Today’s Fortnite Item Shop – Available Skins & Cosmetics for April 23rd – 24th, 2019

Take a look at what's in today's item shop in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

Our Fortnite Item Shop post features all of the currently available skins and cosmetics in today's item shop! This is updated on a daily basis, and has all of the information you will need when making your decision on purchasing a new skin!

The available skins and cosmetics items are available below. You can click on each of the images to learn more about the skin or item, such as the release date, set name, and what the cosmetic comes with when you purchase it!

When Does the Item Shop Update?

The item shop updates on a daily basis at 5pm PT. However, there are times when Epic will make an early day update. This usually includes when they are launching a new skin that corresponds with a new patch. So these times are usually around 3am PT or whenever the maintenance has been completed on the server.

Bookmark this post so you can check it each day for the most recently available skins and cosmetics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most common questions I get are: "When is XYZ skin coming back into the item shop?" and "Will XYZ skin return to the item shop?" To answer the first question, if the skin wasn't a Battle Pass skin then it's likely to return at anytime. While there are occasionally leaks that lead to us knowing what items will be in the shop, these are usually on the day of the release and we don't have a lot of prior notice. So, we don't know when a skin is coming back and if you ask in the comments it will be deleted (I get tons of these comments).

The answer to the second question is that unless it's from the Battle Pass, every skin is likely to come back at some point. Holiday or not, a skin can return at anytime during the year. However, these Holiday skins usually don't show up again too often, so if you like one you should grab it when you see it! Again, if you comment asking about the release date of a skin it will be removed.

Another question I get a lot is "Should I get XYZ skin?" The answer to that is get it if you like it! Nothing someone else can tell you should really influence your decision on whether or not you like a skin. There's a lot of thought about if the skin will be "rare" in the future, and the truth of the matter is that unless it's a Battle Pass skin it's very unlikely that a skin will be rare ever again. The only reason skins are going to be rare in the future is because people don't like them and didn't purchase them. Most people dislike the Flytrap skin, and that actually makes it pretty rare, but that doesn't make the skin good!

Currently Available Skins in the Item Shop

Last Updated: 4/23/2019 - 5:00pm PT

Looking for unreleased and leaked skins? Check out our Fortnite Leaked Skins post!

Available Outfits

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Available Items & Cosmetics

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  1. Evident, just an idea. You should a ‘Top 10 rarest/most common cosmetics (outfits, pickaxes, gliders, wraps, music and emotes) in terms of how often they appear in the item shop. You should also update the cosmetics that come in the shop to show how many times it’s appeared there. Just a thought

  2. Hi Evident do you know when the 10 tiers are going to be in the item shop.I think it comes in the item shop when the season is nearly over. I love your website and keep up the good work.

  3. Hey evident do you think the thing in loot lake is a space ship or a thing that can bring back keven the cube also I use your code and I bought the nitehare skin with a lot of dances i love your work keep it up.

    1. Thanks for using the code! I don’t know what’s going on with the space ship honestly, they’ve done so much crazy stuff that it could be anything!

  4. Hey Evident do you think the reaper pickaxe is coming back? the last time seen in the item shop was on January…

  5. Hey Evident, when do you think the leaked inferno pack is going to be released. Its been leaked for a while, and season 8 is almost over. Also what do you think is the skin that is used the least. (besides rare skins) I think it is steelsight. Nobody uses that skin. Please answer all of my questions, and keep up the great work!

    1. I think it will likely come out this week. I would tend to agree with Steelsight as a very rarely used skin. Flytrap would be another possibility.

  6. Electro-fied reminds me of the Electro Wizard from Clash Royale when I believe he quotes that. I know Clash Royale is dead but here me out.

  7. Evident, do you think there will be any Marvel challenges or skins? If so would you 1: buy the SuperSonic skin. Or 2: wait for the Marvel skins.

    1. It could be possible, although they didn’t attempt it when they brought Thanos into the game before. I’m not sure what you should do, Marvel skins would be pretty nice so I might wait because SuperSonic will likely be back at some point.

  8. Evident, do you know why the item shop now says it won’t switch for another 8 hours? It normally switches in about an hour…

  9. Hey Evident, do you think that fortnite will come out with NBA skins with selectable styles like the soccer skins and NFL skins? IF so, when do you think they will come out!

  10. Is it just me or does snowfoot resemble the night king a lil from Game Of Thrones🤔. And they put him in the shop on the night of the season premiere

    1. Its just a snow winter ninja. Is a very cool skin. For me, the skins that looks more like the Night King is Malcore.

  11. Hey Evident They just recently changed the price of Birdie from 1200 to 800 vbucks since it was priced incorrectly. They said they will giving players the difference back.

  12. Encrypted skins this patch is pretty much confirmed, pretty bad shop aside the new skin and just hurry up and release Inferno!

  13. Hey Evident! I use your code, I’m just waiting for a cool skin to come out. PS I used to be called Raptor, now I’m Havoc.

  14. Hope your feet are feeling really dreamy. Brought that emote with your code. Also found that it says I’ve brought Hypernova when the only shop skins I have are Lace, Sunflower and Finesse Finisher. It shows Sunflower’s back bling so that might be a visual error…

  15. Did anyone notice that the hypernova skin comes with the sunflower back bling right when it was released in the shop today?

  16. Yeah, this store is still buttcheeks. But I am waiting for an unleaked Magical Girl skin. There has to be one with the dance and the pickaxe. Like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura or something like that.

    1. The featured stayed the same suggesting that it’ll get updated when the 8.30 update comes live so hold your horses for now.

  17. Hey Evident! Do you play fortnite a lot, and if so, do you ever get bored of the same old game? Just playing the same thing over and over?

    1. I do play, but not as much lately because of the reverted changes. I mix up the games I play, so Fortnite doesn’t get old for me.

    1. Gifting is still out, and no I don’t know if Sunbird will be in the shop. It should be at some point, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be.

    1. Not really, I have some regrets about not leveling up my Battle Pass occasionally. I really wanted the purple lights for my Omega skin but didn’t have enough time to complete it.

      1. Feels sad😞.me too. I didn’t have time to level my battle pass. Couldn’t get an orange justice emote.😭😭😭

  18. Evident, on the website it is one day behind becouse today it is the fourth, and not the third can u pls fix this? It is very confusing

  19. Woah, is gifting back or is my game glitched? it says i can buy the ice cream wrap as a gift! But I accidentally bought it for myself, so i wont be buying it for anyone

  20. Dammmmmmmm still waiting for Leviathan and Diecast. I start playing the game since Season 7 and I can´t believe that my two favorite skins didn’t appear yet in the game´s item shop.
    I have almost 8,000 VBucks saving for skins, but they don´t appear. Such bad luck I have.

  21. Evident, aside from Renegade Raider, Aerial Assault Trooper or Recon Expert. Which item shop skin do you think is the rarest?

          1. My brain wasn’t caring when I posted and I was also hoping for your thoughts rather than leading me to a page

          2. I don’t have too many thoughts on rare skins, that page does a better job displaying skins that are “rare” for people who are interested.

  22. I wonder when some new wraps are going to come out I really need a new one maybe the Heat or the Golden scales I don’t know which one is better can you guys help me.

  23. Evident, I’ve found an issue where I can’t reply to comments, this has been happening for a few days. Is it the website or just me?

  24. Hey evident the floor is lava game modes wallpaper is of tiltied why is that are their going to finally destroy tilted or no.

  25. I’m saving my V-Bucks for Dark Bomber and her pickaxe. I want Scorecard back too. I have STW to loot me the V-Bucks. 😉

  26. Evident their is a pic of the volcano in lazy lagoon of the volcano and the water from lazy. I think that the ice king will stop the volcano from erupting with water cuz their is a helicopter that has moved around the map. But epic games is know for little details in there games and thing don’t happen the way we think it chould. Like the meteor back in season 3 we all said it wood hit tilted but it hit dusty or the ice going to melt and cover the map witch chould happen but maybe the volcano will not erupt it mite be destroyed. Plz comment back evident.

  27. Hey evident, You should add an image of what the wraps look like on weapons under the image (EX like the item shop).

  28. Hello Evident, do you know if any of the really rare skins will be back like renegade raider, ghoul trooper or recon expert?

  29. Love Pro Game Guides! Always go on here to look at the fortnite shop, never had a bad experience. Keep up the good work!

  30. I use this website everyday to check out the item shop or the ratings of items I’ll buy and I’m never let down and so for that I’ll happily use your code in the item shop .Thanks Evident

  31. Hey Evident, any idea or speculation on when the exclusive style for Reflex will come out for those who actually used the Nvidia code?

    1. I usually use Dark Voyager, but recently I’ve been using the pirate skin. If I’m feeling sweaty, I will use Teknique.

          1. They will likely sell packs in the future, but right now it looks like boxes are only available.

    1. Before the 8.1 update release came Epic said there are no (!) plans to re-release these challenges and that they are all fake.

  32. Hey evident I know you can check when a thing is last released, but it’s annoying how you put the day after it’s in the shop on the day it’s in (confusing ik) it is there a way I can check every time something has released on this site?

  33. Hey evident, do you think renegade raider will return I’m 50/50 every person in your comments is not dropping it just wanted to know your thoughts

      1. I read the reply’s there was a screenshot of someone asking a dev then the dev said 5e checkered version would return not the og variant so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  34. I was never a big fan of wild card I don’t know why but he stands out and isn’t that exciting of a skin I like the concept but offbrand john wick

    1. That’s true. (if you look at the armor it’s technically Sun Strider in a Elite Agent costume repainted)

      1. There was a message on the fortnite news saying that they were making new arts for Scarlet Defender
        Elite Agent
        Renegade Raider

        1. I saw that, they are already in the game. Those are just alternate styles, they aren’t any indication that Renegade Raider will be back in the shop.

  35. I’ve been really bummed recently because I went through major surgery (sadly) during season 6 where my favorite skin Dire was released I was unable to make it to tier 100 by the end. Though I am bummed I am loving this game been going strong since season 5 (just wish that epic would give slight leanience from time to time on purchasing passes and expiration)

  36. Like how you show the back blings in the available items and cosmetics for the item shop. It is really helpful. Keep up the good work Evident.

    1. Edit: sorry. Didn’t realise that they were separate to the skins. But still you do an amazing job and you haven’t stopped.

  37. What why did the Hypernova skin stay in the item shop for only one day? There goes my happiness. ;-;

  38. Hey evident do you reckon you would be able to do a top list of the sweatiest skins in fortnite from now? All good if not possible just would be interesting to see a updated list if possible

    1. That’s largely subjective, I don’t know if I want to create a list myself. I could maybe try doing a poll or something.

      1. A poll off all the potential sweaty skins would be a good idea and then from there we would see what everyone thinks is the sweatiest skin in the game as of now. Very cool idea I reckon

  39. Hey Evident, not that it matters much now because season 8 is happening tonight and downtime is soon but the chomp jr pick axe is in store too.

  40. Hey evident, will the season 8 theme be a war of fire vs water? I have a vibe that it could be the theme, but what do you think evident?

  41. The shop needs to have a better preview for the wraps. It should put it on a gun. Also I wish there was a “change all” or collapse on the wraps in the locker, i hate changing 8 things every time.

  42. Hey Evident, can you make a page for all cosmetics released in the current season? So like now everything that’s been released in season 7 and then when season 8 comes everything that is new in that season?

  43. Hey Evident, would you ever make a list of every game mode that’s come out (for battle royale) and a short description of them? I think that would be pretty useful! You might even include some tips and things so that you’ll know how to do well in the game mode.

    1. You can get the next battle pass for free if you complete 13 of the Overtime challenges. That’s likely as close as you are going to get!

  44. Quick question. Will Dire skin ever be available in the item shop? I joined in season 6, but didnt advance enough to unlock. Got calamity…. But not adore. I’m levee out at tier 100…. But REALLY want this skin

  45. Hey, Evident, I was just wondering if the fallen love ranger challenges will be available next season? I kind of bought him late and don’t have enough time to finish them this season.

  46. Hey Evident, I am in a different country right now and I will be back on the 24th. Are the Overtime Challenges Hard? AND I MISSED THE SOCCER SKINS.

  47. Hey evident, do you reckon that the standard love ranger will be added? I bought the dark one and would love to use the vbucks on the standard one.

  48. Hey Evident, do you know if the item shop will change at the usual time today or will it stay longer and not change until tomorrow?

    1. They must’ve expected to have the patch up and some new skins but due to the delay they didn’t have a new batch ready. That’s my guess anyway.

    1. Tough to say, sometimes holiday skins come back and some don’t. Glimmer seems like one that would likely pop back in the shop.

    2. Highrise, here. Glimmer, Grimbles, and Sugarplum have no sensation to callback to Christmas, so they would probably come back.

  49. Hey Evident, i was wondering what you think about the frozen gear bundle. i believe that people that got the frozen legends pack when it was first out should get the frozen gear pack for free. kind of like getting the purple skull trooper for originally having the skin

    1. i think you should get next seasons battle pass because you will get more than one skin and firewalker will end up coming back. the battle pass wont

  50. Hey Evident, will Marshmello stay in the shop for 2 days or just 1? I know most new skins stay for 2, but Wildcard stayed for about a week before leaving…

  51. Here is an idea for a new location for Season 8, Jurassic Jungle. It could replace Shifty Shafts, Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, or the trees near Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores. Any thoughts?

    1. That is brilliant! maybe there could be dinosaurs, similar to the zombies, they attack you and drop loot. Just an Idea

      1. Cool idea! I personally thought maybe there could be dinosaurs that you can ride, such as velociraptors. One of my friends suggested a pet that looks like a velociraptor called Velocity.

    1. When it says “Battle Bus leaving in 10 seconds”, pick an emote that repeats itself. Like Orange justice or Best Mates. Keep dancing in one spot the hole time. It should work. You cant see yourself doing it tho.

    1. I think it’s going to be a Season 8 skin. I personally believe that Season 8, the snow will melt and it will flood the area.

  52. Hey Evident remember in season 6 there was a leaked version of A.I.M. (the Hunting Party challenges reward?) It was an A.I.M. with green pants. Was it removed from the files or is it out already?

    1. Happy New Years! Not really much of a resolutions guy, my only real goal this year is to grow this site tremendously!

  53. I think DJ Bop is good but bad. I like the body but i hate the shirt. Its a smiling orange! But the bb is really cool but i rather have the Disco Ball one.

  54. I hope Disco Diva comes back someday. Its a pretty nice skin! And its rare so i just need to farm 1200 vbucks from STW which isnt a hard challenge.

  55. They are back, again. Arachne and spider knight are back again. I regret getting Arachne. This is a reason I don’t play fortnite as much anymore.

    1. Stop crying over a skin, like it says at the top, if a skin is in the item shop, it will come back one day, if yoi want to “flex” use a battle pass skin, i am glad you dont play the game anymore

  56. hey evident since Fishstick was part of the fish food set which was in last leak haul, maybe think about adding Vision pickaxe to the Ouroboros set?

  57. Evident! I heard about a Monk skin thats rare or epic? There is going to be a “Shaolins Stick” pickaxe and a glider but idk what that is. By the way Glimmer is a hecking Disney© skin. It looks like Elsa from you know where

  58. Ok, so first of all Glitter looks like the adult version of Tinker bell, amid second of all, her Flury pick axe is basically a wand. Also, I’m just about ready the cop the Frozen Legends bundle!

  59. hopefully the grimbles skin comes back soon….. couldnt buy it
    also predicction: christmas day all the ogs are to come back again, including the gingerbreads.

  60. Gg
    To all the people that bought the christmas skins and to all the people that payed 300 dollars for an account with only the christmas skins and some more stuff

  61. OMG YES I Can Reclaim My OG Season 2 Skins All Over Again I Have Ginger Gunner And If I Show Off To Be An OG I Would Be Remembered

  62. why doesent crackabella show up in the item shop for me only crackshot appears no crackabella has this happened to anyone else

  63. Do you guys think that there is going to be a new item or skin every day until Christmas? If so that would be cool lol

  64. Looks like the lack of FNBR leaks is having an effect evident. Two skins released without being datamined in the last two days, pretty big deal if you ask me.

      1. It’s because of encrypted files, they are either impossible or need a specific key to unlock. After the most recent patch there were 15 skins in those files, two of which have come out: red nosed ranger and crackabella.

  65. I’m Sad That I’m Not An OG Anymore I Had The British Mogul Master And That’s It But It Came Out Again People Will Call Me A Framer And A Trash Player 🙁

    1. Even though it came back and it was your rarest skin, most people have been there too. I had Yuletide Ranger before it came back. So if you see this reply and maybe will hit some duos up.

      1. It’s kinda sad that I hold a rare opinion but I don’t judge anyone by the skin they use. Why should you care if a skin you have came back, it doesn’t mean that people who buy it now will be as good as your are anyways. Don’t resort to complaining your not OG, get out there and prove to me and everyone else that you’ve got the skills to prove you’ve been playing that long

      2. I don’t know if this is really the same but I’ve had boneless since it came out for the first and it was the rarest item in my locker. I got really mad whenever it came back though.

        1. Boneless was never super rare and the guy who wrote that people call him a framer and stuff is probably around 11 because He Wrote Like This plus he had bad grammar. I think the only rare skins are Season 1 Skins and Ghoul Trooper, every other skin isn’t rare but it’s just that it’s rare to see people using them. I think that’s mostly because I don’t think the “OG” skins look good I prefer newer skins like Waypoint, Castor, and Raven (Raven isn’t new but I still use him often)
          Also not related to my comment I LOVE THE NEW FROZEN BUNDLE! I am going to buy it no matter how much it costs. I’m hoping it the $30 that the leaks say it is but I’m fine with $60 as it will be more rare and will be cooler to flex on people with lol
          Don’t get triggered by this comment and have a nice day

  66. You might as heard me from other people I’m also a fortnite skin master and all that but evident is waaaaaaaaay better than me but if you don’t have raven or u didn’t buy any of those then I suggest you either buy raven when it comes back or buy the battle pass also guys if I grind on fortnite these 2 weeks of winter break and I grind crazy do you gouts thinks that I could get from 2 tiers before the sgt winter and finish at least half the battle pass or even the whole battle pass and when I meant to grind on fortnite I meant like to wake up and just go on my ps4 and play till I go to sleep and not let anyone talk or touch me while I play that will be cool. I’m gonna try it

      1. My fam usually spends time with their friends and not my friends and then I get bored because all they talk about is business and grown up stuff and they tell me to play to so then can you give me some tips on how to finish full or at least the half the battle pass guys and evident. Guys I want you guys to reply to my comment and tell me what tier your on and how you got to it so fast and when you tell me how you got to it so fast I mean don’t tell me I bought theirs because I already know that I wasted all my psn cards buying teirs for season 6 and saved 10$ left for this battle pass if you bought tiers then don’t reply to the comment and don’t try to be cool by putting another way and replying to the comment thank you so much for reading this

          1. Im tier 30..

            • Complete Challenges
            • Try to stay alive as long as possible, maybe even some victories
            • Try to get some kills along the way..

            Thats how I level up my battle pass 🙂

    1. I have Raven, Love Ranger, but not Red Knight but I am buying the Frozen Bundle I rate it 9.9/10 the only reason it’s not 10/10 is because there isn’t a frozen Iron Cage lol. I bought Raven the first time he came out and I remember when he was in the batch of first leaked skins. He was my 2nd skin that I bought and I love the new remakes!
      Also I love this site it is very nice and easy to navigate

  67. Hey guys , what’s your thoughts on longshot and insight ? I like them but was expecting a Christmas skin ? Not complaining because I hope no more Christmas skins come back , just surprised .

  68. Hey evident do you think the cipher is rare because I have it and too bad they’re bringing my crackshot back was my favorite now I have to use mogul master.

  69. Hey evident I love this site ! I wake up every moaning and go on this strait away , always hoping that the merry marauder isn’t in the shop . Lol . It’s my rarest skin and really hope it doesn’t come back . Do you like the skin and think it will come back ?

      1. I think that’s good. Too many edgy streamer btws have thought they can get stuff like merry marauder from trading accounts and get scammed.

    1. I also stupidly realized that all the skins I bought, power cord, valkery, Arachne, oblivion, came back recently, except for oblivion.

  70. Hey guys reply on my comment what septuagenarian of the ice king you like, I like the first 3 stages the 4th stage is ugly and evident u say ur favorite stage of ice king I don’t care if people say that the 4th stage is nice I just don’t like it and also it’s other people opinion so I don’t care what stage u people like and just saying it doesn’t matter to me it’s ur opinion guys u don’t judge people.

    1. I like the 2nd and 3rd King Because it has a black knight theme And 3rd has a gray vibe to make it good I agree with you on the 4th one there

    2. I like all the stages besides the 4th stage too. But in order from best to least is

  71. The merry marauder is better in my opinion because he is unique but crackshot is cool but you can’t peek shot because of the hat and he stands out from a distance

    1. Crackshot is so cool but the thing is, is that u can get an easy snipe because if his tall hat and hey evident can u get a sniper kill if crackshots hat is showing but not his head

        1. But the thing is about sniping with the crackshot is that you may not be sniped from the hat, but people can see you hiding or trying to snipe.

          1. That wasn’t what he asked. He asked if you could get sniped through the hat, at least that’s how it reads to me.

  72. What skins do you guys think will get opposite genders of (example Deadfire and Calamity?) I see Trog, Ice King, and Powder getting opposite genders but surprised something like D.J. Yonder getting opposite gender.

  73. Man I was hoping for more Christmas themed items in this season’s battle pass, although to be fair there wasn’t much Halloween stuff in the season 6 pass, so I guess that means I’ll have to buy Christmas skins from the store.

    1. Yeah but all the skins r nice and hey evident do u like the last stage of the ice king and guys list all the skins you like in the new season 7 battle pass

      1. I think I like the second stage of the ice king the most with the red. And is it just me, or does he look like he’s from Dark Souls?

        I like all the new battle pass skins but I think lynx or ice kind is my favorite. The yeti guy is just awesome though

          1. My favorite is Powder. She just looks really comfy in that suit. But i love the 3rd version of the Ice king with the white and gray colours. And the Free Flow is just the best Epic Emote in the seven battlepasses

          2. Bro the yeti is so ugly this is how I feel about it 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. What about u Vicente do u like the yeti in the battle pass. Hey evident thanks 4 responding to my best friend domdonut.

  74. Hey evident I know your the author of all of this stuff can’t u plz post season 7 battle pass because me and my friends count on this website and we always check the item shop and all the other kinds of stuff on this website so can u plz post the season 7 battle pass me and my friends r hyped up 4 it also anyone can reply to this message not just evident

        1. i use this every day this website is what keeps me going through my schoolwork and my life when i dont have the ability to play fortnite because i have lost my ps4 for a month and one week witch is really disapointing since i just got the frostbite bundle and only got to use it for an hour and thirty mins which makes me mad but evident thank you for giving me somthing to think about in school every day so thank you so much .Bye.

  75. Aww Grinded out 4k vbucks hopeing there would be a female dire/dire set. Now im slightly depressed i had to pass up alot of good skins recently

  76. They are bringing back a lot of rare emotes and skins recently! They just now put finger guns and flippin’ sexy back in the shop, and a while ago, they put in kiss kiss, and power chord! I wonder what they will add back next? Do y’all have any ideas?

  77. Hey guys, question I want everyone to weigh in on, does buying a skins because you think it will be rare or has a decent chance good? Do the pros out weigh the cons?

    1. I just get them when they are good. Mostly just get battle pass though. Btw its PhoenixPlayz5. I just changed my name to match my new in game one. Friend me if u guys want!

  78. Wow! There is so many skins that have come out that were not leaked! How many more will there be? I personally like the new moth skin, but other people have different opinions! What do y’all think?

          1. I’m the type of guy that buys skins because I think they’re cool, not rare
            (Damn, this reply box is getting pretty small)

    1. trust me, fortnite will bring back every skin in the game at one point in time, so dont bother wasting your money on thinking of it being a rare skin

      1. The only skins that will retain some rarity are occasional holiday skins, some promotional skins and battle pass skins. Also, the ugliest, least liked skins become rare because no one buys them. Flytrap is a good example. But don’t be shocked if Epic brings him back, and everyone gets him because they think he’s rare… such a stupid reason to want a skin honestly lol.

    2. The backbling is just too much i mean if there wasnt no animation for it then i would probably buy it the legs moving i just cant

  79. I’m waiting patiently for Guan Yu. I played a lot of Dynasty Warriors when I was younger. Hope he’s not for like Chinese New Year. That would be corny.

        1. I think it’s just going to be a skin in the item shop. Maybe it’ll come back into the item shop on Chinese New Year, but otherwise it’s probably an item shop skin.

  80. I’m a season 1 player I’ve had all battle passes and my rarest skin is either black knight or the German alpine ace ski skin I have over 300 wins. I also bought the tender defender yesterday and I’m not regretting it so far 😂

  81. I think that theres gonna be a Disco Domination LTM with a twist like Wreck it Ralph cuz the new emote says “Wreck the dancefloor”.

    Btw rarest skin is probably:The Reaper,Plague uuh thats it

  82. I bought the whole Fowl Play set when it came out lmao

    My rarest items: Dark Voyager, Havoc, Sub Commander, Best Mates, you get the idea.

    1. Ah nice a Season 3 Veteran, only 90’s kids remember Dusty Depot. S3 was my first Battle Pass, I have fond memories of those days but I’m actually quite happy with how the game and the map has progressed since then.

      1. I’m only a season 4 player, because I play on switch. My first battle pass was season 5, but my rarest items are probably the birthday cake back bling, and the bogey bag.

  83. Any switch players here? I am a switch player and my rarest thing is probably a season four free pass back bling! Lol!

    1. I’m a switch player but I didn’t think Fortnite was cool when Season 4 Came out so I didn’t play it until the last day of Season 4 and it was fun. I’ve been playing Fortnite a lot often now.

  84. My rarest skins are black knight, merry marauder, make (glider) and probably red knight because I got it when it was og.

    1. I think either max omega or…. THE DEFAULT SKIN

      Does anyone think triple threat is rare? She hasn’t been in the shop for a while and I see more black knights than triple threats in-game.

      1. Mainly because everyone that has Black Knight, wears it. Although the people that have triple threat don’t wear it very often because it isn’t as cool.

    1. You could just like the Fortnite colors. Or browse the teams for colors you like. I am a NYG fan, but some of the other uniforms are awesome.

      1. Just Prefer All Of Them Because No One Should Care Of What You Think
        (I Hate Football Im Not Wasting 1500 Vbucks On My 60th Skin

  85. Evident how do you know all this and what is your favorite skin personally I like end zone from the nfl set. Oh and you are so good at creating this chain of fortnite websites i like the skin list and the leaks.

    1. I’ve been following Fortnite since the beginning, so I’ve just picked up the knowledge. My favorite skin is Dark Voyager. Thanks, glad you like the site!

  86. When Fortnite Dies They Will Bring Back The Seasons And Probably Bring Back The Ski Skins (I Have The British Girl One)

    1. There is no more rarity in skins. Holiday skins are rare for a year and season pass skins rule supreme if you managed to play season one or two

        1. The battle hound has returned before st patty. And the Christmas skins WILL be back maybe except for one. Ghoul Trooper is the real MVP

  87. Mayhem is so cool. She reminds me a little of Joule from ReCore. And the orange… my favorite color. I wish I had enough to get her. Should I save for her the next time she comes back in the shop?

  88. I think epic games is going to make the battle passes go up to season 10 then they’ll recycle the seasons from season 1 to season 10

  89. I just realized that a lot of the male outfits have their faces covered up more than the female counterparts (example: abstrakt and teknique, mayhem and ruckus, venturion and ventura)

  90. I only ended up getting boneless though it’s a pretty good emote I recommend it getting it.What do you guys think and do you have boneless?

  91. Today’s item shop is sick,I’m going to get electro shuffle and maybe a skin.Im not a big fan on the Dante and Rosa though how about you guys?

    1. I personally like them. I got electro shuffle by accident back in season 3 but it’s a pretty good emote. If you don’t care for the day of the dead skins, then don’t get them! It’s your money, wish I had some, because I really like the day of the dead skins and their pickaxe.

      And you don’t necessarily need to get anything in this shop rotation, there’s different loot every day! I highly recommend triple threat, my favorite skin, because she’s clean and cheap and she looks awesome. She hasn’t been in the shop for a while now though, so I expect she will be back soon along with all of the other half court items (I love that set!) sorry for ranting I have a problem with that.

      1. So true man like one day the shop is terrible the next everything is new and when the football skins come it will be amazing with the 2 dances 2 Pickaxes 1 glider 2 ref skins and like 8 football skins it will be amazing.

  92. Epic want to keep it rare and I think that’s good because all of the original ghoul trooper owners don’t won’t it ruined

  93. The skull squad is back I’m going to get crypt cruiser to complete the set as I already have the skull trooper ranger and sickle.

    I also think that the ghoul trooper won’t return because it would of came out by now

  94. Okay, Evident I’d like your opinion, it is now Halloween and the Ghoul Trooper hasn’t come back. I find it unlikely they would release her after Halloween, because well, why would they do that when they had the perfect opportunity to release a Halloween themed skin during the Halloween season. Do you think they’re gonna release her later this year? I kinda doubt it.

    My only guess is because she was less popular, they’re saving her for next Halloween or something so a lot of people will buy her. Because we all know how money hungry Epic is.

    1. It doesn’t look like she is coming back, and I have no idea why. It might literally be because she wasn’t that popular, or they wanted to keep one of the original skins rare. She is pretty limited for an Epic rarity skin, maybe they wanted to upgrade her a bit and didn’t get around to it.

      However, they didn’t release the Day of the Dead skins yet, so there’s still some Halloween stuff left.

      1. They just did, but I agree, the ghoul trooper probably is not coming back until next year. My theory is that they are saving it for next year, but aren’t going to bring back skull trooper that year, and the year after that they will bring back skull trooper but not ghoul trooper.

  95. At every morning I look to the Item Shop at this Webside.
    And I hope always, that the Dark Bomber Skin is coming to the Item Shop.
    Can you please say me, when the skin is coming to the Item Shop.

    1. We don’t know an exact date! It’s extremely rare when knowledge of the upcoming item shop is available, and even when it is it’s usually pretty close to the actual date.

  96. Do you think reaper will be back any time soon? I only have 600 v bucks and I’m really disappointed because I’m so busy and I can’t earn more from stw and the battle pass because I won’t be able to play….. and I’ve literally been waiting for it since I DIDNT get it in season 1 😭

    If only I knew Fortnite would be so popular…. all I ended up getting from s1 was a banner 😢

      1. Honestly I recommend u getting skull ranger because I got it and it’s really clean and u save an extra 300 vbucks for a green dance or saving for the battle pass

  97. Hopefully the Plague will return soon. I will be finally able to cure the inhabitants of this world of The Pestilence.