All Blueprints and how to get them in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Upgrade to Kirby to the max!

24 Blueprints are scattered throughout the Forgotten Land, and each is needed to upgrade one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. Here's how to get all 24 Blueprints in Kirby and The Forgotten Land, in the order they appear throughout the game.

Starter Blueprints

Once you go through Natural Plains and beat Gorimondo for the first time, Waddle Dee's Weapon Shop will open in town. This is where you bring Blueprints, along with enough Rare Stones and money, to upgrade Kirby's Copy Abilities.

Chakram Cutter Blueprint

Weapons Shop Waddle Dee will give you the Chakram Cutter Blueprint when the shop opens!

Volcano Fire Blueprint

When the Weapons Shop opens, the storeowner will give you the Volcano Fire Blueprint as well!

Blueprints in Everbay Coast

Here's how to get the three Blueprints in Everbay Coast.

Clutter Needle Blueprint

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Find the Clutter Needle Blueprint in Scale the Cement Summit. When you get to the steel boxes on the floor, hit the bomb block to break them and reveal this Blueprint.

Chain Bomb Blueprint

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The Chain Bomb Blueprint is in a chest in Fast-Flowing Waterworks. The chest will appear on the main path after getting trapped and completing the combat challenge on the steel bridge over shallow water.

Noble Ranger Blueprint

Earn the Noble Ranger Blueprint when you defeat the boss of Everbay Coast, Tropic Woods!

Blueprints in Wondaria Remains

Collect five Blueprints in Wondaria Remains.

Toy Hammer Blueprint

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In the first stage, you'll find the Toy Hammer Blueprint, Welcome to Wondaria. For this one, you need to use Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby to water eight wilted flowers. The first four are found easily around the corner from the spigot where Kirby can get the Water-Balloon Mouth.

You can find the next three flowers slightly farther ahead, but the last is hidden. If you spray away the mud next to the ladder, a secret path will appear down to the right, where you can water the final flower and get this Blueprint.

Gigant Sword Blueprint

Find the Gigant Sword Blueprint in Circuit Speedway. Defeat the Wild Edge mini-boss, and get this Blueprint in a chest right after!

Time Crash Blueprint

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Get the Time Crash Blueprint in the stage, Invasion at the House of Horrors. Near the end of the stage, be careful to spot a hole in the wall off the ledge to the left. Hover to it, and this secret path will take you to the Blueprint.

Fleur Tornado Blueprint

You can find the Fleur Tornado Blueprint in the Wondaria Dream Parade stage. Get in position opposite the spigot, and use Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby to spray one of the robots off its course and into the cracked wall. The wall will break and reveal a trapped Waddle Dee—and another cracked wall behind that! Repeat the process, and get the Blueprint.

Pencil Drill Blueprint

Earn the Pencil Drill Blueprint when you defeat the boss of Wondaria Remains, Clawroline!

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Blueprint in the Colosseum

When the Colosseum opens, Meta Knight will make its appearance.

Meta Knight Sword Blueprint

Simply win the Meta Knight Cup, and you'll be rewarded with the Meta Knight Sword Blueprint!

Blueprints in Winter Horns

Get three Blueprints in Winter Horns.

Dragon Fire Blueprint

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Find the Dragon Fire Blueprint in the Windy, Freezing Seas stage. When you get to the pathway with the firing cannons, inhale the fire enemy and melt the ice around the scissor lift. Move Scissor-Lift Mouth Kirby to the right, ascend, and you'll find a treasure chest containing the Dragon Fire Blueprint.

Frosty Ice Blueprint

You can't miss the Frosty Ice Blueprint after you defeat a mini-boss in The Battle of Blizzard Bridge. Get this Blueprint when it appears in a chest near the end of the stage.

Homing Bomb Blueprint

Earn the Homing Bomb Blueprint when you defeat the boss of Winter Horns, King Dedede!

Blueprints in Oringull Wasteland

Track down five Blueprints in Oringull Wasteland.

Crystal Needle Blueprint

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Get the Crystal Needle Blueprint in The Wastes Where Life Began. Climb the ladder to the right in the large, open area near the beginning of the stage. Once you get up there, you'll need to defeat the mini-boss, Fleurina. Find the Blueprint in a treasure chest a little to your left.

Buzz-Saw Cutter Blueprint

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You'll find the Buzz-Saw Cutter Blueprint in Searching the Oasis. This one is in a hidden treasure chest behind a railing, which you can find a bit to the right of a round platform with a circle of purple poison on the ground.

Wild Hammer Blueprint

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You can find the Wild Hammer Blueprint in Alivel Mall (Staff Side). Take a right instead of going through the door after climbing the yellow ladder, and you'll find an opening that will get you inside to a caged-in entryway.

Defeat the Wild Bonkers mini-boss inside, and be sure to have Kirby pick up the Hammer Copy Ability afterward. Smash the star nails into the ground on the left as well as into the wall on the right. This will open the golden gate to a treasure chest containing the Blueprint.

Twin Drill Blueprint

You'll get the Twin Drill Blueprint in Moonlight Canyon. Near the end of this stage's first area, with falling blocks and mole enemies, go to the left below the exit. You'll see a barrel in a nook on the side of a ledge. Break it, and the Blueprint will be revealed.

Blizzard Ice Blueprint

Earn the Blizzard Ice Blueprint when you defeat the boss of Oringull Wasteland, Sillydillo!

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Blueprints in Redgar Forbidden Lands

You can find three Blueprints in Redgar Forbidden Lands.

Space Ranger Blueprint

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Find the Space Ranger Blueprint in Conquer the Infernal Road. When you get to the point where you have to jump off the high steel ledge and into the boat as Ring Mouth Kirby, it's imperative that Kirby also has the Ranger Copy Ability equipped. Once you get to the end of the stage, don't finish just yet! Look off to the right for a floating target. Shoot it, and you'll get Blueprint for this awesome Ability.

Deep Sleep Blueprint

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You can find the Deep Sleep Blueprint in Burning, Churning Power Plant. Near the end of this stage's second area, stop short of going through the door to the next area. Instead, find the lantern in front of the door as you move toward the camera.

Use the Fire Copy Ability to light the lantern, and the crushing platform will begin to move. Follow the coin path below the platform, climb on top, and then jump and hover off the left to find a secret opening along with the blue lights on the rising and falling platform. This leads to the Blueprint.

Storm Tornado Blueprint

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Get the Storm Tornado Blueprint in Gathering of the Beast Council right after beating Clawroline again. You'll see the rollercoaster in front of you but leave it alone for now. Instead, look for a hidden nook on the right side of the platform to find the Blueprint for this amazing Ability.

Blueprints in the Post-game

These two Blueprints can be considered spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!

Masked Hammer Blueprint

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King Dedede will be relaxing to the left of the Colosseum entrance. Speak to him to get the Masked Hammer Blueprint!

Morpho Knight Sword Blueprint

For the last Blueprint, complete the post-game that includes the Isolated Isles—and Forgo Land, the last stage. Once you beat Morpho Knight, you'll get the Morpho Knight Sword Blueprint as a final reward!

That's all the Blueprints in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Now enjoy the game with Kirby's strongest Copy Abilities, which you can upgrade even further with more Rare Stones and money won at the Colosseum!

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All Blueprints and how to get them in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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