Lackey Zoo Warlock Deck List (Saviors of Uldum) Guide

Let's look at the new Lackey Zoolock deck that is popular in the Saviors of Uldum expansion!

Our Saviors of Uldum Lackey Zoolock Deck Guide takes a look at the best deck list for this new/old archetype in the new expansion meta. Zoo is taking on a new shape with the support cards that have been given to it in Uldum! Create some Lackeys, buff them up, and take down your opponent.

If you were to ask someone to name you a Hearthstone deck, it would likely be Zoolock that they come up with. The archetype has been ubiquitous with the game for just about its entire run. While the deck isn't always on top of the meta, it usually finds itself a niche somewhere on the ladder. In Rise of Shadows, it was a solid list and took advantage of the new Magic Carpet card. With Uldum on the way, Warlock has gotten some new toys to play with that take advantage of Lackey synergy.

Lackey Zoolock Deck List

Warlock Neutral
2x - Flame Imp 2x - Beaming Sidekick
2x - Sinister Deal 2x - Crystallizer
2x - Soulfire 2x - Dire Wolf Alpha
2x - Spirit Bomb 2x - Knife Juggler
1x - The Soularium 2x - Magic Carpet
2x - Voidwalker 1x - Leeroy Jenkins
2x - EVIL Genius
2x - EVIL Recruiter
2x - Neferset Thrasher
2x - Diseased Vulture

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Lackey Zoo Warlock Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Flame Imp - The classic Zoolock staple that should always be kept! It's a 1-mana 3/2 minion, it's hard to get better stats for the cost and what is a relatively low downside, particularly in Warlock.
  • Crystallizer - Solid opener with good stats. The damage it deal can be useful later in the game.
  • Sinister Deal - We need Lackeys and this will get us one that should fit the situation we're in.
  • Voidwalker - Great card against other aggro decks that seek to spread the board out wide with cheap minions.

Situational Keeps

These cards should only really be kept if you have a 1-drop already in your hand! That should be most of the time due to the composition of this deck.

  • Beaming Sidekick - You'll want to pair this with an additional minion, it works well with the coin and another 1-drop. You don't really want to play this without getting value, but sometimes you'll have to.
  • EVIL Genius - Another card you want to get value with, so you won't want to play it by itself. The best target, believe it or not, is another Lackey!
  • Neferset Thrasher - Great stats for the cost, and is one of the best possible plays a turn ahead of playing Diseased Vulture.
  • Diseased Vulture - This is a really powerful card, but should only be used if you can get some immediate value out of it.

Lackey Zoo Warlock General Gameplay Tips

While Zoo appears to be an aggressive deck, it plays far more like a control deck. You want to take efficient trades and use cards like Dire Wolf Alpha to trade up with higher cost minions. You can generally generate a lot more resources with your hero power than your opponent, so trading into cards will inevitably put you ahead in the game.

This version of Zoolock largely plays out similarly to past versions of the deck. Attempt to establish a board in the early game and maintain it by making quality trades. However, there is some trickery to be done here with the Lackey synergy. Cards like EVIL Recruiter can get you an early big minion that will be hard to deal with.

We have a lot of self-damaging cards in the deck, so we're looking to beatdown our opponent a bit earlier than usual. We want to use our health as a resource, but this can obviously be dangerous if we get carried away. However, we're greatly rewarded by doing this with Diseased Vulture once we can get it on the board. Neferset Thrasher is a great card for Zoo, and while it will be dealing damage to you, we should be able to get quite a bit of value out of it before it goes off the board.

Magic Carpet is a little less of the focus in this version of the deck, but with all of our Lackey generators and 1-drops, we can still get some use out of it.

The current popular version of this deck is more on the aggressive side, which warrants the inclusion of Leeroy Jenkins . We'll sometimes need some extra damage to seal the deal, and he's the ultimate neutral card for that sort of thing.

Lackey Zoo Warlock Other Card Choices

There's some cards from the Rise of Shadows Zoo list that you might want to consider. Argent Squire is always a nice addition to decks like this one. You could also consider adding Sea Giant as an additional threat if you feel like you find yourself with consistent wide boards.

  • Abusive Sergeant - Pretty standard Zoo card that helps trade up with our cheap minions.
  • EVIL Cable Rat - A Lackey generator that sees play in other versions of the list.
  • Scarab Egg - Pairs really well with EVIL Recruiter, but is not so great on its own without more buffs in the deck.
  • Nethersoul Buster - It was another card that was cut from the deck but is still a possibility. It can become pretty big with all of our self-damaging stuff, but unfortunately it's a bit on the slower side.
  • Dark Pharaoh Tekahn - This has been used in some version of this list, but is largely being cut as decks are more refined. It seems like a good card, but this deck is a bit more on the aggressive side and the card appears to be too slow.
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