Fortnite Battle Royale Best Locations & Places to Land Guide

The Fortnite Battle Royale map can look quite daunting at first, but this guide to the best locations and places to land should help clear up the best places to go!

If you are just starting out in Fortnite Battle Royale it might be difficult at first to know where to land. This guide of the best places to target should clear up any confusion and hopefully get you closer to a victory!

Where is Everyone Landing?

With the new update to the map the most popular spot right now is Tilted Towers. It’s an extremely high population zone and if you are looking for a lot of action then that’s the place to land. Pleasant Park and Retail Row are still popular, but they aren’t seeing the kind of traffic they did prior to the update.

Where You Shouldn’t Land

Of the new places added to the map I wouldn’t attempt landing at Shifty Shafts. The loot isn’t bad, but it’s scattered in a lot of awkward areas and can be hard to locate. Dusty Depot is well known as a bad spot, but they’ve recently added some ammo boxes to the area which makes it slightly better. Wailing Woods is another pretty weak area, and really only has a few chests at the center of it.

I’m also not a fan of Loot Lake. While the middle island can have a few chests, getting off the island can be very difficult. You can build on top of the lake to run off the island but this wastes a lot of resources, or you can just run through the lake but you are extremely slow when doing so which makes you an easy target. If you want to hit this area it’s better to go to the outskirts rather than looting the main island.

Fortnite Battle Royale Best Locations

What you are mostly looking for when you land is a spot that has good loot and doesn’t have a ton of people. You would generally prefer a few enemies floating around so you can kill them and round up their supplies, but you don’t want so much that you are fighting to grab a revolver and getting rushed by multiple people with shotguns. I’m breaking up the section into more populated and less populated areas. It is really personal preference on how you like to play the game, but if you really want to improve I recommend seeking action so you can get better at building and combat under fire.

If you’re curious where the following map images with chest locations on them came from check out this site.

More Populated Areas

These are the better areas to drop to if you are looking for action and good loot.

Retail Row

Once the most popular area to land is now much less frequented with the addition of the extremely popular Tilted Towers. This popularity swing might start to wane in the future, but Retail is an extremely good spot to land with really good loot all around. It also allows you to rotate to Salty Springs or Dusty Depot and pick off some of the people that decided to land there.

Anarchy Acres/Fatal Fields

Pretty similar locations and have most of the same benefits. These farms have multiple spots you can take advantage of when landing, you can run into the stables (long barn I’ve heard people call it), you can check out the big red barn, or you can go to the big two story house (we call it mansion).

Fatal Fields is the overall better spot, it has a couple extra side locations that usually have chests and can offer ways to gather loot without hitting the main hubs. There’s a chest that often spawns in a small cave that the river/stream leads into, there’s a small patch of woods on either side that can have some loot/chests, there’s a larger cave/mining area that has loot, and you can also check the quarry that can have a chest.

Anarchy Acres has a couple of smaller farms that might be worth checking out that you should see to the south. At the very back of Anarchy Acres behind the two story house can be a chest in a small cave area.

Tips for Anarchy Acres & Fatal Fields

  • There’s two large gray/silver tubes (silos) at each of the farms, if you break these they will sometimes have a chest or loot underneath them.
  • If you see a bunch of people landing at the major points head to the sides or flanks of each farm. There’s actually quite a bit of loot in the smaller areas and you can wait out some of the fighting and take advantage of weakened foes.
  • Check all the small sheds around the area, they can have chests and ammo boxes pretty often.
  • If there’s hay bales in the form of a square there can be loot in the middle of them!

Greasy Grove Middle Building

This is going to be a hot spot for activity, but if you can get to the middle building with the black roof there’s usually a few chests in here. The building is 3×3 with a single 1×1 at the top/middle of it. You can break down into this 1×1 roof tile and drop into a secret room that will usually have a chest in it. After that you can break into the building from the northern wall and on the second floor near the sign that says “Guns” there can be up to three chests or a rare item.

Less Populated Areas

If you’re looking for good spots that have loot but less people dropping then these are good areas.

South East of Salty Springs

Good spot that can often have chests in all three of the areas. You also then have the option to go to Salty Springs or Fatal Fields after a lot of the heavy battles have taken place which can give you an advantage if you have decent loot.

Moisty Mire Treasure Tree

The big circled area on the map is to the biggest tree in Moisty Mire which can have up to 3 chests spawn at it. People will rarely bother with Moisty Mire, and from there you can go north west to the unnamed location that looks like an army barracks to pick up some more chests. The circle does not tend to end at the Mire, so be sure to make your way out relatively quickly because you’ll likely need to travel a fair distance to be safe.


North East of Wailing Woods

North east of Wailing Woods is a structure that appears to be built by a player but is actually a tower that you can get some loot from. One interesting bit about this building is that you can edit the walls as if you or a player had built them, so this can make it easier for you to access the roof to get the top most chest. There can be three chests in this tower of power, so be sure to check thoroughly. After you loot this building head to the north west for another few chests and make your way to Tomato Town or Anarchy Acres!

North of Pleasant Park

New spot with the map update, you can gather up some chests and get pretty looted in this busted house area that sees few people. From here you can check out Junk Junction if you want to go to another non-populated area, or head down to Pleasant Park and go 1-on-1 with whoever was able to win out in the battles there.

Let us know in the comments where you like to land and we might add some of your options to the list!

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