All Lucian’s Ultimate interactions in League of Legends

All known interactions of Lucian's Ultimate Ability: The Culling.

Lucian is one of my favorite ADCs in the entire game; however, I often find myself asking the question: "Can I use my R while doing something." I decided to create a guide and analyze most of the possible interactions during the standard League of Legends game.

Lucian's Ultimate basic information

First of all, let's just set up some basics and information about how Lucian's ultimate ability - The Culling works. It deals physical damage to enemies and scales with ADAP, and recently added Critical Chance. The amount of shots is increased with your Critical Chance. You can not use other abilities than E (Relentless Pursuit) while using your ultimate. However, you can use certain items and summoner spells.

Lucian's Ultimate interactions

First interactions that allow you to continue shooting your ultimate while under the effect of these skills or items.

Works with:

  • Thresh's W - Dark Passage
  • Tahm Kench's R - Devour
  • Lucian's E - Relentless Pursuit
  • Using Summoner Spells (Including Teleport and Flash)

You can also use certain items while your ultimate is shooting.

  • Prowler's Crawl (Lethality Item)
  • Galeforce (Critical Strike Item)
  • Hextech Protobelt (Magic Damage Item)
  • Everfrost (Magic Burst Item)
  • Goredrinker (Sustain Bruiser Item)
  • Stridebreaker (Mobility Bruiser Item)

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Does NOT work with:

Items that will interrupt The Culling:

  • Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Stopwatch

Lucian's Ultimate is a channeled ability, so it also gets interrupted by most hard CC. I will list the Crowd Control that interrupts The Culling and some examples of those effects:

  • Knock Aside (Draven's E)
  • Knock Back (Aurelion's R)
  • Knock Up (Alistar's Q)
  • Pull (Aatrox's W)
  • Charm (Ahri's E)
  • Fear (Shaco's W)
  • Taunt (Galio's W)
  • Silence (Cho Gath's W)
  • Disrupt (Kassadin's Q)
  • Drowsey/Sleep (Zoe's E)
  • Stasis (Bard's R)
  • Stun (Ashe's R)
  • Suspension (Nami's Q)
  • Suppression (Malzahar's R)

Other Crowd Control does not interrupt Lucian's Ultimate, so root, for example, will not cancel his channel. Abilities like Spell Shield or items like Banshee only block one shot, so it does not impact as much. Other notable skills that will not cancel but block your ultimate ability are:

  • Yasuo's W - Wind Wall (blocks untill placed)
  • Braum's E - Unbreakable (only blocks first shot, then takes reduced damage)
  • Gwen's W - Hollowed Mist (only Gwen in invulnerable)
  • Pantheon's E - Aegis Assault (blocks for the shield's duration)
  • Samira's E - Wild Rush (blocks first couple of shots)
  • Any invincibility like Tryndamere's R or Kayle's R

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All Lucian’s Ultimate interactions in League of Legends

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