Quest Druid Deck List (Saviors of Uldum) Guide

We're taking a look at the potential of Quest Druid in the Saviors of Uldum expansion!

Our Saviors of Uldum Quest Druid Deck Guide has the best possible deck list for this archetype in the new expansion! This guide features a look at how-to mulligan, some general play tips, and some additional card choices to fill out your deck.

Druid didn't have a ton of luck with its first Quest, but could find that this new installment might be enough to make the deck possible. If you remember your friend Fandral Staghelm , then you'll know the ability that Druid's new Quest brings to the table. This is quite powerful when it comes to combining minions, but it also gets you access to some powerful spells that will get you a ton of value.

Quest Druid Deck List

Druid Neutral
1x - Untapped Potential 2x - Questing Explorer
2x - Worthy Expedition
2x - Crystal Merchant
2x - Power of the Wild
2x - Wrath
2x - BEEEES!!!
2x - Druid of the Scythe
1x - Wardruid Loti
1x - Flobbidinous Floop
2x - Swipe
2x - Oasis Surger
2x - Starfall
2x - Hidden Oasis
2x - Nourish
2x - Tending Tauren
1x - Cenarius

Deck Code

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Quest Druid Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Untapped Potential - We're hoping to complete the quest as quick as possible, so we'll want to use it in most cases immediately. We don't have a lot of reason in this deck to not play it on turn one, because we only have one other 1-mana card.
  • Worthy Expedition - This is a strong turn two play that gives us something to do since we don't really want to be using all of our mana if possible. We'll also have a better idea what deck we're playing against, so we can make our choice accordingly.
  • Crystal Merchant - This is a card that promotes our strategy of wanting to play off-curve. You'll likely want to play it on a turn you can get value out of it, so you probably don't want to play it on turn 2 unless you are fighting off aggro.
  • Questing Explorer - You want this early because you are seeking to finish your quest as quickly as possible. We'll hopefully not have the quest on the board for too long, so getting value out of this card will generally only come in the early to mid-game.

General Gameplay Tips

The Untapped Potential quest once completed will give you the hero power, Ossirian Tear. It's a passive hero power and reads, "Your Choose One cards have both effects combined."

This is kind of an awkward deck, because we're going to want to play off-curve as much as possible early in the game to complete our quest. This goes against every instinct of a long time Hearthstone player who hates to see any Mana go to waste. Well, you're just going to have to get over that, because we need to complete the quest as quickly as possible to start really getting value out of our Choose One cards.

You can potentially get the quest done on turn four if you play The Coin on turn one and not use the Mana. It does count towards the quest, but it's hard to say for sure if this is worth doing until we get a chance to play more of the deck. If you have Crystal Merchant it might be better to save The Coin a turn and play it when you play her to guarantee a draw.

While completing the Quest is important, don't sacrifice your ability to have a great turn just to do so. If you are looking at a perfect Swipe opportunity on turn 4, then go ahead and do it. You can wait a turn to complete the Quest, but you might not get another chance to clear a problematic board.

BEEEES!!! is an interesting card that is new in this expansion. You can cast it on an enemy minion that has lower than 4-health and get some free board presence for yourself. This might not always be worth doing, but it's still going to be worth doing from time to time.

Once we have our quest enabled, we've got some pretty big power cards that will be coming out in the later turns. Nourish is a beast that gives us more firepower and some additional mana to play something that turn or for future turns. This would be particularly good if you can get the quest done on curve and roll right into the follow-up Nourish. Hidden Oasis is a pretty crazy card to hit with the combined Choose One because we get a strong taunt minion and restore a bunch of health. This can immediately swing us back into the game, and due to the nature of the deck, we might be behind.

Other Card Choices

There are a lot of Choose One cards we could throw in the deck. For instance, if you're lacking Cenarius , you might just want to run an Ancient of War . Mark of the Loa can be pretty powerful with the buff and the Raptor tokens. It's probably not the best card to run in the deck, but could be a reliable choice off of Worthy Expedition.

For an additional cheap option, Druid of the Claw is a solid choice. It's a pretty good card on its own, but with the Charge/Taunt on it, it becomes a powerful option that could potentially even push for lethal. Innervate has also seen play in another version of the list.

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