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Tomato Town Treasure Map Location Guide – Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass Challenge

We've got the location of the treasure from the map you will find in Tomato Town. Check out the map below with a bit of tips on how to survive the trip!

Tomato Town Treasure Location

The location of the treasure is on the east side of Loot Lake! There's a busted boat where the treasure lies, however, you won't want to hit this first. There's an unbreakable boulder just north of the boat where two chests and a weapon can spawn. Go there first, grab a gun or chest as quickly as possible, and take out anyone around you (or let them get the treasure then shoot them). Then go and grab the treasure so you can grab it in peace, you might want to just wait a day or two because this location is pretty popular right now.

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Here's a look at the actual busted boat with the treasure. I was able to get a couple of quick kills because I nabbed a weapon prior to going here!

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