Fortnite Season 4 XP Coins Locations – Maps for All Weeks!

We're back with more high quality maps on how to find all of the XP coins in Chapter 2 Season 4!

Time to take a look at where-to find all of the XP Coins in Fortnite Season 4! Grabbing all of these is a good way to gain some extra experience and level up your Battle Pass quite fast. The coins are scattered all over the place, plus you will have to break, drive, and box some of them to make sure you can collect them!

XP Coins appear to be the same so far in Season 4 as they were in the previous season. Green coins can just be collected, Blue coins need to be found within an item that can be broken, Purple coins explode into a bunch of small ones, and Gold coins... well, we don't know for sure yet, but they will likely require you to drive through them in a vehicle!

When Do New XP Coins Come Out?

Coins appear to come out each week along with the fresh set of challenges. This is usually going to be on Thursdays at 6am PT!

Green Coins

Green coins are the easiest because you just need to go up to them and collect it. You will get 5,000 XP for each one you manage to grab.

Blue Coins

Blue coins require you to break a specifically placed item that has a blue flickering light glow to reveal the coin. These can be hard to find, so they are usually the ones that delay any new maps from being made! Each Blue coin will give you 6,500 XP when you collect it.

Purple Coins

The Purple coins will explode into a bunch of smaller coins that you need to pick up immediately or they will eventually fade away. You can prevent yourself from missing out on any by boxing around them and then collecting the smaller pieces. Collecting all the coins quickly in a combo will increase the amount of experience you get, and you can get up to 10,300 XP if you get them all.

Gold Coins

The first gold coin was added to the map in week 3! It looks like there's nothing you need to do special to collect them, so just grab them! Each gold coin will give you 15,000 XP when you collect it, so they are worth seeking out.

Season 4 XP Coin Map Locations

Here's where we will be collecting all of our maps to find yourself the XP coins for the season. We will try to add them as soon as possible, so bookmark this page so you can check it out each week!

Total Amount of Available Coins

If you're curious how many coins are currently available in the game, then here's the list:

  • 20 Green Coins
  • 15 Blue Coins
  • 10 Purple Coins
  • 3 Golden Coin

XP Coins Locations Map Week 5

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins
  • 1 Golden Coin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 5 XP coins map

XP Coins Locations Map Week 4

Pretty easy week of coins, but the one at The Authority might be hard to find. It's at the very back of the main building, on the floor that kind of lines up with the helicopter pad. If you land on the roof of it, you should be pretty even with the pad!

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins
  • 1 Golden Coin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 4 XP coins map

XP Coins Locations Map Week 3

We've got our map available for week 3! Not much changes for coins in the new patch, but we should be seeing gold coins in the next couple of weeks or so. Don't forget to complete your challenges, we've got a guide for those here.

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins
  • 1 Golden Coin

Fortnite XP coins map for Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 3

XP Coins Locations Map Week 2

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins

Fortnite XP coins map for Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 2

If you have trouble locating any of the coins, be sure to check out this video that displays them all:

XP Coins Locations Map Week 1

  • 4 Green Coins
  • 3 Blue Coins
  • 2 Purple Coins

Fortnite XP coins map for Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 1

If you have trouble locating any of the coins, be sure to check out this video that displays them all:

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  1. I’ve collected all the coins but my none of my punchcards have updated

    1. Same for me bruh it’s glitched or sum like last season was

    2. Same for me

  2. I have picked up all the coins that you posted but in my punchcard the numbers are diffrent i think fortnite have a clitch in the coins punch card

    1. Same here… I collected all of the coins this season and my punchcards are not showing the correct amounts.

    2. It seems to be bugged after the recent update.

      1. Yeah it is bugged. I have collected all coins through week 5. The only punch card not bugged is the Good as Gold which correctly shows 3. Max on all the rest is 8 Green, 6 Blue, and 4 Purple. Definitely frustrating, but not that much loss in XP for now.

  3. I have found more green coins in week 4
    In the waterfall on the main lake and riding down the river from Sweaty Sands under a bridge?

    1. That sounds like the week 1 coin.

  4. Last season we missed one. This season so far there is 9 list blue coins yet I have 10?!

    1. There’s 12 blue coins available, not 10.

  5. I’d recommend getting 1 coin per game if you want the punchcards to register

  6. Anyone know where the Blue XP coin from the Bridge electric box from week 2 has gone? I have collected all the others and need to get that one! I’m determined to get all the XP coins this season!

  7. Is any one else confused on which week of the season it is?

    1. No, it’s the third week!

        1. I feel very stupid now…

  8. There’s also a blue one in the shipping containers in the west cove where you’ve marked a green one.

    1. Yeah, that’s the week one coin.

  9. Is anyone else having issues with the coins or punch cards? The only ones recorded on my punch card so far are the green ones. The blue and purple haven’t appeared on punch card yet I’ve collected them and they are no longer in their locations. What’s up with that!!

    1. Yes I’ve collected all xp coins but they are not counting on my Punch cards I’m very upset

    2. Yes I have, you are NOT ALONE! >=(

    3. All 18 of mine have registered so far (thank god) unlike last season.

  10. This helps so much thx

  11. Thanks, this is extremely helpful!

  12. Let’s cross our fingers that this season we DO NOT have any bugged out coins or punch cards! Good luck searching everyone.

    1. Ha, HA, HAHAHAHA. This is Epic we are talking about.

      I can tell you already that there are two bugs with achievements, so expect there will be others.