Fortnite Best & Most Popular Loadouts – Which Guns Should You Be Running With?

Which set of guns is best for you to take out your enemies in Fortnite: Battle Royale? Well this guide to the best and most popular loadouts seeks to answer that question!

If you're wondering what the best gun composition or loadout is in Fortnite: Battle Royale than our guide will walk you through some of the most popular options. This can be largely subjective however, and not all loadouts will work for you. Try to mix and match styles and see which is best suited for your playstyle!

Loadout Explanations

I'm adding a graphic to each one of these as a way to visually explain each loadout. Now, just because there's an orange SCAR in a spot doesn't mean you actually need one. Most guns are just representing the type of gun you want in the spot. So if you have a blue assault or burst rifle then that would fit in that spot. For Shotguns, this is largely up to your personal preference and what's available to you. Long range guns are represented by the sniper rifle, but you can run a hunting rifle or a scoped assault rifle if you are more comfortable with them.

Check out our Best Fortnite Guns List to figure out what's best for each slot!

Best Overall Loadout

Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Sniper Rifle - Explode Weapon - Healing/Shields

This is likely the best overall loadout in the game. It doesn't mean it's the best for each situation, but in general this works for every scenario you are going to find yourself in. You've got your long range covered with your sniper rifle, mid-range with the assault rifle, and your close range has double potential with shotgun and explode-y weapon.

Your shotgun can be heavy, pump, or tactical which is up to your personal preference. Due to the nerfs, however, it looks like the heavy shotgun is best in class.

The explode slot can be filled by a rocket or grenade launcher. Rockets are usually better in solos, but grenades are usually better in situations where a lot of building is going to be problematic.

Your healing slot can be whatever you have available. Generally a small shield potion is best due to how fast you can drink it in the midst of a fight, but a big shield or a chug jug are also preferable.

Aggressive Double Shotguns Loadout

Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Shotgun - Flex Spot - Healing/Shields

This is a pretty aggressive lineup, and you are going to be wanting to push hard to get up close and personal. You will at the very least want an assault rifle, but the big portion of this build is having two shotguns. When you are in a shotgun battle, you can run pump/tac or whichever combination you want. The double heavy build is looking like the strongest, but players like Ninja run a heavy/tactical combo when the blue tactical is available.

Your fourth slot is totally flex and up to you and/or the situation. You can run explodes or a sniper rifle, whichever you feel more comfortable with and depending on what's available. You can also run a second shield or a healing item if you want to have that extra option.

Defensive Rounded Loadout

Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Flex Spot (Sniper Rifle/Explodes) - Healing - Shields

If you want to play it a bit on the safe side then this is one of the best loadouts for that. You have the weaponry you need to engage in any range of battles, but are going to be weaker to enemies in large structures. You can survive the storm or any type of damage trade due to the amount of healing and shields you have.

I like this build particularly in squad games because you or your teammates will often take damage in encounters and being able to get yourself back to a reasonable health total is all the difference.

Shroud's Loadout

Assault Rifle - Shotgun - SMG - Flex Spot (Sniper Rifle/Explodes) - Healing/Shields

If you are a fan of Twitch you likely know Shroud, but he's a former competitive Counter-Strike player who is now a really good Battle Royale (PUBG, Fortnite) player. This is the loudout he generally runs, it's unusual because not many people opt for the SMG, but he really likes to follow up a shotgun blast with it to finish people off. The SMG is actually quite powerful (especially the purple one), and can shred walls quite quickly due to its fast fire rate. This build is a lot more reasonable now that the pump and tactical got nerfed. People have been experimenting with a variety of different loadouts, and this one can be good in the right hands.

That's it for some of the most popular loadouts in Fortnite! Let me know in the comments what you really like to bring to battle and maybe we'll include it in this post.

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16 Comments on “Fortnite Best & Most Popular Loadouts – Which Guns Should You Be Running With?

  1. Mine is AR-Shotgun-LMG/SMG-Sniper-Meds. I don’t usually like to run explosives besides C4 and you can replace the LMG/SMG for explosives if you’d feel more comfortable. I prefer LMG or SMG because it can destroy walls quickly and efficiently after you shotgun someone and they try to build to block you.

    1. I agree with the idea of making an LM/SM centered loadout and I like to sit in the middle of the action and lay down suppression with my lmg and destroy stuff with explosives

  2. What do you recommend for the flex spot when running the aggressive lodout? Also double heavy or heavy and tactical shotgun? Thanks!

    1. I really like a sniper for the flex spot, it’s a guaranteed instant kill on people who aren’t moving (which happens often) if you can hit the headshot. I will also take the Grenade Launcher in this spot as well, it’s really hard to counter if you know how to use it. I think double heavy is just flat out the best, but heavy/tactical is fine too.

  3. My loadout is AR, Flex (sniper, explody or if i cant find them an smg), Pump, Pump/heavy, (now that double pump is sorta back) and meds

  4. can you switch the green pumps with blue and take out shroud’s loadout because smgs don’t exist anymore

  5. I have good loud out. Ledgendary scar, ledgendary heavy shotgun, ledgendary rpg, ledgendary bolt action sniper rifle and chug jug. Please put this on site

    1. I have this loadout, it’s the “best overall loadout” that is listed. I explained in the post that the rarity and the specific guns I show aren’t exactly what you will want there. They just represent the best type of weapon to have in that slot. This goes for healing as well, I have a mini shield in the slot but a big shield or chug jug would also be fine.