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Fortnite Pitch Locations – Soccer/Football Field Locations

Time to run around the map looking for soccer/football fields to score goals on!

If you are looking for soccer/football areas to find pitch locations then you've come to the right place. Check out all of the pitch locations on a map with descriptions of where to find them!

This is one of the Season 4 challenges for Week 7 of the battle pass. You need to locate three different soccer/football areas. Once you find one, you will need to bump the ball into the goal to get credit! Do this two more times and you will complete the challenges.

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Fortnite Pitch Locations

Here's a map with all of the currently known locations you can use to score goals.

  • North of Pleasant Park: This is the brand new addition to the map. It's a large stadium that has a large soccer field in the middle of it.
  • Pleasant Park: Pretty much the original field that has been in the game forever. There's a potential treasure chest in the middle of it, so grab that if you can!
  • West of Tilted Towers: Just known as "soccer field" to most people, here's an easy spot for you to head to complete part of this challenge. This is actually a pretty decent low traffic loot spot as well.
  • Flush Factory: In the north west portion of the Flush Factory parking lot you will find a makeshift field with toilet bowls as goals!
  • Fatal Fields: On the north east side of Fatal Fields is a makeshift field with scarecrows and wooden goals.
  • South East of Tomato Town: In the container yard on the very south east side is a soccer ball with two containers as goals.
  • Risky Reels: Right under the busted drive-in movie screen is a ball with a couple of goals!

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