The Tricky Doors title screen.
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Tricky Doors Walkthrough: Levels 1-20 (100%)

From Magic World to the Shopping Mall

Tricky Doors is an escape room puzzle game available free on Steam. Tricky Doors provides a massive 20 different worlds that all give a complex web of three-room puzzles. If you're finding yourself stuck on where to go next, skip the hint coins and follow this guide instead.

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Tricky Doors World 1: Magic World complete walkthrough guide

Exploring the witch's home

Triple Doors Magic World first room with graphics of item locations.
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As you load into the first room, you'll want to immediately fill up your pockets with a ton of useful items for the road.

  • a1. Above the mantle you'll find a ritual dagger and the recipe for a potion you'll be making.
  • a2. In the fireplace hangs one of four keys you'll need to leave this first room.
  • a3. At the foot of the chest on the right is a second key.
  • a4. Pick up the broom next to the chest.
  • a5. The mask above the chest contains a ruby eye. Click this eye to extract it.
  • a6. On the floor next to the trap door is a wooden handle.
  • a7. On the table to your left is a partially melted candle.
  • a8. The table, once you get closer, has a doll (b1, below) to pick up as well. The magic book can't be used yet. You can read the instructions (b2, below) in the two pieces of paper there, and as you close one of the papers, you'll find a third key.
Triple Doors Magic World table with graphics of item locations.
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • a9. Zooming back out to the larger room, use your broom on the cobwebs in the upper left corner to free the final key.
  • a10. Before you go, use the ritual knife on the string of herbs in the upper middle of the screen, between the fireplace and window. This will get you the rope.
  • a11. Match the four keys by their shape to the four slots on the trap door. Once all four are inserted, the trap door opens. Head on down!

The woods outside the cabin

At the bottom of the trap door's ladder, you come across another busy scene. You'll be coming back here, but for now there's just a few things to get done.

  • c1. Use your ritual knife on this piece of bark. You can lighten up your inventory by adding the ingredients to the potion recipe as you gather them. This bark is one of them.
  • c2. Pick the berries and add them to the potion ingredients.
  • c3. Click the stump to approach. As you get closer you'll pick up the feathers (c4) and extract the axe blade (c5) from the wood. In your inventory, click on the axe blade to pull it up and add the handle you picked up earlier. This doesn't quite fit, so you'll need to use the ritual knife again to pare down the handle and make yourself a full axe. With that done, click the logs (c6) and use your shiny new axe to make some firewood!
In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the third room with graphics.
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Head forward past the berry bush and you'll find the third 'room' of the world, the riverside. There's a lot to get done here, so let's get started.

  • d1. Pick up the empty cauldron.
  • d2. Grab the handle as well.
  • d3. Use your ritual knife to cut the mushrooms from the bottom of the totem pole.
  • d4. Pull the arrow out of the side of the totem pole.
  • d5. Get in close to the lily in the water and use your ritual knife once more. Add the lily and the mushrooms (d3) to your potion ingredients.
  • d6. Click on the totem pole and insert the ruby into the empty eye slot. This unlocks your first puzzle, detailed below.
  • d7. Use your axe on the partially-chewed tree trunk. This gives you a path to cross the water.
  • d8. Approach the fiery altar. Here you will burn both your candle, giving you a burning candle, and your doll, giving you a smoking doll.
  • d9. Use your smoking doll on the snakes to scare them away. Now you can pick up the red gem they were covering.

How to complete the totem puzzle

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the totem puzzle with solution.
Image by Pro Game Guides

"Tap on the totem's eyes in the correct sequence."

The clue for this puzzle is in the owls on the previous screen. Click all four owls and their eyes will light up, showing you the correct order to click the yellow and red gems in. For my game, this order was (as shown above): red red yellow yellow red yellow yellow red.

Completing this puzzle grants you a crystal.

A well in Tricky Doors first world, Magic World.
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While you're getting your clue from the owls, directly below them you'll see a well. Attach the handle and empty cauldron. After clicking the handle, you'll get a key out of the water. Don't forget to return the cauldron, now full of water, to your inventory.

Back inside the treehouse

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the first room with graphics.
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Now that you're back inside, it's time to empty your pockets a little.

  • e1. The crystal from the totem puzzle will go into the center of the flower image on the window. This lights up the table, but for now does nothing.
  • e2. Place the firewood and cauldron of water into the fireplace. Light the fire with your burning candle to start the cauldron boiling.
  • e3. Place the red gem into the chest to unlock the gem puzzle.

How to complete the gem puzzle

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the gem puzzle.
Image by Pro Game Guides

"Move the gems so that they fall into the recesses of the corresponding color."

The direction of every silver block is fixed, and they can only move longways. The red and green gem blocks can move both up and down and left and right freely. I recommend focusing on one gem at a time. By keeping one out of the way, the other has more room to get where it needs to go.

Successfully completing this puzzle grants you the stick and the net.

You can immediately open up the stick to add the following items in order: rope, which turns it into a bow, the arrow, and the feathers to make the arrow fly straight.

Gather the final potion ingredients

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the third room with graphics.
Image by Pro Game Guides

Back at the riverside, you now have the means to get the final two pieces to your magic apple recipe.

  • f1. At the riverbank, use your net to pull the treasure chest close to shore. It's wrapped up in seaweed, but your ritual knife hasn't failed you yet. Add the seaweed to your potion recipe to change it into potion ingredients. Your key can also be used on this chest! This gives you a bottle. The inside of the chest looks a little magical as well, but does nothing.
  • f2. Use your bow and arrow on the hanging apple. This gives you an apple and the empty bow, which you'll use later.

After returning inside, you can add the potion ingredients to your bubbling cauldron and then dip your apple to make a magic apple. Approach the table, add the bottle you got from the chest next to the little ladder, and you can use the magic apple on the bottle to shrink down and walk inside.

Inside the shrunken world of the bottle

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the fourth room with graphics.
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This magical world is full of new things to collect, so I hope you didn't get too attached to all that room in your inventory.

  • g1. Brush aside the leaves to reveal a clue about the fiery altar. Note this for later.
  • g2. Use your axe on the web. This will break the axe and give you just the handle.
  • g3. Approach the dead beetle and break off its horn. Add your handle to the beetle's horn. You now need the string off your bow, so open it up in your inventory and apply the ritual knife. Your rope can now be added to the beetle horn to create the sharp tool.
  • g2. Return to the web to use the sharp tool and pick up a nymph.
  • g4. Behind the web you can now approach this recess which contains the bug puzzle, detailed below.
  • g5. Pick an eyeball flower to make it wither. Use the golden spatula gathered from the bug puzzle on the dirt underneath the flower to find a bulb.
  • g6. Give the nymph to the praying mantis to satisfy the bug and earn the stamp around its neck.

How to complete the bug puzzle

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the bug puzzle.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"By clicking on the arrow buttons, rotate the chips with bugs to expose them as on the hint above."

Along the top is the order you'll need the bugs to be in, with the left half being the blue top row, and the right half being the pink bottom row. Some of the bugs start on the wrong rows entirely.

Your reward, above the recess, is a note about the eyeball-shaped flower of insight and the golden spatula.

Finding the Magic Ink recipe

You can leave the bottle to grow again, and you still have another recipe to complete. At the table, use your new stamp on the book with a devil skull on the cover. The book contains an ink recipe, a key, and an amulet.

It's time to go all the way out to the fiery altar. You now have the means to put out the fire.

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the fiery altar puzzle with solution.
Image by Pro Game Guides

"Click on the ritual bowls in the required order."

My solution is pictured on screen, but yours may be different. Choosing the correct combination puts out the fire.

Use your golden spatula on the extinguished fire pit, add the bulb, and pick the flower of insight. Return to the screen with the giant bird cage.

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the bird cage with graphics.
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • h1. Use the amulet to open the cage.
  • h2. Feed the flower of insight to the bird, curing its blindness and realizing that this is not a trick of perspective, this bird is actually massive.
  • h3. With the bird gone, you can pick up its feather from the bottom of the cage.

Collecting the ink's ingredients

The ink recipe in Tricky Doors first world, Magic World.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

One last return to the cabin, and it's finally time to address the mysterious numbered bowls on the left side of the room. At the top of the cabinet, use your key to pick up three empty bottles.

While you're looking at the bowls, there's a nail on the left-hand side where you can drag the magic ink recipe to see what you need to collect.

Pink salt and liquid chlorophyll are already on the shelf, so you'll need to collect the dewdrop, flower pollen, and orchid stem juice. All of these will be obtained back in the miniature world in the bottle.

In Tricky Doors first world, Magic World, the fourth room with graphics.
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • i1. Hold a bottle up to the flower to gain dew.
  • i2. Your second bottle will collect pollen from this flower.
  • i3. Once you've zoomed into this stem, stab it with the ritual knife and use your last bottle to obtain the orchid juice.

Back to the bowls and scales, and you can start the magic ink puzzle.

How to complete the magic ink puzzle

The magic ink puzzle in Tricky Doors first world, Magic World with labeled bottles.
Image by Pro Game Guides

"Using bowls and weights for scales, measure out as many ingredients as indicated in the recipe in each bowl."

The jars are labeled above by the amount/weight of each that you'll need, not the order to complete them in. These are also indicated by color in the recipe.

To complete this puzzle, you place weights and bowls by dragging them onto each side of the scale. As an example: To fill a bowl with 5, you'll place the 8 weight on one side, and the 3 weight and the empty 5 bowl on the other side. You'll then pour j5 into the 5 bowl. You can use the filled bowls the measure the rest of the recipe.

The order I filled them in was:

  • 8 weight = 3 weight + 5 bowl (fills 5 bowl with orange j5)
  • 5 bowl = 3 weight + 2 bowl (fills 2 bowl with green j2)
  • 8 weight + 2 bowl = 3 weight + 7 bowl (fills 7 bowl with pink j7)
  • 8 weight + 3 bowl = 5 bowl + 6 bowl (fills 6 bowl with blue j6)
  • 7 bowl + 2 bowl = 5 bowl + 4 bowl (fill 4 bowl with yellow j4)

This creates the magic ink which you can now pick up.

Escaping the Magic World

The exit of Tricky Doors first world, Magic World.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Return to the magic book on the table one last time. With the ink and the bird feather, you can write in the book and complete the stage!

Tricky Doors World 2: Secluded Island complete walkthrough guide

Starting at the docks

In Tricky Doors first world, Secluded Island, the first area with graphics.
Image by Pro Game Guides

The Secluded Island world is your second challenge in Tricky Doors, with the ultimate goal of fixing up a boat to sail away to safety. You begin at the docks.

  • a1. Pick up the fishing pole to get your inventory started.
  • a2. Grab the first of eight brushwood you'll be collecting. Open the yellow box to collect the hammer and saw.
  • a3. While zoomed out, use your saw on the closer half of the boat. This will give you wooden boards.
  • a4. You can immediately use those wooden boards to finish the dock, granting you access to the second area.

Collect your tools on dry land

There's plenty to do now that you're in the second area of the map, the island's outdoors.

  • b1. Pick up the rubber duck from the nest.
  • b2. Zoom in to this area. On the upper left side, you'll see a piece of brushwood.
  • b3. Another piece of brushwood.
  • b4. Approach the coat to take the lighter from its arm pocket.
  • b5. This chest must be opened by completing the rope puzzle, detailed below.
  • b6. From the boat, click the ripped sail twice to pick it up and put it in your inventory. There is also a piece of brushwood on the left side.
  • b7. The birdhouse is too tall to reach on your own. Climb the ladder from the rope puzzle to get closer. Inside the birdhouse is a key, and hanging off the side is another brushwood.
  • b8. Use your key to open the door, but before you go inside...
  • b9. Use your hammer on the broken board of the steps. This will grant you a brushwood and the first of four chips.

How to complete the rope untangling puzzle

Untangling rope puzzle in Tricky Doors second world, Secluded Island.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Untangle the rope."

The ropes turn golden when not crossing over any other rope. You can move the knots between hooks on the board until all of the ropes are golden.

Your reward is a ladder.

Lighting up the dark room

In the darkness of the unlocked room, grab the empty canister (c1). Return to the docks in the first area to siphon some gasoline from the boat's engine. Use the canister on the engine and then remove both caps, the gasoline will automatically siphon. Back in the dark room, use the gasoline canister and then the lighter on the lamp (c2).

Third room with graphics in Tricky Doors second world, Secluded Island.
Image by Pro Game Guides

Your final room has now opened up, so you can prepare for the rest of the world.

  • c3. Pick up the forceps.
  • c4. Another piece of brushwood.
  • c5. This is the fishing line.
  • c6. Zoom in to the floor here to grab the jar of resin and more brushwood.
  • c7. Remember the order of the colors on this ship picture. In my playthrough, it was yellow-green-red.

How to complete the tackle box puzzle

Tackle box puzzle in Tricky Doors second world, Secluded Island.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Open the lock by placing the colors in the correct order. You've already seen it."

The color order of the ship sails is your clue for which colors to enter on the lock.

Your reward is a knife and a hook.

Fishing spot in Tricky Doors second world, Secluded Island.
Image by Pro Game Guides

Pull up the fishing pole from your inventory. Add on the fishing line and then the hook. Use your completed fishing pole on the floating canister to pull it closer, and once you've retrieved it you can dump out a key.

While you're here, click on the rubber duck in your inventory and use your new knife to cut it in half, extracting a chip.

Unlocking the sewing machine

Just a few more steps to unlock the last pieces to escape.

  • d1. Use your knife on the stitched-up portion of the bed to get another chip.
  • d2. Your key will unlock the desk. Inside is a tripod and a box. This box has a puzzle inside, but you won't be able to do it just yet.
  • Heading outside, you'll approach the fire pit under the tree. Set up the tripod, hang the jar of resin, and add your 8 bramblewood. Light the wood on fire with your lighter to heat the resin, and use your forceps to pull out the last chip.
  • d3. Enter your chips into this table's recesses to unlock the sewing table puzzle.

How to complete the sewing machine puzzle

Sewing machine puzzle in Tricky Doors second world, Secluded Island.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Connect the points with one continuous line."
  • Click each node to draw the line between two nodes. You can go to the same node multiple times but have to use a new empty line with each move. I recommend completing smaller shapes within the pattern one at a time, just make sure your end point is a node with many exits.
  • Completing this puzzle will unlock the sewing machine! Use your torn sail on the sewing machine to make it a full sail, no longer torn.

How to complete the constellation box puzzle

  • Attach your sail to the boat, which will reveal the solution to the constellation box puzzle.
  • "Connect the stars with the lines to get the desired constellation."
  • Click between two stars to create a line between them. You can click the same two stars afterwards to erase the line. The solution is noted above in case you're having trouble, as the solution has a slightly more bent 'handle' than the clue.
  • Completing this puzzle rewards you with the final key, which you can use to unlock the boat and sail into the exit for this world.

Tricky Doors World 3: Locked Apartment complete walkthrough guide

Welcome to the third world of Tricky Doors, the Locked Apartment. This level sees you escaping an apartment through a garage window.

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Image by Pro Game Guides

Lighting up the first room

  • a1. Pick up the feather duster nearby.
  • a2. Immediately use it on the dusty light switch. There's a green chip (the first of five colored chips) here as well. Turn on the light.
The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Image by Pro Game Guides

Now that the light is turned on, you have a hefty list of tasks to complete before ever leaving this first room.

  • a3. Grab the sleeping pills off the table.
  • a4. Take the rope off of the stack of books.
  • a5. Remove the chair leg off the chair.
  • a6. Fold up the corner of the rug to grab another colored chip and a match.
  • a7. Another chip is perched atop a pillow.
  • a8. Your fourth chip is hidden on top of the lamp.
  • a9. Use your chair leg in the fireplace to gain a handle and a queen (chess piece).
  • a10. You can attach the handle to the open window to close it. This melts the snow next to the window and reveals the box that the colored chips will go into.
  • a11. Insert the queen into the puzzle box to unlock the chess queen puzzle, detailed below. This will gain you the final chip, which will unlock the colored chips puzzle, also detailed below.
  • a12. Attach the rope to the magnet you get from the previous puzzle. Use this magnet on the fish tank to gain a key!
  • a13. Use the key on this door to gain access to your second room, the kitchen.

How to complete chess queen puzzle

  • "Place the queens on the chessboard so that they are not on the same line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally."
  • Queens are red when they do not meet every requirement. Your goal is to turn all of the queens white. My solution is shown above, but your anchored queens that can't be moved may be in different positions.
  • Your reward is the final colored chip.

How to complete colored chips puzzle

Colored chips puzzle in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Place the chips on the circles with the corresponding colors."
  • This is a simple matter of moving the chips along the metal bars into the empty slots until each color is where it should be. The chip will glow when it's in the right spot, but you can also see what color should go in each slot when it's uncovered.
  • Your reward is a magnet.

Clearing the kitchen

The second room with graphics in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Image by Pro Game Guides

In the kitchen you'll be setting up a lot of future items:

  • b1. Drag the keys from the back of the chair over to the drawer to open it. Take the knife out of the drawer.
  • b2. Open the sink cupboard. Pick up the rubber gloves and knock over the trash can. Once you've cleared the trash out of the can, pick up the fuse. There is a pipe puzzle under the sink that you cannot do yet.
  • b3. Pick up the newspaper. Note the positions of the mug handles for later.
  • b4. Open up the fridge, and then the freezer inside of it, to pick up the frozen meat.
  • b5. You'll be doing more with the microwave soon, but for now you can keep the frozen meat inside.

Head back out to the living room for the next phase.

Getting into the third room

  • Use your knife on the chair's pillow to find a key, which you can use on the left-side door.
  • The door lock puzzle is very simple. Move the bolts up and down to pull out the four pins. I recommend doing one at a time, and starting in the middle. Once you've finished the first, the other three have plenty of room to be pulled out easily.
  • Zoom in on the open door to see a broken fuse. Add your fuse to the box and then use the rubber gloves (safety first!) to switch out the fuse. Now you can head into the garage.

Inside the garage

About half of the room is cut off right now due to the dog guarding it.

  • c1. Open this chest to take out a screwdriver.
  • c2. Approach the laundry machine (next image).
  • c3. Use the rubber gloves again to unplug the laundry machine.
  • c4. Use your knife on the unplugged cord to pick up a plug with wire. Don't try this at home!
  • c5. Open the laundry and click on the clothes that fall out. Pull down the pocket to get a screwdriver bit, and take note of the colors of 'wave' in microwave above the pocket. Mine showed red, green, orange, purple.
  • Return to the microwave! Use your cord with plug on the end of the microwave's cord. Click it a few times to get the cords connected and plugged in. Once again, don't try this at home.

How to complete the microwave puzzle

  • The microwave puzzle comes in two parts.
  • First, you'll position the knobs in the same direction as the mugs.
  • Second, turn on the buttons that match the colors on the microwave patch. You can click all the buttons to see the colors and unclick the ones that aren't from the patch. My solution is shown above.
  • Once you've cooked the frozen meat, add the sleeping pills to the top of the steak. You can then pick up the bait item.

Exploring the rest of the garage

The third room with graphics in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • d1. Give the bait to the dog to calm it down so you can explore freely.
  • d2. Pick up wood.
  • d3. Pick up the kettle.
  • d4. This is the cowboy safe puzzle, detailed below, which you will now be gathering the clues for.
  • Return to the fireplace. Insert the newspaper and wood, and use the match to light the fire. This clears up the painting above the fireplace. You'll be counting objects in this painting and the one near the safe for the solution.

How to complete the cowboy safe puzzle

  • "Set the required digits."
  • Each symbol represents a number of items in the paintings around the apartment. The paintings are counted above.
  • Your reward for opening the safe is a red valve and a battery. You can now add the screwdriver tip and battery to the screwdriver.

How to complete the sink pipe puzzle

Sink pipe puzzle in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Restore the pipeline."

To unlock the sink pipe puzzle, return to the kitchen and look under the sink. Open the panel at the back and replace the missing valve with the one you found. Click the pipe pieces to turn them and create one linked pipe. You do not need to use every piece of pipe, so long as there's one continuous pipeline from start to finish. To complete the puzzle once the connections are made, turn on all the valves.

Your reward is the water being turned back on.

The second room with graphics in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • e1. After the puzzle is complete, place your kettle into the sink and turn the water on. Collect the kettle full of water.
  • e2. Click the stove to turn it on and place the kettle on top to boil it.
  • e3. Use the screwdriver on the grate to get the key.
  • Now you have everything you need to escape!
The escape window in Tricky Doors third world, Locked Apartment
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Return to the garage. Your escape is through the small window above the washing machine. In this order, use your knife to knock off the ice, the boiling water to melt the rest and the key to unlock the window and leave.

Tricky Doors World 4: Floating Islands complete walkthrough guide

Today's world is a set of floating islands once inhabited by three brothers. Your goal is to escape, as usual. Also, as usual, you'll begin by loading up your pockets!

Building the first island's bridge

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors fourth world, Floating Islands
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • a1. Look into the pond to pick up the hook and rusty knife.
  • a2. Pick up the handle.
  • a3. Attach the handle to the grinder, and then use the rusty knife on it to make it a regular knife. While you're here, you can pick up a wire and shackle on the left side. There is also a note you can read for a bit of lore and hints about where the puzzles will go.
  • a2. Return to a2 to use the knife on the swing and get a rope.
  • a4. Pick up the first of six brushwood.
  • a5. Another brushwood.
  • a6. Attach your rope to your hook. Toss it over the edge of the cliff to pick up the bridge and move to the next area.

Gathering at the baker's island

Your next area contains an oven for the baker and several other useful items.

  • b1. Another piece of brushwood.
  • b2. Approach to pick up a set of matches
  • b3. One more brushwood at the foot of the chest, and you can also use your wire on the lock of the chest to unlock the cubes and flowers puzzle, detailed below.
  • b4. Get closer to the oven to pick up several items. See the next image to find everything.
  • b5. Zoom in on the fabric over the oven and use your knife on it.
  • b6. Pick up the oven fork.
  • b7. And the first of two halves of the mill.
  • b8. And finally some oil.
  • b9. Grab the bucket. Add the shackle from your inventory to the bucket.

How to complete the cubes and flowers puzzle

Cubes and flowers puzzle in Tricky Doors fourth world, Floating Islands
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Lower the boards with characters so that the number of characters on the outside of the device matches the number of characters in the hint."
  • The hint mentioned is the cube and flower total in the middle center of the screen. Use the blue arrows to raise and lower the boards. To complete this puzzle, I start by lowering all the board completely, and then raise each board by one until it gets to be too many of either the flowers or cubes, and moving on to the next board after that. You can ignore the stars and balls.
  • Your reward is dynamite, a puzzle box that can't be completed yet, and another note of lore for the area.
  • Return to the first area with the large rock.

Growing the beanstalk

  • Place the dynamite under the rock and then use the matches to light it. Once the rock has blown up, water will fill the pool. Pluck the second half of the windmill off the surface of the water. Use your bucket on the magic water.
  • Place the completed windmill in the appropriate recess on the puzzle box. This unlocks the windmill puzzle.
  • "Arrange all the mills in the places corresponding to the color of their blades."
  • Click on each windmill to move it one place. The windmills only go in one direction so I recommend starting with the pink one that goes to the very bottom and working your way up.
  • The box contains a pair of beanstalk beans. Like Jack and the Beanstalk, you'll go back to the second island and plant your magic beans. Water them with the bucket, and a giant beanstalk will grow.
  • While still zoomed in, you'll see a leaf at the bottom of the stalk, which you can collect with your knife.

Across the beanstalk to the third island

After following the giant beanstalk, you'll reach the third and final island of the world.

  • c1. Start by grabbing a piece of brushwood.
  • c2. And here is your final piece of brushwood.
  • c3. Use your oven fork on the nest of eggs. This will give you the first of three crystals and a set of eggs.
  • c4. Approach the skeleton. This brother is holding another note explaining what happened here. Move his other hand off of the box. This unlocks the dot bridge puzzle, detailed below.
  • c5. Now that you have the bread recipe, you can use the knife on this patch of flowers.
  • c6. Approach the bench, which has multiple objects to find.
  • c7. Pick up the bag.
  • c8. Use the knife on the bag to spill out sprouted grain and another crystal.

How to complete the dot bridge puzzle

Dot bridge puzzle in Tricky Doors fourth world, Floating Islands
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Connect the dots of the same color to each other. On cells with a bridge, you can draw two lines (on it and under it)."
  • The locations of the dots and bridges change each playthrough. If you draw a line through one that already exists, the original line will disappear, so you can work around yourself.
  • Your reward is a key and a bread recipe, which you can drag items onto at any time to clear up your inventory.

Growing the flour

At this point you have all your ingredients (bucket of water, bean tree leaf, blue flower, and eggs) except for the flour. It's time to resolve that.

  • On the second island, approach the wardrobe and use your key to open it up. No puzzle here, you just get the third crystal and a hammer.
  • Return to the very first island, and it's time to grow your flour.
  • d1. Place your grain sprouts into the ground.
  • d2. Use the hammer to release the magic water onto the grains.
  • d1. Return to the newly-grown grains and place down the bag item. Use the knife to fill and collect your grain bag.
  • Go back to the third island. On the fallen piece of airship, use your hammer to extract the nails and a second piece of fabric.
  • At the windmill, you'll apply the fabric to the empty blade, and then click it again to put it where it needs to go. Add your nails and hammer them in.
  • Now you can drag the bag of grain onto the functioning mill to create flour.

How to complete the bread baking puzzle

Bread baking puzzle in Tricky Doors fourth world, Floating Islands
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Drag all of your ingredients onto the bread recipe to create the baking ingredients item.
  • Use the pile of brushwood and the matches to heat the oven, where you'll then drag the baking ingredients.
  • "Bake the bread according to the recipe."
  • Choose the ingredients based on the order provided and drag them into the pot. If you need a refresher, return to the skeleton and check the recipe in his box.
  • This recipe is: water, leaf, flower, eggs, flour. With that, you've baked your bread!

How to complete the bird counting puzzle

Bird counting puzzle in Tricky Doors fourth world, Floating Islands
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Set the values corresponding to the number of birds drawn on the islands everywhere, and activate the mechanism."
  • Set your crystals into the mechanism in the middle of the second island and it will unlock this final puzzle. As it says, there are birds of three types hidden all over the island.
  • My solution was 3-3-4, but yours may differ.
  • With the altar unlocked, you can place the offering of bread in the middle and fly to safety!

Tricky Doors World 5: Amusement Park complete walkthrough guide

In one of our spookier Tricky Doors worlds, today you find yourself in an abandoned amusement park, complete with clowns and a barely-functioning ferris wheel. Your goal is to get inside and reach the exit.

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • a1. Start by opening up the hot dog case and taking out the grill fork.
  • a2. Then knock over the trash can and pick up the cartridges and glass cutter. Note the numbers on the top of the newspaper.
  • a3. On the left side of the shooting range is a valve.
  • a4. Open the fuse box to pick up the keychain.
  • a5. You can use the keychain on the toolbox here to pick up a wrench and some garden shears.
  • a6. Add the valve to the pipe here, and then click it again to turn off the sprinklers.
  • a7. You can now approach the hose on the ground and use your garden shears to cut a piece of hose off. Immediately click the garden shears in your inventory and add the hose to them. Pick up the first of four chips while you're zoomed in.
  • a4. Go back to the fuse box to use the rubber-handled shears on the sparking wires. This opens the door, but we won't be going in just yet.
  • a8. Approach the ferris wheel and add your new wires to the box to unlock the ferris wheel wire puzzle!

How to complete the Ferris wheel wire puzzle

Ferris wheel wire puzzle in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Restore the power supply by connecting the wires."
  • This is a game of moving around all the wires so that they connect. You can click any two nodes to swap them around, but their direction stays the same. I recommend starting with the wires that are already in place, such as the group of four at the top, and finding which piece fits those. After that, connect each in a line until you're finished.
  • Your reward is the Ferris wheel moving the lit car down to your level.
The ferris wheel with graphics in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Use your glass cutter on the glass of the Ferris wheel car.
  • Pick up the gun and the knob from the seat. Remember that light bulb for later.

How to complete the shooting range puzzle

Shooting range puzzle in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Approach the shooting range. Open the gun in your inventory and insert the cartridges to unlock the shooting range puzzle.
  • "Hit the targets in the correct order."
  • This is a game of memory. When you shoot a target, it will either stay down if it's right, or all targets will pop back up if it's wrong. You must shoot all 8 in the correct order to complete the game.
  • Yours may be different, but my order was: falcon elk wolf boar rabbit dove duck seagull.
  • This grants you a key, and now you can head inside to the next room.

Disarming the second door

  • c1. Move this picture to pick up a green button.
    c2. Zoom in on this broken tile. Use your grill fork to pry it up and receive another chip.
    c3. Go to the alarm above the next door. Use the wrench to open up the alarm.
  • Click the red wire to disconnect the alarm, and the green wire to allow entrance. It should look like the image above when you're done.
  • From there you can use the key on the door to get in.

Lighting up the last room

  • d1. Tilt this light towards you to note the lack of bulb.
  • d2. Take the gloves out of this jacket pocket.
  • Go back to the Ferris wheel and use the gloves to unscrew the lightbulb. Use the lightbulb on the empty light in the third room to turn on the light.
The third room with graphics in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Image by Pro Game Guides

With the light on, you can start to crack this room in earnest.

  • d3. Pick up the red kettle.
  • d4. There's a paperclip hidden here.
  • d5. Use your paperclip to unlock this drawer, and take out a pair of tweezers.
  • d6. You can crack this safe by applying the green button to the panel, and unlocking the safe button puzzle, detailed below.
  • d7. The picture tucked behind the calendar is your clue for the upcoming radio puzzle. The clocks in the lobby show the time in the place pictured.
  • d8. Add the knob to the radio to unlock the radio puzzle, detailed below.

How to complete the safe button puzzle

Safe button puzzle in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • "Click on the buttons in the correct order."
  • You've already seen the solution to this puzzle, outside in the lobby. There are four colored posters which reveal the order to click the buttons.
  • For me, this order was red yellow blue green.
  • The safe opens, and your reward is a clown token.

How to complete the radio frequency puzzle

Radio puzzle in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • "Rotate the knobs to set the correct position of the arrows."
  • The picture of Big Ben shows that this radio should be set to London time. In London, it's currently (according to the lobby clock) 1:35. Rotate the knobs until the top line is set to 1, and the bottom is set to 35.
  • Your reward is a knife.

How to complete the clown arcade mini-game

  • "Reach the finish line."
  • Place your clown token into the clown arcade machine. Push the red button to start the mini-game.
  • This is not a puzzle but a skill test. Click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen to move your car in the correct direction to avoid a crash. If you need to move twice, there is a far left or far right button to move the full distance in one click.
  • You have as many tries to do this as you need.
  • Your reward is a cryptex, which you cannot complete yet.
  • Head back inside to unlock a few more items.
  • e1. Use your tweezers to extract a chip from inside this grate.
  • e2. Use your knife to pry open this telephone box and take out a circuit board.
  • e3. Approach this item to add the circuit board to it and connect the wires. Closing it will reveal a clock puzzle, on the next gallery image.
  • This clock puzzle comes back to the newspaper from the trashcan. Enter the numbers on the headline of the newspaper to unlock this device. My solution was 52:86.

How to complete the cryptex puzzle

  • "Find the correct set of characters."
  • Your reward for entering the correct code into the digital clock is the answer to your cryptex. Open it up and enter the symbols seen in red.
  • The translation from digital to brushstroke isn't exact, so if you think your symbol looks close to correct, it's the correct symbol.
  • Once the cryptex unlocks, you'll be given a key.

How to complete the cash register puzzle

  • Bring the kettle outside to the hot dog cart. Use the kettle on the open water bottle to fill it, and then return inside.
  • There is a hot plate on the desk where you can boil the kettle, which reveals in the mirror the code to open the cash register.
  • This will grant you the final chip, which you can use to escape the amusement park.

How to complete the light up door puzzle

Light button puzzle in Tricky Doors fifth world, Amusement Park
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Use your four chips on the panel next to the sliding door to the exit. This unlocks the light up door puzzle.
  • "Light all the buttons."
  • Every button you push will either turn on or off itself and every button in its cardinal directions: directly above, below, to the left, and to the right of it. Turn off and on the buttons until all lights are lit.
  • The door to freedom unlocks. Your reward is the end of the level!

Tricky Doors World 6: Museum complete walkthrough guide

Your task today is to reach the exit of this museum, starting in the security office.

  • a1. Pick up the first of 6 planks that you'll be collecting at this level.
  • a2. Grab the cloth out of the trash can.
  • a3. On the desk, pick up the screwdriver, paperclip, and flashlight.
  • a4. Open up the locker to grab a second plank.
  • a5. On the second locker, approach the lock and enter the screwdriver and paperclip to create the lockpick puzzle, detailed below.
  • a6. Use the handle from the locker to turn on the CCTVs on the wall. Note the pattern they're lit in.
  • a7. Approach the keypad. Click the buttons that correspond with the lit TVs and run your keycard through the lock. You can now open the door.

How to complete the lockpick puzzle

The lockpick puzzle in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "While lifting the pins, open the lock."
  • This is a memory game. Click each tumbler to lift it up. If you've chosen the correct one in the sequence it will stay up, if you've chosen incorrectly, the whole lock will reset.
  • Lift all eight tumblers in the correct order to complete the lock.
  • The locker contains a handle, keycard, and hammer.

Scouring the museum display room

The second room with graphics in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • b1. Pick up your third plank.
  • b2. Approach the cannon. There's a carved decor item resting on top of it. You can also use your screwdriver on the top of the cannon to release and pick up the ramrod.
  • b3. Grab a cannonball while you're at it.
  • b4. Take a hammer to this light.
  • b5. Note the radio station listed on this poster.
  • b6. Note the number of weapons on display.
  • b7. Grab another plank.
  • Return to the first room to use the clues you've picked up.

How to complete the radio station puzzle

The radio puzzle in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Hook into the desired frequency."
  • The museum has an affiliate radio station, which is the one you'll want to find. It's listed on the poster in the display room.
  • After tuning to 152.8 on the AM radio frequency, you receive the second piece of carved decor.

How to complete the weapons safe puzzle

The weapon safe in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Enter the correct numbers."

  • The number of each weapon on display indicates the number to enter under each picture of that weapon.
  • That's 4 guns, 2 axes, and 5 swords. This gives you one of four knobs, and gunpowder.

How to complete the action figure puzzle

  • Return to the left-side display case and insert the two pieces of carved decor. This unlocks the action figure puzzle.
  • "Rearrange the action figures so that each one has a bomb in their hands."
  • You can click on any two action figures to swap their places. Going from left to right, swap the statues until there is just enough room between their hands to hold a bomb, which will then appear to let you know you've done it right.
  • Once all bombs are shown, the puzzle will be completed. Your reward is the oiler.

Firing the cannon

The cannon in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Approach the cannon. Insert the gunpowder, then use the ramrod to tamp it down. Do the same with the cannon ball, and then the ramrod.
  • Open up your ramrod, which can now be added to. Add the cloth, use the oiler, and hold the newly-created torch up to your smashed light from earlier.
  • You now have a burning torch. Use your burning torch to light the cannon, and it will blast open the door to the next room!

Gathering in the gallery

  • c1. Pick up this marble head. This will be the first of three.
  • c2. The zipper of this jacket is stuck. Use your oiler to unstick it, and get a key.
  • c3. Pick up another plank.
  • c4. Use your hammer on the fresher piece of this statue to pull out another key.
  • c5. Your second key will be used on this chest next to the entry door. This chest contains another head and another knob.
  • c6. The remaining key can be used on the cabinet in the very first room. This will give you a set of batteries (which can be added to your flashlight).
  • c7. At the top of the cabinet, approach the pile of tapes to unlock the cassette history puzzle, detailed below.
  • c8. When you return to the room, grab the very last plank you need.

How to complete the cassette history puzzle

Cassette history puzzle in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Arrange the cassettes in the correct order (top to bottom, early to late)."

Each tape shows the name of a war. You need to order these wars from the one that started earliest in history to the most recent.

  1. Hundred Years' War (1337)
  2. American Revolutionary War (1775)
  3. Napoleonic Wars (1803)
  4. American Civil War (1861)
  5. World War 1 (1914)
  6. World War 2 (1939)

Your reward is a third knob.

How to complete the scaffolding puzzle

Scaffolding puzzle in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Arrange the planks to fix the scaffolding level."
  • Apply your six planks to the empty scaffolding. This unlocks the puzzle where you'll arrange all of your planks to build three levels of scaffolding.
  • On each of the three levels, drag the different-sized plank groups onto the pink areas until every line is successfully covered. Your reward is that you can now climb the scaffolding.
  • Follow the zoom-in and use your screwdriver on the grate. Use your completed flashlight to light the dark recess, and take out the third statue head.

How to complete the statue arrangement puzzle

  • "Put the statues together by rearranging their parts."
  • In this puzzle (found behind the sheet on the right of the gallery room) you will be putting the three statues back together. Apply the heads to start the puzzle.
  • You can click and drag the pieces of the statues around, with your ultimate goal to be every statue matching its base. Nothing can be balanced on top of the heads, but otherwise you can shift around the pieces as you like. I suggest focusing on one statue at a time.
  • Your reward for completing these statues is a gold key.

Finding the final knob

  • With your new key, you can unlock the mask case and take out the mask itself as well as a tap flywheel.
  • Returning to the first room, put the sponge on the side of the sink into the basin. Apply the tap flywheel to turn on the water and make the sponge wet.
  • Use your wet sponge on the dirty mask to find a four-digit code etched into it.
  • This code can be used directly next to the sink, on the red box that's hiding the final knob. Insert the code off of the mask into the keypad to unlock it.
  • With your fourth knob in hand, it's time to seek the exit. At the back of the gallery, use your knobs on the panel next to the door to unlock the symbol knobs puzzle.

How to complete the symbol knobs puzzle

Knob puzzle with solution in Tricky Doors sixth world, Museum
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • "Place the knobs where the background matches the picture."
  • Click each knob and then any empty space it can reach to slide them along the puzzle. Each knob needs to be on the background that matches its picture, as detailed in the image. You'll be putting the knobs with the capital letters onto the backgrounds with the matching lowercase letters (A to a).
  • Once you've completed this puzzle, the final door will open, and you can escape the museum!

Tricky Doors World 7: Hospital complete walkthrough guide

This run-down hospital is taking care of a werewolf, so try not to get too close as you scurry around the rooms to escape.

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • a1. Pick up the handle on the corner of the desk.
  • a2. Grab the cord from the back of the chair.
  • a3. Add the plug to the hanging cord under the screen.
  • a4. On the cart next to the hospital bed you can pick up a scalpel and bottle of ammonia. There's something important in the werewolf's hand, but the spasms make it impossible to grab.
  • a5. Note the numbers on this patient chart.
  • a6. Use the scalpel on the back of this chair to gain your second handle.
  • a7. Apply the handles to the safe to start the safe cracking puzzle, detailed below.
  • a8. Use your ammonia on this screen and then place the x-rays to see the code to leave the room, as indicated by the number of ribs broken.
  • a9. My code is 1-3-4-2. This unlocks the block key puzzle, detailed below.

How to complete the safe cracking puzzle

Safe cracking puzzle in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • "Scroll the handles to enter the correct codes."
  • Using the post-it note on the desk as your clue, you'll be turning the two knobs to each combination in turn. The left knob turns left, and the right knob turns right.
  • For each pair of numbers, you'll be turning both knobs to the associated numbers. After you've entered all three, the safe will unlock.
  • Your reward is a token and a set of x-rays.

How to complete the block key puzzle

Block key puzzle in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Turn the block to create a line along which the token can be drawn to the exit."
  • Each block turns one rotation when you click on it. Your goal is to move the token from one end of the puzzle to the other, along the lines created by matching up the lines on the blocks. You move the token by using the arrow keys on the side.
  • You'll have to turn each block multiple times, including the one the token is currently on, to find new paths.
  • Your reward is the door opening to the second room.

How to complete the desk colors puzzle

Desk colors puzzle in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • "Set the correct colors and click the button to open the color lock."
  • Once you step into the second room, you can see a set of folders on the intake desk. These folders give you the solution to the first desk's colored lock.
  • For me this was red yellow blue green. Change the colors by clicking on the yellow button until it becomes the color you want, and then hit the button at the bottom to open the desk.
  • Inside, your rewards are a screwdriver, glass pipe, and a piece of a card.

Exploring the second room

  • b1. Pick up the ruler.
  • b2. And the glue.
  • b3. Pull out this set of chairs to gain access to the grate behind them.
  • b4. Apply the screwdriver to this grate. Brush aside the leaves inside to pick up a key and a lighter.
  • b5. Use the key on the desk drawer to find the sun cell puzzle, detailed below.
  • b6. Use your coin gathered from the sun puzzle on the vending machine. Enter the number code of the snack found in the desk (11) to buy that snack. It falls with the final piece of the keycard.
  • Open up the ruler in your inventory. Apply the three pieces of keycard and the glue to create a keycard. Use the keycard on the exit (b7).

How to complete the sun cell puzzle

Sun cell puzzle in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "When you press the button the token will move by the number of cells indicated on the button. Use them to put the tokens to their places."
  • Your goal in this puzzle is to push all of the suns into the recesses in the middle. The numbers on the buttons indicate how far all suns will be pushed, based on the number of cells away from the button, not based on where the suns currently are.
  • Once all four suns are where they belong, you'll unlock the drawer and gain a coin, another piece of card, and a clue for the next puzzle in the form of a snack wrapper.

Laboring in the lab

  • c1. Search for the spatula on this cluttered counter.
  • c2. Use the screwdriver on this red sink handle to detach the valve.
  • c3. Attach the valve to the orange juice and then pour all that juice directly onto the floor. This shows a four-digit code.
  • c4. Enter the orange juice code into this cabinet. You can pull a token and flash drive out of the pocket of the doctor's jacket.
  • c5. Return to the first room, where you'll approach the cactus on the desk and dig into the dirt with your spatula. This gives you the final token and a heat tablet.

How to complete the token pattern puzzle

  • Approach the side cupboard in this first room and insert the three missing tokens that you've found. This unlocks the token pattern puzzle.
  • "Assemble the pattern so that all the lines are connected."
  • Each token can be clicked to rotate it. All lines must connect to another line. There are three layers to complete.
  • I recommend starting with the corners and the straight lines that can only go one way, such as along the bottom row.
  • Your reward is a very small key.

Making a medicine

In the second room, insert the flash drive into the laptop on the desk. Now the numbers from the werewolf's patient chart finally pay off, as that is the passcode for the laptop. Click each number space until it shows the correct number and then click OK to unlock the laptop and find the medicine recipe.

Return to the cupboard you'd just unlocked in the last puzzle to pick up the green test tube, now that you know you need it.

Back in the third room, open up the fridge with your very small key. Pick up the syringe and handle, and the purple test tube.

At the science desk, pick up the red test tube.

At the centrifuge, place the handle on the machine and insert all three test tubes that you've collected. Turn on the handle and pull out the light green test tube mixture.

You now need to heat this mixture. Place the vial, the heat tablet, and the glass tubing into the lab setup. Use the lighter to heat the mixture. Once it has moved over to the second bottle, fill your syringe with medicine.

Werewolf in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Give the werewolf the medicine by using the syringe on its arm. This releases the magnetic key for your use.

Unlocking the final passwords

Keypad with solution in Tricky Doors seventh world, Hospital
Image by Pro Game Guides

Using your magnetic key on the exit reveals that there is a missing password. It indicates you need to kick over a trash can.

What follows is a series of clues to reach the exit.

By kicking over the trash can, you discover the words 'Running man.' The running man over the exit sign has the word 'Stethoscope' on his leg. The stethoscope tells you to check the 'Television,' which in turn says 'Medical history.' The werewolf's medical history has now changed to a series of codes.

This may differ in your playthrough.

  • 46721
  • 38279
  • 54735

Only one of these codes is the correct one, so try them until you escape the hospital.

Tricky Doors World 8: Theater complete walkthrough guide

As the level starts, you find yourself in a spacious entry room to the theater.

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • a1. This is the only of the many portraits that matters. Note the numbers.
  • a2. On the couch, pick up one of four tags off the cushion, and one of four planks from underneath the couch.
  • a3. On the counter is a porcelain mask (one of two) and in the pocket of the blue jacket there is a handle.
  • a4. Use the handle on the window. Open the window to pick up a key.
  • a5. Use the key on the clock to find your second porcelain mask.
  • a6. Use the porcelain masks to unlock the green chip puzzle, detailed below.

How to complete the green chip puzzle

Green chip puzzle in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Move the green chip to the green cells."

Your goal is to move the green block from the bottom of the puzzle to the top. You can move any of the blocks in any direction to slot them into the different areas.

When you finish this puzzle, the door to the stage will open.

Searching the stage

The second room with graphics in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • b1. Pick up the first of three sandbags.
  • b2. Approach the ladder. You can't use it yet, but there is a knife next to it that you need.
  • b3. Zoom in on the harp to pick up a piano key, the first of three.
  • b4. Get close to the piano to grab another tag.
  • b5. Go into the backstage area.

Unlocking the dressing room

Move backstage to get to the next set of tools, and start a series of small tasks.

  • c1. Walk up to this toolbox to pick up a hammer, saw, and pincers.
  • c2. Use the pincers on the loose plank to gain a nail and long plank.
  • c3. Use your pincers again on the harp, which will grant you a string.
  • c4. Zoom in on the ladder. Lay the long plank on top of it and use the saw to create two of your four regular planks.
  • c5. Use the knife on the camera to gain a lens.
  • c6. Use the knife again on this rope to gain a rope.
  • c7. Use your knife one more time on the loose hook to gain a hook. Now you can add your rope to the hook.
  • c8. Use your rope and hook back on the stage to get into the presidential suite. Here you'll pick up binoculars, your last plank, and use your pincers to open up the purse. The purse has powder and another piano key.
  • c4. Use your planks on the ladder, add nails, and hammer them in. Now you have a ladder.
  • c9. Climb the ladder and use your hammer on the light to pull out the key.

How to complete the punch lock puzzle

Punch lock puzzle in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"While pressing the bars, clear the path so that the fist can hit the button. Hit all the buttons on the right in this way."

Every bar that you move up or down will move other bars at the same time. They'll flash red if it can't move, which happens when it's supposed to push another bar either too far up or down to work.

You'll need to do this four times, once for each fist.

Once you complete the lock, you'll be able to enter the dressing room.

Exploring the dressing room

  • d1. Grab a tag.
  • d2. Zoom in on the makeup table to pick up a brush and tweezers.
  • d3. Take note of the lights that aren't lit.
  • d4. Move this dress to pick up a sandbag.

Armed with the tweezers, return to the open window in the first room. The final tag is wedged between the wood panels.

In the coat room to the right of the entry, place down your four tags. Also put down your powder, and use the brush to apply the powder to the tags. This reveals four numbers, each of which corresponds to a color of coat.

Color puzzle in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

36 = blue, 35 = purple, 34 = green, 38 = red

Now you can unlock the makeup dresser drawer. Place the colors in sequential order, and enter green, purple, blue, red.

Your reward is a final piano key and a weight.

How to complete the piano keys puzzle

Piano puzzle in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

"Pressing the keys, highlight in green the required combination of squares on the lid."

Every key you press lights up the squares that are marked on it. If two keys would light up the same spot, they cancel each other out. Your goal for each panel is to light up the marked squares.

Your reward is an ornate key.

How to complete the grandfather clock puzzle

Cuckoo clock in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • In your inventory, add the string to the weight and use the pincers to create a clock weight.
  • Add the weight into the clock, and then you can address the cuckoo windows above.
  • Based on the lights that were on in the dressing room, open the appropriate windows. Keep the windows that correspond to the dim lights closed.
  • Your reward is a hint for the next puzzle.

How to complete the flower box puzzle

Flower box in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • "Place the chips according to the hint by swapping them using the arrow buttons."
  • Apply the hint from your inventory to the box so that you can see where the flowers need to be.
  • Click the red circles to spin the flowers around in sets of four until they match the hint.
  • Your reward is one of two metal masks and a weight.

Opening the briefcase

Briefcase in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Image by Pro Game Guides

You can now add the weight to the suitcase in the first room, which becomes a combination lock.

The solution to the combination lock is on the portrait above, 930. The suitcase contains a lever.

Wardrobe in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Back in the dressing room, use your key on the blue dresser. Inside is a sandbag on the floor of the dresser, and you can open up the hanging shirt to take a second lens out of a monocle in the pocket.

Put the lenses into the binoculars to fix them.

Sandbags in Tricky Doors eighth world, Theater
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Add the lever and the three sandbags onto this device and pull the lever. Every time you pull a lever, you'll get a different scenery background out on the stage. Go between the two rooms, using the binoculars to search the scene backgrounds for a set of numbers.
  • Not every set of numbers is the correct one. Every time you find a set of numbers, go to the safe in the dressing room and enter the code. Eventually you will find the correct code and open the safe.
  • The safe contains your second mask, which you can use to unlock the final puzzle.

How to complete the colored masks puzzle

  • "Arrange the masks so that emotions and colors are not repeated in each row and column."
  • Click any two masks to swap them with each other. Each mask will glow green if it matches the criteria. I recommend starting by swapping the colors of the same emotions around within their column to make sure that no colors are sharing a row or column, and then you can work on the emotions by swapping same-colored emotions. This makes sure at least one criteria is already met.
  • At the end of the mask puzzle, you escape the theater and can move on to the next world!

Tricky Doors World 9: Antique District complete walkthrough guide

The first room with graphics in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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As the district street loads in, one of the first things you'll see is a sign with a big rat. Throughout this entire world you'll want to take note of how many rats you see of different colors, so start that count now. Every playthrough's rat colors are different.

  • a1. Approach the easel. Pick up the painter's palette and a screwdriver.
  • a2. This flower box has a handle in it. You can use your screwdriver on the screws as well to get a metal bar.
  • a3. Use your metal bar on this grate to bend the bar into a hook. Use the hook a second time to dip into the grate and pull out the key.
  • a4. Use the key on this lockbox to unlock the centerpiece puzzle, detailed below.
  • a5. Slide the newspaper underneath the door. Go back up to the door lock and shove the key out with the screwdriver. Pull out the newspaper. Use the long spiky key on the locked door and reveal the door lock puzzle, detailed below.

How to complete the centerpiece lockbox puzzle

Centerpiece lockbox puzzle in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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  • Pull the metal pieces of the puzzle around to make room for your centerpiece. You can pull the pieces in any direction. You'll be nudging the centerpiece through the puzzle slowly but surely, not all at once.
  • The lockbox opens when you finish the puzzle. You take out a mysterious letter, an Eiffel Tower figurine, and a newspaper. There's also a door handle you can drag to the empty star.

How to complete the door lock puzzle

Door lock puzzle in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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Use the yellow arrows to pull the key in and out and spin the key around until you find the right combination. You'll know it's the right combination when the notches on all the pins line up.

Inside the antique shop

The second room with graphics in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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  • b1. Move aside the knickknacks to pick up the sphinx.
  • b2. Pick up the kettle. Use the screwdriver on the valve to pull that as well.
  • b3. Grab the poker next to the fireplace and use it to brush aside the embers. You can't pick these items yet.
  • b4. Knock over the middle trophy to pick up some matches.
  • b5. Take off this cute clown's hat to find a loudspeaker.
  • b6. Use the poker to pry open this display case. Place the loudspeaker and handle on the music player.
  • b7. Shut the open cassette player to pick up the lamp behind it. You can immediately use the matches on the lamp to light it.

Down the manhole cover

Inside of manhole in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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  • Use your poker one last time on the manhole cover in the middle of the street. Place the lit lamp down the manhole so you can see the bottom.
  • Pick up the Statue of Liberty on the left-hand side, and then go down to complete the ball and steam puzzle. You have to put the valve onto the puzzle to start it.

How to complete the ball and steam puzzle

  • This is a game of timing. The steam from every valve goes off when its individual timer is in the red zone. You can click each timer to change where the red zone is and click the valve to push the ball through and see how far it goes.
  • Your reward is the water (including the drinking fountain) turning on.
  • You can fill your kettle with water and go back to the fireplace to pour the water on the glowing hot items under the embers.
  • You can now pick up the Big Ben figurine and a key.

How to complete the potion chips puzzle

Potion chips puzzle in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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Your cooled off key goes directly into the lock of the shop that you haven't seen the inside of yet, underneath the rat sign.

This is a block moving puzzle where you need to position the colored potions in the exact arrangement of the hint above. When you finish this, you can turn the handle and step into the magic shop.

Explore the magic shop

The third room with graphics in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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  • c1. Grab a broom from the broom closet.
  • c2. Next to the rat cage, pick up the paper.
  • c3. Have you been counting rodents? Enter in how many of each color you found throughout the whole world. Pick up the rats as an item.
  • Return to the antique shop and release the rats so that the cat starts to chase them. Now you can pick up the crystal ball.
  • c4. Place the crystal ball on the table to unlock the crystal ball puzzle, detailed below.

How to complete the crystal ball puzzle

  • In the crystal ball you'll see a symbol that's a combination of two cards. Click on those cards to pass that section. There are eight card combinations to complete before you can finish the puzzle.
  • Your reward is the Sydney Opera House figurine. You can also place the paper over the top of the crystal ball to reveal a landscape.

Wrapping up outside

  • d1. Approach the world map and place all of your figurines into the recesses. This unlocks a game where you click the buttons to move the tokens into the area of the map they can be found in. This gives you a painter's brush and the first of four rami crystals.
  • d2. Use your broom to knock the key off the top of the shop's sign.
  • Head back inside to the antique shop's chest.

How to complete the antique chest puzzle

Click the rotating buttons to move the three elements around that button. Your goal is to make all of the yellow lights connect.

Your reward is a second crystal and a record for the record player.

Add the record and pick up the gramophone. Take it across the street to interact with the snake. Once you've played the gramophone, the snake will fall asleep.

In the snake's enclosure is a red gem, a wilted flower sprout, and the hint on how to un-wilt the flower.

Knight armor in Tricky Doors ninth world, Antique District
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Place the red gem into the arm of the knight's suit of armor. This opens the knight's hand, which is holding another key.

How to complete the potion cabinet puzzle

Click on the arrows facing each other at the bottom to see how the two sides interface, because it isn't as straight-forward as one on top of the other. One of the boards tilts to the side. There is no penalty for checking how your current alignment is going at any time, so check frequently.

Your goal is to fill every spot with gemstones. Overlap is okay so long as no slot is left empty. Click on each gem to move it and its column partners down one (looping back up to the top as well).

Your reward is the potion cabinet opening, where you can take out another crystal and the bright blue potion you're looking for.

How to complete the flower pot puzzle

Next to the purple curtain, approach the flower pot labeled "5" and fill it with the wilted flower and the magic potion. This will create the magic flower item, which you can then slot into the group of flower pots behind the curtain to unlock the flower pot puzzle.

"Arrange the pots in the correct places according to the numbers on the cabinet."

Click any two pots to swap their spaces. Your goal is to make everything add up on both the rows and columns. I recommend matching up either all of the bottom numbers or all of the side numbers first, and then swapping around within that to find the ultimate answer. The numbers will glow green when they are satisfied.

At the end of the puzzle, you will get your last crystal and can return to the easel in the antique shop to paint your way out of the district.

How to complete the painting puzzle

If you haven't already, start by applying the paintbrush, painter's palette, and color hint to the painting in the corner of the antique shop. Then add in all four crystals to the corners to unlock the painting puzzle.

This puzzle is a simple paint by numbers. You can use the palette to mix two colors together by clicking them and then clicking the middle of the palette, and doing the same with the color you want to mix.

Match your colors to the hint you've been given. Some tips if you're having trouble:

  • The purple that's mixed is very dark.
  • The sky is light blue.
  • The portions of the painting that appear