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Best Lethal Company Mods

Goku gon' give it to ya!

Lethal Company sells like hotcakes due to its engaging and sometimes funny cooperative experience. Here are some of the best Lethal Company mods available for download to spice up your gameplay.

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Top 10 Lethal Company mods

10. BetterStamina mod

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Stamina management is a critical gameplay mechanic in Lethal Company. If you find it difficult to conserve your stamina, then the BetterStamina mod will tweak your stamina drain/regen and weight penalty to be less of a hindrance in your playthrough.

With BetterStamina, you'll have -25% stamina drain, -25% stamina use, -50% weight penalty, and +25% stamina regen. All of these factors combine to make your game slightly easier, especially when carrying items.

9. FlashlightToggle mod

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Not being able to see in the dark is one of many problems in the day-to-day life of a Lethal Company player. The Flashlight Toggle mod provides the player the ability to toggle their flashlight even when they have their hands full — making the game easier to manage.

8. More Suits mod

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Booting up a game of Lethal Company defaults you in a bland orange suit; however, with the More Suits mod, you'll be able to customize your default suit to another color. You can also choose to customize these files to give your suit a personal flare during playthroughs.

For More Suits mod to work, both the host and clients need to have it installed with the same files. Otherwise, the clients joining the server will only see the default suit. Maybe in the future, we'll be able to see an Isaac Clark suit design using this mod for Lethal Company.

7. FOV Adjust mod

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FOV adjustment, in general, should be an accessibility feature for every game release. Considering Lethal Company is only in Early Access, this feature might be dropping by in future updates.

FOV Adjust mod allows you to customize your character's field of view depending on your preference. I recommend you download this mod as it enables you to see and gather more information due to a wider FOV.

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6. LateCompany mod

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Have you ever had an instance where you're in-game already, and your friend messages you asking if he can join your game? Unfortunately, Lethal Company doesn't allow latecomers to the party, so you would have to say no to your friend, or so you thought.

LateCompany mod comes to the rescue, essentially allowing you to invite your friends to the party even after the game has already started. It's a quality-of-life improvement, making it more seamless to join ongoing games without having to restart the entire session.

5. MoreCompany mod

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What's better than a night of Lethal Company session with a full four-person party? A night of Lethal Company session with 31 of your friends. Now you can octuple Lethal Company's chaos with the MoreCompany mod.

If you're looking for a Lethal Company mod for more players, the MoreCompany mod is for you. Although the maximum capacity in a single lobby is 32, the mod author, notnotnotswipez, highly recommends you and your friends stick to eight players per lobby for the UI modifications to work properly.

4. ClearerCameras mod

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If you're tired of constantly looking at the camera and figuring out what the heck is that thing outside of your base, then ClearerCameras mod is for you. It's a model swap that changes the camera's old resolution of only 40x45 for a clear 1024x1024. Hence, no more "The dog is right outside our door" Lethal Company meme for you and your crewmates!

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3. Goku Bracken Skin Mod

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The Goku Bracken Skin mod is a simple skin replacement for the Bracken monster in Lethal Company. It may look goofy and out of place, but the release of the skin mod means other better models will surely come out in the future.

Just imagine how scary it would be if the Bracken monster now has the Xenomorph skin from Alien: Isolation. It's a working proof of concept, and since Lethal Company modding is still in its infancy stage, you can expect great modders to utilize the Goku Bracken Skin mod to apply their own.

2. Brutal Company mod

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If you think Lethal Company isn't hard enough already, first, how? Second, the developer of the Brutal Company mod has thought of that, too. This mod increases the difficulty, randomizes moon events, and adds new mechanics.

1. NoPenalty mod

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The NoPenalty mod lets you keep your money in Lethal Company if you die. Both mods go hand in hand in creating a more casual approach to the brutal mechanics of getting fired — allowing the player to continue with their progress.

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Best Lethal Company Mods

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