Fortnite: How-to Get the Minty Pickaxe

We're taking a look at how-to get Fortnite's Minty Pickaxe! This thing is causing a bit of a craze in the community, so we're looking to clear up some of the confusion so that you can get one.

Minty Pickaxe Release Date

The official release date of the Minty Pickaxe was November 6th, 2019. You can purchase any of the officially licensed Fortnite merchandise in-store to receive one while supplies last. Check with your nearby stores to see if they are participating and if they still have them available!

What Countries Is It Available In?

The Minty Pickaxe is a promotion code that is going to be given away at select retailers in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia/New Zealand. These codes will be given to people for free who have purchased an officially licensed Fortnite product in-store (while supplies last). Here are the stores you can find them in based on your country:

United States

  • GameStop
  • Amazon 4-star/Amazon Books retail stores
  • Target


  • EB Games/GameStop

United Kingdom 

  • GAME
  • Hamleys
  • Smyths
  • GameStop


  • Smyths
  • GameStop


  • Micromania/Zing
  • C&A


  • GameStop
  • Smyths
  • C&A


  • GameStop

Australia/New Zealand

  • GameStop/EB Games


How-to Get a Code

The official way to get a code is to purchase a licensed Fortnite product in-store at a participating location in your country. You will then either receive a card, or the code will possibly appear on the receipt. Make SURE to call and ask if the store you're planning on going to has them available.

Are They Still Available?

Yes, they are still available! You will want to call the listed stores in your country to verify if they are giving them away.

How did People Get Them Early?

Minty Code Card - Credit: XotOcean

The codes you were seeing floating around were mistakenly given out to people who visited some select GameStop locations in the US.

I Redeemed a Code and Didn't Receive Anything!

You will need to contact Fortnite Customer Service if your code did not work for whatever reason. I have seen people mention a bug where they entered a code and it didn't work, so make sure to contact Epic if you are having trouble.

Do not beg for a code in the comments!

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Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. Has anybody confirmed that the codes have come to EBgames Australia? Because i visted them last week and there were no codes to give out and the clerk said multiple people have came in and asked about it but no word.

    1. You’d have to go to the store itself and see what they have. You’d also want to ask someone working there what qualifies for the code.

  2. After Gamestop restocked the Merry Mint Pickaxe codes it was easy to get the code. They literally put the code on the receipt and you don’t even have to ask. They’ll notice you bought a Fortnite item and they’ll add it to the receipt.

  3. I purchased a fortnite item at a GameStop and we received the code for the minty pickaxe I went home and my son did all the steps he had to redeem it, then he logged into his account on his PS4 but he has not received the minty pickaxe. Today makes day number 3 since he redeemed the code!

  4. Im from illinois i was going to get the merry mint pickaxe for Fortnite but i realised i could not get because all of the gamestops were sold out of them so when are they getting more??

  5. Hey I’m from germany and I went to get a minty code in GameStop but the seller told me a bit angry that I can only buy it online but it isn’t there and I’m very confused about it help me

    1. You buy a Fortnite licensed item in store and they give you a code. It’s unlikely that stores still have codes, you’d have to call around to check.

  6. So I went to Target and they advertised “buy Dark Fire bundle or any Fortnite toy and receive in game code for Merry Minty Axe”
    Even though their sign says so they had no code cards or code on receipt which I tried by purchasing toy.

      1. I went to go buy a toy at walmart I asked the guy at the counter If it would give me a code if I bought this he said it should give me a code so i bought it and there is no code?

      1. How long will GameStop give out more cards cause tomorrow I was really hoping that I could still get one when I purchase a Vbucks gift card

  7. Could they possible run out of these since they released these today?

    I’m hoping they don’t because i really need it!!!

  8. no the home of games yt channel said that so Evident is it true? and do you think i wil be able to still get it on Nov. 6th at like 4:00 or 5:00?

    1. I have no idea if it’s true, and I don’t know if they’ll be available for that long or not. It depends how populated your area is most likely.

      1. Oh my area isnt populated with that many dedicated gamers so if they are out then im pretty sure there will still be at least 25 cards left around that time but thanks Evident!

  9. Hey Evident i was told that gamestop will only have 75 minty cards per gamestop and they will never re stock is this true because this is making me worried i wont be able to get one. 🙁

  10. Is the cards coming to Canada? Dose that count as a part of the US? We don’t have GameStop we have EB games which is owned by the same companies

    1. Canada does not count as part of the US. GameStop isn’t the only location they will be available, Epic said “select retailers” so it could be at EB Games.

    1. I can only go off what Epic has said, and they said select retailers in these countries: US, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

  11. Im really confused about it. On the 6th, do you have to buy a fortnite product or will they give out the card for free?

    1. On November 6th (rumored) that will likely be the case, although I’m not sure if they sell shirts at GameStop. You will need to ask the people who work there to verify that they are running the promotion and that they have cards left to give.

        1. It is still rumored, Gamestop isn’t the official word from Epic. They also gave out the cards for free when they weren’t supposed to.

    1. There’s all sorts of merchandise that is Fortnite related from Funko POPs to other small stuff. You’d have to check out your local GameStop.

  12. Will the codes appear in Australia and New Zealand because we dont have a gamestop we have ebgames and i was wondering if it would come to OCE

    1. The V-Bucks pictures you saw is for new in-store cards you can purchase that can be redeemed for V-Bucks. You could purchase one of those IN-STORE and the store might give you one of the Minty Pickaxe cards. The promotion doesn’t start until November 6th, at least that’s what has been rumored.

  13. I Redeemed a minty pickaxe code two days ago and looked on Fortnite and didn’t pop up showing I got the minty pickaxe, when do I revive the item.

    1. You might need to wait until it is “officially” released on the rumored November 6th date, or you didn’t redeem a real code.

  14. Are V-Buck cards going to be released at the same time as the Merry Mint Pickaxe? And are there only going to be V-Buck cards or also like bundle cards like The Final Reckoning or Starter pack? Just wanting to make sure

    1. It seems likely that they will be releasing simultaneously. Not sure if the bundle cards will be available, but there should be some other cheap options you can buy. Make sure to ask the people who are working there if you go in!

    1. All of the known information is in the post, we don’t know what retailers will be giving them out other than Gamestop currently.

  15. if i purchase vbucks and bundle from in game store i will get pickaxe for surely right cuz ive spent lots of money on this game

    1. You would only have to buy one item!!! Do not buy multiple items just to get the code!!! Also, MAKE SURE that they have the code before you make any purchases. Not every store will have them, and they could run out of supply. Spending lots of money does not mean you will get one.

      1. I am from Germany. And one of my Friends from bulgaria and want to have it to…
        can I get two Cards from one store?

    1. You will have to buy any licensed Fortnite product in-store. It doesn’t have to be V-Bucks, most stores sell other merchandise as well. It’s also not available yet, so don’t bother going to buy something right now.

  16. I Called a GameStop that is nearby my house and they told me this “Yes we have cards but we cannot give you info about it all we know is that we are supposed to release them next month” Nov.

    1. Unfortunately not, only the countries I listed. People will probably be giving these away once they are released, or you could grab one on eBay maybe.

    1. I should have made this more clear, so I’ve updated the how-to get a code section. I only know for sure that Gamestop will have them, other than that we’ll have to wait and see. Any local store that sells video games is a possibility, as long as it’s in one of these countries: US, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

      1. What about Canada? I heard that Canada was on the list of countries to get these codes but it will happen later on.

        1. Doesn’t seem like it will be available in Canada. EB Games seems like a likely store that would be apart of it, but I don’t know for sure.