Hearthstone Hall of Fame Dust Guide 2020 – Gain the Most Dust!

We're taking a look at how best to gain the most dust from the Hall of Fame and Standard rotation in Hearthstone!

Our Hearthstone Hall of Fame Dust Guide will walk you through everything you need to know to maximize the amount of dust you can get from the 2020 Standard Rotation! We'll go through how to handle if you own certain cards, and whether or not you need to craft them in golden or even craft them at all.

This is the best time of the year if you are a Hearthstone fan looking to cash in some dust. If you've been playing at all in the last year, then you'll be likely sitting on a pile of free arcane dust. Let's get into how you can do the most to profit and have the funds for crafting some future cards!

What's the Hall of Fame?

Let's start out with a brief look at what exactly is happening with the Standard rotation. Each year, Blizzard chooses some cards to be transitioned into the Hall of Fame set. This set is only playable in the Wild format, and the cards from it cannot be opened in packs anymore. In the past, they had focused specifically on cards from the Basic and Classic set, but in 2019 some cards from The Witchwood set were sent to the Hall of Fame as well.

The cards will move into the Hall of Fame once the first expansion of the year is released. We don't know yet what that is but we will update this guide once additional information is revealed.

Which Cards Are Headed to the Hall of Fame in 2020?

Five cards are headed into the Hall of Fame in 2020 and the Year of the Phoenix: Leeroy Jenkins, Mountain Giant, Mind Control Tech, Acolyte of Pain, and Spellbreaker!

A large batch of Priest cards are getting shuttled off into the Hall of Fame as well: Auchenai Soulpriest, Divine Spirit, Holy Fire, Shadowform, Northshire Cleric, and Prophet Velen. These are being replaced by the following cards:

What About My Cards?

So, you own some of those cards and they will no longer be playable in Standard. How is Blizzard compensating you? Well, for each of those cards you own, you'll be granted the full Arcane Dust value for each card (up to the maximum number that can be used in a deck). If you have different qualities of some of those cards (goldens), the golden cards will be applied first until you reach the max amount of playable copies.

This can be a bit confusing, so here's a small breakdown of what it all means:

  • You get dust for each 1x Legendary you own of the highest quality.
  • You get dust for each 2x Epic, Rare, or Common you own of the highest quality for each set.
  • If you own 1x Golden and 1x Normal Legendary. You will get dust for the 1x Golden Legendary.
  • If you own 1x Golden and 2x Normal Epic, Rare, or Common of a specific card. You will get dust for 1x Golden and 1x Normal.
  • You do NOT have to disenchant the cards to receive the dust.
    • You can disenchant them AFTER you receive the refund for more dust if you want (or keep them).

How Do I Maximize My Hall of Fame Dust?

There's a bunch of different scenarios when it comes to maximizing your dust for the Hall of Fame rotation. I'm going to outline some different examples and explain why you would craft them in a certain way. The general rule for all of these cards is to wait as long as you can to craft them. It's better to open them in a pack, that way you don't have to spend any dust up front.

Crafting Costs Table

Here's a quick look at the crafting costs of cards and what you get when you disenchant them.

Rarity Normal Golden D/E Normal D/E Golden
Common 40 400 5 50
Rare 100 800 20 100
Epic 400 1,600 100 400
Legendary 1,600 3,200 400 1,600​

Craft all Commons in golden.

For every other rarity, you get the exact same dust back from a golden card that it costs to craft a normal version. For example, if you have a Golden Legendary and disenchant it, you get 1,600 dust back which is the cost of a normal Legendary. With Commons, this is not the case. Instead of the 40 dust it costs to craft a Common card, you get 50 dust back if you disenchant a Golden copy. That means, you will get +10 dust for each Golden Common you craft.

The Math (Example)

  • Craft Golden: -400 + 400 (Refund) + 50 (Disenchant) + 5 (Disenchant Normal) = 55 Dust Gained
  • Own Normal: +40 (Refund) + 5 (Disenchant) = 45 Dust Gained

Don't own a card? Craft it in golden.

If you don't own a certain card, then it's best to craft it in golden. If you don't have enough dust to craft all the ones you don't own in golden, then craft the highest rarity for the most dust return. Keep in mind, you can hold onto the card and get it for free, or you can disenchant it and gain the additional dust.

The Math (Example)

If you don't own one of the golden Legendaries, here's how you will get dust:

  • Disenchant: -3,200 (Golden Craft) + 3,200 (Refund) + 1,600 (Disenchant) = 1,600 Dust Gained

Own maximum normal or golden copies? Do nothing.

If you already own one of the cards in either normal or golden then you don't have to do anything (unless it's a Common, see above). You will gain the same amount of dust back even if you upgrade the card to golden. This seems to trip people up the most, so check out the math below.

The Math (Example)

If you own one of the Legendaries, and don't care about getting it in gold. Here's how it works out:

  • Do Nothing: 1,600 (Refund) + 400 (Disenchant) = 2,000 Dust Gained
  • Craft Golden: -3,200 (Craft) + 3,200 (Refund) + 1,600 (Disenchant) + 400 (Disenchant Normal) = 2,000 Dust Gained

If you do want to upgrade, then you can craft it in golden. You will, however, have some dust tied into the card. Instead of the 2,000 dust you would get back if you disenchanted both, you'll only get 400 back from disenchanting the normal version. You can get that extra 1,600 back whenever you want by disenchanting the golden copy, but it has been tied up into that card.

Wait to craft cards

If you are missing some of the cards, don't craft them until the last minute if you can muster the courage. Not having to craft the cards will get you more dust, so wait if you can (especially if you are opening packs in the future). If you are a forgetful person, then maybe just craft what you need because you don't want to forget.

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  1. Is it to late to do this? I already recieved my dust for logging in 2 days ago…

    1. It’s too late to do any crafting of cards, everyone received the dust refund already.

  2. When I logged in it said I would get ~5000 in dust. It has never showed up in my account? Any thoughts?

    1. You might want to try and re-login, I think I saw people having that issue and that seemed to work.

      1. Not for me.

        1. You’d have to talk to Blizzard support then, sorry!

  3. just to make sure i dont screw this up. I do not have to disenchant the actual cards. So does the dust just show up on my account when I log in or how does it work?

    1. You don’t disenchant the cards, the dust will show up in your account once the expansion goes live on April 9th. Once you’ve verified that you received the dust, you can disenchant them if you want.

  4. So, if i have a normal copy of a legendary, and now i craft it golden, would i receive 3200 for the golden version only?

    1. Yes.

  5. So let’s say for example that I already have two non-golden copies of Gloom Stag, that I want to keep, after the expansion. If my math and understanding of the dust system is correct, if I craft two golden versions of it, I end up with a net +800 dust after D/E-ing the golden versions? And I get to keep my non-goldens, I just don’t get any dust from them. Is this correct?

    1. No, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll get +800 dust for just having the non-golden copies of Gloom Stag. It’s the same amount of dust gained:

      Do Nothing: +800 Dust Refund.
      Craft Golden: -3,200 + 3,200 (Refund) + 800 (Disenchant) = +800 Dust

  6. 2 x golden Rare Craft = 1600
    Refund dust = 1600 ?

    1. That’s correct.

  7. can I still craft and get full dust value if I craft them now? or was there a time limit?

    1. You can still craft the cards, they haven’t been moved to the Hall of Fame yet. You have until the Rise of Shadows releases on April 9th, I’d get it done prior to then just to be safe.

  8. i always craft all of these “hallof famed” cards in golden versions ( legendaries epics rare and commons)
    because you basicaly print golden cards for free …you just dont have any profit but golden versions

    1. Yeah I totallly agree with this – and no guides ever recommend it as an option! 😉 I have done this every year also – it is a great way to spend dust, when you don’t need it on other cards, that you get back right on launch day so you can craft cards in the new expansion.

  9. If I’m looking to craft these cards Just to make dust profit, shouldn’t i craft them golden (Golden legendaries x1, golden epic cards x2), get refund and in the end disenchant them? thank you

    1. If you don’t have the cards already, you can craft them in gold and you’ll get a profit. If you do have them already, it’s not worth crafting them in gold because the amount of dust you get is the same (unless they are common, where you get a small bit of extra dust).

  10. So let’s say I make a golden Graymane and don’t disenchant him I get 3200 back?

    1. Yes, you get 3,200 back.

  11. When is the last date to craft these cards and still be eligble for the dust refund? Is it too late now since it was already anounced??

    1. It’s not too late, you have up until the new expansion launches (April 9th). I would make sure to craft it a few days out to make sure though.

  12. Is it 100% guaranteed that we get the refund? They did it last year, but is their any confirmation that they will do it this time aswell? I don’t want to end with literally nothing at the end. Nice guide though, I appreciate it.

    1. Yes, it’s guaranteed. Here’s the official text from Blizzard: “Just like last year, you will be able to keep your copies of these card once they move to the Hall of Fame, and you’ll also be granted the full Arcane Dust value for each card (up to the maximum number that can be used in a deck). The dust will be automatically awarded once you log-in after the Year of the Dragon begins.” And the source: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/22912682

  13. If I’m looking to craft both Baku and Genn, should I just craft them both for 1600+1600, keep them and get full refund for both? Or should I craft a golden one, get refund, dischechant and then craft both?

    1. You should craft them both, you’ll end up spending no dust. If you craft the golden one, you spend an extra 1,600.

      Crafting Both: -3,200 + 3,200 (Refund) = 0 Dust
      Crafting Golden: -3,200 + 3,200 (Refund) + 1,600 (Disenchant) – 3,200 (Craft both) = -1,600 Dust