Dragon Warlock Deck – Descent of Dragons

Our Heartstone Dragon Warlock Deck List Guide is an early look at this archetype for the Descent of Dragons! Warlock is getting a chance to back to its roots with a control based deck that looks to fill up its hand with cards. With Warlock getting some pretty powerful Dragons, it shouldn't be too far-fetched to see some kind of deck end up highly played utilizing these magnificent beasts!

While we're still very early on in the process, it looks like Dragons could be a very viable way for Warlock to head when looking for a new archetype. It wouldn't be that new of a theme though, because the deck will likely combine these new minions with the old school Handlock shell that was so popular in the past. The strategy of keeping the board clear and dropping heavy minions on the board would still be the name of the game. We will see if this ends up being the winning route for the class.

Dragon Warlock Deck List

Here's a first look at a possible Dragon Warlock deck in Descent of Dragons:

Warlock Neutral
2x - Expired Merchant 2x - Doomsayer
2x - Nether Breath 2x - Firetree Witchdoctor
2x - Hellfire 2x - Dragonmaw Poacher
2x - Crazed Netherwing 1x - Frizz Kindleroost
2x - Abyssal Summoner 2x - Twilight Drake
1x - Lord Godfrey 2x - Big Ol' Whelp
1x - Valdris Felgorge 2x - Crowd Roaster
1x - Twisting Nether 1x - Alexstrasza
1x - Zzeraku the Warped 2x - Mountain Giant

Deck Code

Copy Code

We're likely to see some changes to the archetype in the future, we'll be updating this list and guide with more popular versions once they are revealed!

Dragon Warlock Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Doomsayer - This card is great for just throwing on the board on turn 2 and pretty much forcing our opponent to either skip their turn or trade into it. Either way, this card is saving you some damage to your face.
  • Firetree Witchdoctor - This gives us something to play with on the board and immediately replaces itself with a card the majority of the time.
  • Frizz Kindleroost - We're packing quite a few Dragons in this deck, so the sooner we can play this the sooner we can take advantage of those reduced cost cards.
  • Twilight Drake - One of the main cards that takes advantage of us having a big hand. Hard to deal with in the early game, and is great for trading into minions.
  • Mountain Giant - Sometimes a single Giant is all you need to snowball the game in your favor. This deck is seeking to stack your hand, so having a Giant ready for an early turn is of great benefit to you.

Possible Keeps

  • Expired Merchant - Your main target is Mountain Giant, so pretty much only keep this when you have that in your start hand.
  • Nether Breath - If your opponent is running something early in their deck that absolutely needs to get removed, then you might want to keep this card for it.

Play Strategy & Card Combinations

This deck doesn't really start to get going until late, but there will be times when you can stick a Mountain Giant that really hinders the abilities of your opponent. We want to accumulate cards and continually clear the board with our removal spells and AOE. Once we get into the late game, we can start dropping our Dragons and cards like Abyssal Summoner to pressure our opponent into submission.

You are just merely looking to keep the board as clear as possible early on. You are happy to just tap on turn two, but if you're facing a faster deck you've got things like Doomsayer and Nether Breath to deal with them. You also have Firetree Witchdoctor to trade with or at least occupy our opponent briefly.

Once we head into turn four is when we can sometimes start to make things happen. We've got the standard Mountain Giant and Twilight Drake to pose a threat that needs to be dealt with, but we also ideally would like to play Frizz Kindleroost to get that reduction in cost on the cards we draw in the future.

If we're later in the game, one of the big turns we can have is hitting a Valdris Felgorge . This not only increases our hand size, but it draws us four cards right away. If we can then follow it up with an Abyssal Summoner , we should be looking good to continue dropping big minions on the board.

Zzeraku the Warped has the potential of being very powerful. You can obviously hurt yourself with your Hero Power, but Hellfire will also work as well. You'd really like to get Frizz Kindleroost on the board before drawing it, so we can use Zzeraku sooner or get more out of it on a single turn.

One of the more questionable inclusions right now are Dragonmaw Poacher . A lot of decks are going to be playing with Dragons, so getting the buff out of this is a strong possibility. However, as we move forward it will largely be a meta decision on whether or not we would like to continue to feature this in the list.

Card Substitutions

  • Rain of Fire - Cheap AOE that would be tech'd into the deck if low health minion decks are frequently seen on the ladder. This also damages your own face, so you could pair it with Zzeraku in an attempt to play it earlier.
  • Sunfury Protector - This is a pretty common inclusion when it comes to Handlock decks. It's great when you can get it between two minions like Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant. However, when you don't have some kind of big thing to put on the board, this card can sit pretty uselessly in your hand.
  • Zephrys the Great - Believe it or not, but this card is so good that you can stick it in slower control decks and wait for your deck to thin out enough to use it.
  • Evasive Wyrm - It's a Dragon and it can trade into other minions right away. It's not great if the board is empty, and the stat line isn't particularly strong.
  • Aranasi Broodmother - A pretty good Taunt minion that comes with the ability to heal us when we draw the card.
  • Shadowflame - Another AOE removal option, it's possible one of these belongs in the deck.
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