Faded Red Satin

Faded Red Satin

To obtain Faded Red Satin, you need to find and destroy Eremite Enemies. The higher the level of the Eremite Enemies you destroy, the more items they will drop.

You can also trade in Stardust for Faded Red Satin. It costs five Stardust for three Faded Red Satin on the Stardust exchange. We don't really recommend purchasing this, though, as they can be obtained easily via gameplay.

Eremite Enemies can be found all over Sumeru, primarily near Caravan Ribat and the Hypostyle Desert. You can refer to the map below for locations:

Image via Teyvat Interactive Map

A piece of red satin used to cover the eyes. The fabric is slightly torn. Many Eremites tend to cover their eyes with textiles, but the original intention of this practice has long been lost to the sands of time.

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Rarity 1
Type Common Ascension Material


Work in Progress.


This material is used by the following characters for Ascension and Talent Upgrades:

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