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Our Heartstone Galakrond Warlock Deck Guide takes a look at the best list from the Descent of Dragons expansion! We've got a full look at how-to mulligan, play strategy and combinations, and feature card substitutions if you don't have them all. Warlock's version of Galakrond seems to fit in more of a Zoo like build due to the many Imps that it will produce as you Invoke it. The class hasn't had the best of luck lately, so hopefully this big Dragon in a familiar deck type will help increase their place in the meta.

Warlock has had a pretty rough time as of late. They have largely leaned on Highlander builds, and some players have found a bit of success in Zoolocks. Overall, the class is hoping that some of the new additions in Descent of Dragons will bring it back to the promised lands. It remains to be seen if Galakrond can bring some new life to Warlock.

Galakrond Warlock Deck List

Here's at the best Galakrond Warlock deck in Descent of Dragons:

Warlock Neutral
2x - Flame Imp 2x - Beaming Sidekick
2x - Grim Rally 2x - Blazing Battlemage
2x - Voidwalker 2x - Knife Juggler
2x - EVIL Genius 2x - Scarab Egg
2x - Dragonblight Cultist 2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Fiendish Rites 2x - Shield of Galakrond
2x - Veiled Worshipper 1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
1x - Galakrond, the Wretched 2x - Sea Giant

Deck Code

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Galakrond Warlock Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Flame Imp - One of the strongest 1-drops in the game, and one of the main reasons that Zoo has remained popular of the years!
  • Voidwalker - Not the greatest 1-drop, but it can protect some of your weaker minions in the early game. It has enough health to survive for more than one turn.
  • EVIL Genius - This is a great follow-up to something like Mecharoo, which we can either keep the 1/1 on board or land it on the token. It's not such a great play onto your Flame Imp though.
  • Dragonblight Cultist - Invoking Galakrond is one of your top priorities, and this can do that for you. It also has the possibility of creating a pretty formidable minion that will have to be dealt with.

Possible Keeps

  • Blazing Battlemage - Not the greatest 1-drop, but you can keep this if you don't have any other 1-drops in your starting hand.
  • Beaming Sidekick - Only keep this with another cheap drop, we want to get value out of it and it's really not worth playing by itself.
  • Scarab Egg - Really good card that works well with our buff cards. You really want to keep this if you have a card in your hand that supports it.
  • Knife Juggler - You need to have some 1-drops so you can get immediate value out of it. Most of the time you'd prefer to just have this for later in the game.
  • Fiendish Rites - Keep this if you've got a 1 or 2-drop already. It buffs our board and gets us additional minions with the Invoke.

How Galakrond Works

Galakrond is a Hero Card that will replace your current Hero and Hero Power when played. Galakrond can be powered up by cards with the Invoke keyword. Each time you Invoke Galakrond, it gives you a trigger of Galakrond's Hero Power whether it is in play or not. You can upgrade your Galakrond twice, each upgrade requires you play a card with Invoke twice (4 times in total for a full upgrade). Each upgrade powers up its Battlecry by double. If you can max our your Galakrond, you will equip a 5/2 weapon when you play it.

Play Strategy & Card Combinations

If you've played Warlock Zoo then you're going to be very familiar with how-to play this type of deck. Use your cheap minions to trade up into your opponent's minions and keep the board as clear as possible. You'll be getting some Imps fairly regularly as you Invoke Galakrond, so use those as your fodder for cards like Grim Rally , EVIL Genius , and Faceless Corruptor . These are also great for your board buff cards like Fiendish Rites and firing additional knives with Knife Juggler .

Obviously, since we're playing Galakrond, some things are going to be different than your typical Zoolock. We have included some Invoke cards, and each time we play one of these we will generate two 1/1 Imps! So, keep that in mind before you dismiss some of these cards. Dragonblight Cultist is interesting, because even if you don't have a board you will gain a couple of buffs from the Imps. Having one health, however, is not so great. Fiendish Rites also doesn't require a board to get some value due to the Imps. It's obviously going to be a lot better when we do have some presence though.

By the mid-game we're hoping to have Invoked our Galakrond a couple of times to get value out of Veiled Worshipper . While we can draw cards with our hero power, we won't be able to do so once we've played our Galakrond. This card functions as a way to get us more options to play with as well as creating draw for when we swap powers.

Sea Giant works particularly well in this deck due to the cheap minions and the ability to Invoke out a couple of minions. If our opponent spreads their board as well, then we're for sure going to get to play this on the cheap.

Faceless Corruptor will absolutely shine in a deck like this. If you can stick at least one of those cheap minions or Imps then you will have a target for this and can swing the board in the mid-game. Look for this to be one of your better plays when you have five mana.

Card Substitutions

  • Mecharoo - Solid 1-drop that sticks to the board and gives us some targets for our buffs and other cards that need minions.
  • Argent Squire - Pretty solid Zoo card, it can trade up and remain on the board.
  • Sinister Deal - Lackeys are very strong, so being able to control which one you get is particularly useful.
  • The Soularium - Pretty strong card for Zoo, but because this is a Galakrond version we don't want to pull later game cards and then have to discard them because we can't play them.
  • Dire Wolf Alpha - Solid zoo card that helps you trade some of your cheaper and token minions into higher cost creatures on your opponent's side.
  • Serpent Egg - Pretty much a better version of Scarab Egg.
  • EVIL Recruiter - If we went more heavily towards Lackey synergy then we'd likely want to add this card in the deck.
  • Devoted Maniac - Invoking Galakrond is very strong, so adding in another way to do it can be worthwhile.
  • Magic Carpet - Another card that works better in a more Lackey based strategy.
  • Valdris Felgorge - We don't really care about the maximum hand size, we're mainly in it for the card infusion. Once Galakrond hits the board, we're going to start running out of resources and this can give us a late game boost.
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