Some Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Map Easter Eggs!

Fortnite is known for its many Easter eggs, challenges, and map changes that come with each new season since the beginning. Now that there's a season devoted to Marvel, the changes and Easter eggs are no different. Some of the Easter eggs, however, are a little tougher to find than others. So here are some of the Easter eggs and smaller map changes you might be looking for, and how to find them.

An Endless Loop

For starters,  let's look at the glaringly obvious Marvel additions to the map. This includes the sentinel robots that look to have already been destroyed by the X-Men, as well as the scorch marks on the ground. The scorch marks were left by each of the Marvel characters who used the Bifrost to travel on the island and can be found to the south of The Authority on a hill. The cool thing about the scorch marks is that if you stand close enough, you can hear the ground singing beneath your feet. The best part of the sentinel graveyard is that you can get into an endless loop of bouncing from one to the next. Find the glowing repulsor cannon on one of the hands of the sentinels, which will act as a bounce pad. When the hands are positioned correctly, this can create an endless loop of bouncing from one hand to the next and so on. Thanks to Redditor u/destroyer16161 for the lovely demonstration.

The broken robot hands create a perfect loop from FortNiteBR

A Familiar Face

If you make your way to The Authority location, you'll find that it is being packed away, presumably to be removed over the coming season. Cobwebs are everywhere, memorabilia is packed away in boxes, and not much else interesting can be found anymore. Though, if you get into the rafters at the top of the building, you'll see the mask, posters, and more as a sort of "shrine" to Brutus. Players are hoping this means that the "Shadow Wants You" storyline will continue to develop over the current season.

Underneath the water around The Authority, you'll find the remains of the wall that used to be there. There has to be a reason for the developers to keep that there, some players think it may have something to do with a new Marvel-related stronghold, or something else coming in a future live event.

Speaking of Brutus, while the items in the previously mentioned locations seem to be disappearing, his hideout is still intact. Still closed and flooded, but there are now lines in the water nearby. These lines have previously indicated that a change would be coming to the location soon. This likely means we are going to get more information on the Brutus and Shadow storyline, coming over the course of the current season.

If you break through the wall in Retail Row with what looks like an ancient door of some kind on it, you'll find an NPC who will play the sax, microwave something, and just have a good time. This is a member of the Ghost agency, and the NPC who is a member of the Shadow agency can be found at The Authority.

Hayman, Fighter of the Pipeman

Just kidding, they'd never fight each other. A much-asked-for addition has also been made to the map, giving Hayman and Pipeman the friendship we all wanted them to have. The two can be found together, high-fiving like the best friends they are if you go to the small area at the bottom of the hill near the castle ruins.

Stark Technology

Inside the farmhouse which replaced Crackshot's cabin at the start of the season, you can find Tony Stark's supplies and technology, clearly being used to develop something that has to do with the many solar panels which are scattered throughout the map. There are also crates with the Stark logo near the Quinjets. We can only hope that these will lead to some serious new in-map mechanic like the old portal rifts, or something else even cooler.

The Lawyer

Over in Retail Row, you can find the law offices of Jennifer Walters. A renowned lawyer who is going to spawn on the map and make sure all the players who lose the game get sued. Just kidding, it's She-Hulk. Jennifer Walters turns into She-Hulk in the comic books after having a blood transfusion with Bruce Banner. Assuming there will be multiple Avenger's-related live events this season, we can assume this will be the place to find She-Hulk.

Also in Retail Row, in a similar vein to The Authority, Shadow is being removed. You can find boxes with items packed away as well as cobwebs in the corners, meaning something new is coming soon to this location. Next to a television inside, there's also an easter egg which is a gnome wearing a Brutus mask, and holding some files that Shadow's left behind.

The Purple Shooting Star

We can also see Galactus approaching. He is moving so slow that it might take multiple weeks for him to arrive on the map. But as we saw, the Avenger's are ready to fight when he gets there, and every player is holding on to hope that this will be the first live event where players can actually take part in the fight, and not just watch from afar.

Another addition is that there is a pair of sunglasses now sitting on the bookshelf next to a fallen sentinel. If you make your way to the sentinel graveyard, you'll find the broken building which has had the same bookshelf for a while, but now there is a new item sitting on top. Could this mean everyone needs sunglasses to watch Galactus fall from the sky?

You're a menace!

Since Fortnite leaks had reported hidden textures of a Spider-Man logo, players also believe Spider-Man is coming soon to the game. Noting also that the cobwebs in many locations may not have anything to do with signaling that they are empty, no longer inhabited locations, but instead just that Spider-Man has been there.

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