick instead of a generic solider *cough cough* Recon Specialist *cough cough*. Be patient, but as for older Fishstick owners, they also get a selectable style every season. He’ll come eventually.

        1. i love how so many people were like “Fishstick is absolute garbage.” and now everyone’s like “WHEN IS HE COMING BACK? WHEN? WHEN, EVIDENT?????”

  35. As an owner of the John Wick during the event, I’m quite glad he came back. Sofia, you are a welcome edition to the community!

  36. Me Before Summer Drift Comes Out: Well, I already have Drift so no point in getting Summer Drift.
    After Summer Drift Comes Out: Arghh! I need to wait for other summer skins, but I need both of them!!!
    My Wallet: 😭

  37. Hi Evident I don’t know what epic skin to buy, I want to buy a boy skin, do you know any good boy skins which are epic.

    1. Bandolier, Luminos, and Snowfoot are pretty nice in my opinion. If you aren’t sure what to buy, that usually means you don’t really like anything a whole lot. It’s best to wait for something to stick out to you in that kind of situation.

  38. Hey evident, I really want tomatohead, summer drift and beach bomber, but I can only get 2 skins. What would you get?

      1. I would recommend Summer Drift and Tomatohead. If you bought the Season 5 Battle Pass, then best not to choose Drift. Yet if you did, I would recommend these two epic skins. I bought Tomatohead during the Food Fight event and I don’t regret it. Except for the fact I did it at 3 a.m on a school night. Both skins have alternate styles, and Tomatohead’s alternate style is really cool. But pick what you like.

  39. Hey evident you wouldnt mind finding the quietest pickaxe and glider in the game for comp mode I think it would be helpful but for glider i think it’d be an umbrella and for the pickaxe i think it’d be the studded axe or the new baseball bats that came out today could you verify please?

  40. Hi evident it’s my birthday soon and I have been thinking about getting
    Vbucks but I don’t know if I should buy tender defender, lil whip ,doggo or fish stick .

    1. Happy upcoming birthday! I don’t really know, those are all good skins. I’m partial to Fishstick (it also has multiple styles), but pick whichever you like more!

      1. Good pick!!!! I also have fish stick and lil whip, and I rock out fish stick vr style!!!! The only thing I hate about fishstick is it’s eyes 👀! (They creep me out)

      1. even if i don’t play fortnite anymore, i still remember cackling over the fun glitching under the map stuff with my homies.

  41. Hey evident! Do you think fortnite will release a “gay skin” for this month? It would be really cool.

        1. It’s possible they can make a skin with a rainbow clothes
          But make it “gay” I thinks gonna be pretty hard

  42. Hi Evident it’s my birthday today and I don’t know if I should get Save The World or buy the Item Shop, which one would you choose.

    1. If you prefer constant source of vbucks then go for STW, you could collect up to 10,000 vbucks free just by loggin in, and earn 50-100 vbucks everyday for finishin daily challenges, daily challenges are super easy you dont need to progress far in the game

    2. Buy Save the World, is a interesting game. It motivates you more to continue playing Fortnite because of the rewards. I can tell you, I bought STW for 20$ (was January I think) and I can assure you I have won easily like 7,000 VBucks right now just by playing the game.
      But forget about grinding for VBucks. I never play ONLY for the VBucks, there are a lot of awesome heroes, awesome weapons and fun in missions to keep playing, and of course you don’t need to pay a extra penny for all of that.

  43. Is it just me or have Scimitar and Sandstorm taken awhile to release? Doggo released the day after the Dog Days loading screen (week 3), but they released 2 weeks after they’re loading screen (week 4)? Maybe it’s just because I’ve been excited to purchase them, but who knows.

  44. Jubilation was in the item shop from midday onwards. I know bc i bought it but any idea why? Was there something wrong with the emote?

  45. Evident, do you have an estimate on when Garrison will be returning back to the shop? Based on the frequency of it appearing in the shop and the last date, when would be a reasonable time to expect it back?

  46. Hey evident I am so happy this website exist it has so many features including rating system, daily item shop, leaks, and being able to share our opinions with each other and you. I thank you so much for this awesome website for the fortnite community we rlly appreciate the time and effort you put into this awesome website. Ik it’s a pretty long paragraph but I just wanted to express how thankfull I am for this website.

  47. Hey Evident do you prefer the wings of love ranger or the wings of ravage? I have 2,500 v-bucks and I’m not sure which one I should buy.

  48. You should add a randomizer that can generate a random of any cosmetic type! From skins and back blings to even (if you want) emojis or sprays!

  49. Evident, you like the Tempest skin? In your opinion is worth it to buy it. I ask you because I have in total 2,020 VBucks and I dont know if buy it or wait until Epic released a better legendary skin.
    I like it, is so cool but probably will be my last legendary to buy, so I dont know!!
    What you think about this skin??

  50. Hey Evident, have you considered making a mobile app, that is like a remake of the website but on an app?

  51. Hey evident could you make a skins that are most likely returning like skins in loading Screens and have emoticons and stuff in the bp?

    1. Dont hold your breath.

      Splode was very poorly reacted to by streamers and other “content creators”.
      So much so it never had two days like most new skins in the item shop.

      He can be considered a forgotten skin

  52. Hi Evident what rewards do you get for arena mode and how many points do you need to get to get the reward?

    1. As far as I know, there isn’t really any rewards currently other than getting a chance to compete for money. I believe they are working on adding custom rewards though.

  53. I waited 2 months but finally… I can cop the one and only… Poised playmaker. I feel good now except to complete my dream combo I need… The REAPER…

  54. Soccer Skin: You cannot defeat me.
    Default: I know, but he can.
    Fishstick: W A S S U P T O X I C B O I

    1. Daring duelist seems practical to me, I really like the back bling, it matches most of the outfits, the sand warriors though dont appear to have any back bling bundled to the outfits, it aint matter now though since duelist is already out of the item shop

  55. Hey Evident, I really like the Nog Ops skin and am angry for not buying it last Christmas. Do you think that it could come back, possibly next Christmas?

      1. There were rumors that Ginger Gunner wouldn’t return Christmas 2018, but here is what I think is most likely to return:
        Merry Marauder – 100%
        Ginger Gunner – 75%
        Crackshot – 100%
        Crackabella – 75%
        Nog Ops – 50%
        Yuletide Ranger – 50%
        Red Nosed Raider – 50%
        Red Nosed Ranger – 50%
        Codename E.L.F – 25%

    1. Bandolette, Blue Team Leader, Cryptic, Dark Bomber, Dream, Fastball, Firewalker, Fishstick, Insight, Jumpshot, Laguna, Marino, Mezmer, Skully, Snorkel Ops, Sparkplug, Sunbird, Sushi Master, Triple Threat, Volley Girl, and Waypoint. There’s a lot of good rare skins! Which do you like?

      1. I like birte bomber, dark bomber, bandoltte, Dream, sun bird, snorkel ops, jump shot, Laguna, triple threat

  56. Evident This is the best website ever I can only play on the weekends and I always check this website for the item shop change.

  57. I wish i had 1,500 vbucks then i could get the better version of whiteout (shade) and iv always wanted a skin

  58. Hey Evident, just want to say you have a great website and this is probably the best one out of all of them. I always come here to look at the shop, leaked cosmetics and skins. Thanks evident, you are the best 👊

      1. Hey, Evident me again do you know when the bao bros skin will come out I really want to buy it and I can only play on weekends.

  59. Hey this is an idea (might be bad or good) maybe make a daily challenges guide since they re-use daily challenges a bunch like I had Outlast opponents in solo mode a ton. So maybe make a guide for all of the daily challenges?

  60. YES! YES! YES! Levaithan decided to visit the planet Earth again. I thought that he had lost faith in us.
    NO! NO! NO! I will now have to buy the Starter Pack of that blonde girl to afford him.

    I hate you EPIC!!!!!!!!

  61. Hey Evident, I would be interested to see a list of all traversal emotes. Do you know where I can find one? If not, I think you should make it 🙂

  62. Hey evident, could you possibly add a feature on the skins to were we can see all appearances in the shop

    1. Im actually hoping for this, Id like to know how frequent/rare a cosmetic is sold in the item shop so an item shop history would be very convenient

  63. OK, Fishstick’s back, are you all satisfied?
    Since I was moving when he released, I copped him at the start of Season 8.

  64. Does the support a creator actually help you? I’ve spent over 5K v bucks with you as a creator already, I was just curious.

  65. Hey Evident! In the future you could start doing monthly or weekly giveaways to attract more attention to your website!

  66. Hey Evident! I think that you should add to the John Wick information that is the only skin that it have benn in the item shop for six consecutive days!!!!!

  67. Hay evident you should make a vehicle page. You don’t have to but theirs an idea that I’ve had and I think it mite be cool.

  68. Hey Evident! If you go under outfits and skin cosmetics and go to categories and it has all the holidays. I was wondering why the Fourth of July skins do not have its own section?

      1. Awesome! This may be a stretch but Tender Defender could possibly be a Thanksgiving skin. Also Nite Nite and Peekaboo which are the clown skins could possibly be added to the Halloween category.

        1. We’ll see, those are looser distinctions and the clown & Tender Defender skins come out pretty regularly outside of the holiday.

  69. Guys should I cop John wick? I was gonna buy marsh mellow but I just wanna know if I should waste my last 2k v bucks on John wick

    1. I would say that yes. Of course, its up to you decide that but see in in a more objective perspective:
      1. He is very unique because its one of the few that represent a REAL character.
      2. The quality of this skin is one of the very best; it looks exactly like a cartoon John Wick should look like, the face model, expressions, hair an suit it’s completely original and unique for the skin.
      3. He have an alternative style that is very interesting, which is not the case of Marshmellow.
      4. Has a two backblings, Marshmallow don’t hace any.
      5. Look, Epic have stay a lot of days in the store (normally feature skins only last 48 hours) so this mean that very probably it would NEVER return to the item shop.

      But is up to you, in my opinion, is easily one of the best and iconic skins in the entire game.

          1. Technically are two, because the Coin is part of the John Wick Set. Yes is free, but **IS** for John Wick

          1. The only real reason I was hesitant to cop was cause I had the og wick but the new one looks so much better not to mention the og wick was my favorite skin and I put it on more than any other skin because I love the wick films but now I use the official better wick instead 24/7 😎

  70. Evident, do you have a Legendary Skin release in the item shop that is your favorite?
    I think mine is maybe John Wick or Omen!

  71. Hay evident can you add the valcano from season 9 like the new location as a wallpaper but if you can’t that’s ok.

    1. I’ve been running with Teknique, Love Wings, Onslaught, and Wet Paint. What is your typical combo?

  72. Rarity in Fortnite is only self-worth. Having the Black Knight doesn’t make you a better player.

    1. Hence the note at the bottom of the item shop that i visited so, so many times

    1. Most links aren’t accepted. If you wanted to do a Strawpoll, I would allow it once in a while if it’s on topic.

  73. I hate to ask Evident (not being offensive, just curious), is that photo on the about the author section actually you or did ya grab it from images?

      1. I was wondering if you were some 🅱️ed 🅱️ead 🅱️edemption character that crossed over from that alternate universe into this universe to make a gaming community, but it’s just a theory

  74. Hey Evident should I account merge my old season 3 account before May 6 2019 because that’s when account merging ends I want to merge my account because I want 5 more refunds

          1. I guess so? Like I said, I’m not really familiar with the negatives if there are any.

  75. Evident, I was thinking it would be cool if you added a selectable style option as a way of filtering skins in the category filter on the Outfits and Cosmetics page. Then when you click “selectable styles” you would only be able to see the skins that have an extra style. Then when the game updates, you can just look and see which skins got a new style! What do you think?

    1. Same dude it was already hard enough to get al the stones espeacially the last one now its gona be even harder

    2. Serious men??! I play like 15 times this LTM and never won a single match with the Avengers. It was so unbalanced, was a lot easier to get the infinite stones than defeat the entire army. Glad the balance it a bit.

          1. Is that including when we tell you to update the page, you decline us then update the page?

          2. That does include that, it’s usually because I get multiple comments with corrections.

  76. They went with Star-Lord after all. I’m not upset, but imagine Groot with a Rocket back bling which acts like a pet. That would be Golden.

  77. Some of these items need to be considered rare in my opinion. The Clutch Axe, for example should be one of them. Hardly nobody buys it or even uses it, just like the two skins that goes with it. Leave more opportunities for the much better items to be rotated in and let the underrated items be considered rare.

  78. Hi Evident what skin do you think is better Brite gunner or Brite bomber but I have dark bomber. I enjoy reading your website and I go on it everyday to see what is new. Keep up the good work and what is your creator code because I want to support you😁

    1. I think I like Brite Bomber better. I also think Dark Bomber is very nice. Thanks for using the site!

      Creator code is: ProGameGs

  79. Was the modern in the leaked skins list- the one that was never going to come out. No criticism just a question. Also what do you think will happen with the k-bop. Keep up the great work.

    1. I only really got a chance to play for a bit, but I did like Hawkeye’s bow. The villain guys were pretty easy to use, but I’m guessing the heroes would be more fun. I’d like to try out Thanos.

  80. Bought Black Widow with your code! also they have found strings for star lord in the file as the other marvel skin that has been announced

  81. Hey evident any idea on why they clear out creator codes after every update? I use your code but I noticed on the previous update after I purchased a few things your code wasn’t there anymore…. Seems not fair to the creators since no one really notices and then purchases happen without a code because of it, it’s the second time it happened to me already.

    1. I think it’s just so you might consider using someone else’s code. I believe it happens every two weeks or so. Thanks for using our code!

  82. Evident, just an idea. You should a ‘Top 10 rarest/most common cosmetics (outfits, pickaxes, gliders, wraps, music and emotes) in terms of how often they appear in the item shop. You should also update the cosmetics that come in the shop to show how many times it’s appeared there. Just a thought

  83. Hi Evident do you know when the 10 tiers are going to be in the item shop.I think it comes in the item shop when the season is nearly over. I love your website and keep up the good work.

  84. Hey evident do you think the thing in loot lake is a space ship or a thing that can bring back keven the cube also I use your code and I bought the nitehare skin with a lot of dances i love your work keep it up.

    1. Thanks for using the code! I don’t know what’s going on with the space ship honestly, they’ve done so much crazy stuff that it could be anything!

  85. Hey Evident do you think the reaper pickaxe is coming back? the last time seen in the item shop was on January…

  86. Hey Evident, when do you think the leaked inferno pack is going to be released. Its been leaked for a while, and season 8 is almost over. Also what do you think is the skin that is used the least. (besides rare skins) I think it is steelsight. Nobody uses that skin. Please answer all of my questions, and keep up the great work!

    1. I think it will likely come out this week. I would tend to agree with Steelsight as a very rarely used skin. Flytrap would be another possibility.

  87. Electro-fied reminds me of the Electro Wizard from Clash Royale when I believe he quotes that. I know Clash Royale is dead but here me out.

  88. Evident, do you think there will be any Marvel challenges or skins? If so would you 1: buy the SuperSonic skin. Or 2: wait for the Marvel skins.

    1. It could be possible, although they didn’t attempt it when they brought Thanos into the game before. I’m not sure what you should do, Marvel skins would be pretty nice so I might wait because SuperSonic will likely be back at some point.

  89. Evident, do you know why the item shop now says it won’t switch for another 8 hours? It normally switches in about an hour…

  90. Hey Evident, do you think that fortnite will come out with NBA skins with selectable styles like the soccer skins and NFL skins? IF so, when do you think they will come out!

  91. Is it just me or does snowfoot resemble the night king a lil from Game Of Thrones🤔. And they put him in the shop on the night of the season premiere

    1. Its just a snow winter ninja. Is a very cool skin. For me, the skins that looks more like the Night King is Malcore.

  92. Hey Evident They just recently changed the price of Birdie from 1200 to 800 vbucks since it was priced incorrectly. They said they will giving players the difference back.

  93. Encrypted skins this patch is pretty much confirmed, pretty bad shop aside the new skin and just hurry up and release Inferno!

  94. Hey Evident! I use your code, I’m just waiting for a cool skin to come out. PS I used to be called Raptor, now I’m Havoc.

  95. Hope your feet are feeling really dreamy. Brought that emote with your code. Also found that it says I’ve brought Hypernova when the only shop skins I have are Lace, Sunflower and Finesse Finisher. It shows Sunflower’s back bling so that might be a visual error…

  96. Did anyone notice that the hypernova skin comes with the sunflower back bling right when it was released in the shop today?

  97. Yeah, this store is still buttcheeks. But I am waiting for an unleaked Magical Girl skin. There has to be one with the dance and the pickaxe. Like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura or something like that.

    1. The featured stayed the same suggesting that it’ll get updated when the 8.30 update comes live so hold your horses for now.

  98. Hey Evident! Do you play fortnite a lot, and if so, do you ever get bored of the same old game? Just playing the same thing over and over?

    1. I do play, but not as much lately because of the reverted changes. I mix up the games I play, so Fortnite doesn’t get old for me.

    1. Gifting is still out, and no I don’t know if Sunbird will be in the shop. It should be at some point, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be.

    1. Not really, I have some regrets about not leveling up my Battle Pass occasionally. I really wanted the purple lights for my Omega skin but didn’t have enough time to complete it.

      1. Feels sad😞.me too. I didn’t have time to level my battle pass. Couldn’t get an orange justice emote.😭😭😭

  99. Evident, on the website it is one day behind becouse today it is the fourth, and not the third can u pls fix this? It is very confusing

  100. Woah, is gifting back or is my game glitched? it says i can buy the ice cream wrap as a gift! But I accidentally bought it for myself, so i wont be buying it for anyone

  101. Dammmmmmmm still waiting for Leviathan and Diecast. I start playing the game since Season 7 and I can´t believe that my two favorite skins didn’t appear yet in the game´s item shop.
    I have almost 8,000 VBucks saving for skins, but they don´t appear. Such bad luck I have.

  102. Evident, aside from Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault Trooper or Recon Expert. Which item shop skin do you think is the rarest?

          1. My brain wasn’t caring when I posted and I was also hoping for your thoughts rather than leading me to a page

          2. I don’t have too many thoughts on rare skins, that page does a better job displaying skins that are “rare” for people who are interested.

  103. I wonder when some new wraps are going to come out I really need a new one maybe the Heat or the Golden scales I don’t know which one is better can you guys help me.

  104. Evident, I’ve found an issue where I can’t reply to comments, this has been happening for a few days. Is it the website or just me?

  105. Hey evident the floor is lava game modes wallpaper is of tiltied why is that are their going to finally destroy tilted or no.

  106. I’m saving my V-Bucks for Dark Bomber and her pickaxe. I want Scorecard back too. I have STW to loot me the V-Bucks. 😉

  107. Evident their is a pic of the volcano in lazy lagoon of the volcano and the water from lazy. I think that the ice king will stop the volcano from erupting with water cuz their is a helicopter that has moved around the map. But epic games is know for little details in there games and thing don’t happen the way we think it chould. Like the meteor back in season 3 we all said it wood hit tilted but it hit dusty or the ice going to melt and cover the map witch chould happen but maybe the volcano will not erupt it mite be destroyed. Plz comment back evident.

  108. Hey evident, You should add an image of what the wraps look like on weapons under the image (EX like the item shop).

  109. Hello Evident, do you know if any of the really rare skins will be back like renegade raider, ghoul trooper or recon expert?

  110. Love Pro Game Guides! Always go on here to look at the fortnite shop, never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work!

  111. I use this website everyday to check out the item shop or the ratings of items I’ll buy and I’m never let down and so for that I’ll happily use your code in the item shop .Thanks Evident

  112. Hey Evident, any idea or speculation on when the exclusive style for Reflex will come out for those who actually used the Nvidia code?

    1. I usually use Dark Voyager, but recently I’ve been using the pirate skin. If I’m feeling sweaty, I will use Teknique.

          1. They will likely sell packs in the future, but right now it looks like boxes are only available.

    1. Before the 8.1 update release came Epic said there are no (!) plans to re-release these challenges and that they are all fake.

  113. Hey evident I know you can check when a thing is last released, but it’s annoying how you put the day after it’s in the shop on the day it’s in (confusing ik) it is there a way I can check every time something has released on this site?

  114. Hey evident, do you think renegade raider will return I’m 50/50 every person in your comments is not dropping it just wanted to know your thoughts

      1. I read the reply’s there was a screenshot of someone asking a dev then the dev said 5e checkered version would return not the og variant so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  115. I was never a big fan of wild card I don’t know why but he stands out and isn’t that exciting of a skin I like the concept but offbrand john wick

    1. That’s true. (if you look at the armor it’s technically Sun Strider in a Elite Agent costume repainted)

      1. There was a message on the fortnite news saying that they were making new arts for Scarlet Defender
        Elite Agent
        Renegade Raider

        1. I saw that, they are already in the game. Those are just alternate styles, they aren’t any indication that Renegade Raider will be back in the shop.

  116. I’ve been really bummed recently because I went through major surgery (sadly) during season 6 where my favorite skin Dire was released I was unable to make it to tier 100 by the end. Though I am bummed I am loving this game been going strong since season 5 (just wish that epic would give slight leanience from time to time on purchasing passes and expiration)

  117. Like how you show the back blings in the available items and cosmetics for the item shop. It is really helpful. Keep up the good work Evident.

    1. Edit: sorry. Didn’t realise that they were separate to the skins. But still you do an amazing job and you haven’t stopped.

  118. What why did the Hypernova skin stay in the item shop for only one day? There goes my happiness. ;-;

  119. Hey evident do you reckon you would be able to do a top list of the sweatiest skins in fortnite from now? All good if not possible just would be interesting to see a updated list if possible

    1. That’s largely subjective, I don’t know if I want to create a list myself. I could maybe try doing a poll or something.

      1. A poll off all the potential sweaty skins would be a good idea and then from there we would see what everyone thinks is the sweatiest skin in the game as of now. Very cool idea I reckon

  120. Hey Evident, not that it matters much now because season 8 is happening tonight and downtime is soon but the chomp jr pick axe is in store too.

  121. Hey evident, will the season 8 theme be a war of fire vs water? I have a vibe that it could be the theme, but what do you think evident?

  122. The shop needs to have a better preview for the wraps. It should put it on a gun. Also I wish there was a “change all” or collapse on the wraps in the locker, i hate changing 8 things every time.

  123. Hey Evident, can you make a page for all cosmetics released in the current season? So like now everything that’s been released in season 7 and then when season 8 comes everything that is new in that season?

  124. Hey Evident, would you ever make a list of every game mode that’s come out (for battle royale) and a short description of them? I think that would be pretty useful! You might even include some tips and things so that you’ll know how to do well in the game mode.

    1. You can get the next battle pass for free if you complete 13 of the Overtime challenges. That’s likely as close as you are going to get!

  125. Quick question. Will Dire skin ever be available in the item shop? I joined in season 6, but didnt advance enough to unlock. Got calamity…. But not adore. I’m levee out at tier 100…. But REALLY want this skin

  126. Hey, Evident, I was just wondering if the fallen love ranger challenges will be available next season? I kind of bought him late and don’t have enough time to finish them this season.

  127. Hey Evident, I am in a different country right now and I will be back on the 24th. Are the Overtime Challenges Hard? AND I MISSED THE SOCCER SKINS.

  128. Hey evident, do you reckon that the standard love ranger will be added? I bought the dark one and would love to use the vbucks on the standard one.

  129. Hey Evident, do you know if the item shop will change at the usual time today or will it stay longer and not change until tomorrow?

    1. They must’ve expected to have the patch up and some new skins but due to the delay they didn’t have a new batch ready. That’s my guess anyway.

    1. Tough to say, sometimes holiday skins come back and some don’t. Glimmer seems like one that would likely pop back in the shop.

    2. Highrise, here. Glimmer, Grimbles, and Sugarplum have no sensation to callback to Christmas, so they would probably come back.

  130. Hey Evident, i was wondering what you think about the frozen gear bundle. i believe that people that got the frozen legends pack when it was first out should get the frozen gear pack for free. kind of like getting the purple skull trooper for originally having the skin

    1. i think you should get next seasons battle pass because you will get more than one skin and firewalker will end up coming back. the battle pass wont

  131. Hey Evident, will Marshmello stay in the shop for 2 days or just 1? I know most new skins stay for 2, but Wildcard stayed for about a week before leaving…

  132. Here is an idea for a new location for Season 8, Jurassic Jungle. It could replace Shifty Shafts, Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, or the trees near Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores. Any thoughts?

    1. That is brilliant! maybe there could be dinosaurs, similar to the zombies, they attack you and drop loot. Just an Idea

      1. Cool idea! I personally thought maybe there could be dinosaurs that you can ride, such as velociraptors. One of my friends suggested a pet that looks like a velociraptor called Velocity.

    1. When it says “Battle Bus leaving in 10 seconds”, pick an emote that repeats itself. Like Orange justice or Best Mates. Keep dancing in one spot the hole time. It should work. You cant see yourself doing it tho.

    1. I think it’s going to be a Season 8 skin. I personally believe that Season 8, the snow will melt and it will flood the area.

  133. Hey Evident remember in season 6 there was a leaked version of A.I.M. (the Hunting Party challenges reward?) It was an A.I.M. with green pants. Was it removed from the files or is it out already?

    1. Happy New Years! Not really much of a resolutions guy, my only real goal this year is to grow this site tremendously!

  134. I think DJ Bop is good but bad. I like the body but i hate the shirt. Its a smiling orange! But the bb is really cool but i rather have the Disco Ball one.