Minecraft: How-to Make a Beehive – Honeycomb, Honey Bottles

We're taking a look at how to create beehives in Minecraft!

Our how-to create a beehive in Minecraft guide walks you step-by-step on how-to make a nice little house to store some Bees and harvest some honeycomb! Bees and Beehives are a newer addition to the game and was added in the 1.15 patch.

How-to Make a Beehive

Creating a Beehive isn't too difficult, but there's some steps to go through to finding the materials necessary. Make sure to have Shears, so you don't disturb the nest when collecting the honeycomb you need.

Step 1: Locate Bees and Nests

First things first, we need to find some Bees! They are located in areas with a lot of flower activity, so look for forests with trees and flowers surrounding them. Seeing a bunch of flowers on the ground is a good sign that there will be bees in the area. Once you see the bees, look under trees for the nests.

Step 2: Breed the Bees!

You'll need to make sure that the bees fill up their nest with honey so you can harvest from it. Harvest some flowers from around the area and then give them to the bees. This will encourage them to breed, which will create some more bees. More bees means they will hit up more flowers, and fill up that nest with honey.

Step 3: Harvest the Honeycomb

Once you see the nest is dripping with honey, you can then harvest it with shears. This will anger some bees, so make sure to have a flower ready or to run for it! Breaking the nest will not yield any honeycomb, so you have to use shears.

Example of a Full Bee Nest

Step 4: Craft the Beehive

Each of the nests should yield you three honeycomb, and that's exactly the amount of it you need to create a Beehive! You'll also need six planks of whatever wood you got laying around.


Now that you've got your Beehive, you'll likely want to bring some bees with you to wherever you plan to be wanting to harvest your honey. You can do this by holding a flower and luring them to the area you want them to occupy. Place your Beehive on the ground and the bees will enter it once they've got some nectar to add to it. You'll want to plant plenty of flowers around this area to promote their ability to create honey.

You can harvest the honeycomb with the shears to create more hives, or you can use a bottle and grab some honey out of it once it is full. The honey doesn't do much currently, if you drink it, it will replenish three hunger bubbles. If you put it in your crafting window, you can break it down into Sugar!

Help! Bees Are After Me!

If you've gone all Yogi Bear on the nest or Beehive and the bees are after you, then you will need to attack them back or just run away. The bees will eventually return to being non-threatening. If you want to keep them from going aggro on you, then place a campfire under their hive or near the Beehive before you collect the honeycomb or fill up a honey bottle!

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  1. Hello. Do I HAVE to place beehive on the ground? Can’t I just place it on a tree? Looks better..

  2. What do you breed bees with?

    1. You can use a flower. Hold it in your hand and use it on the bee to enter them into love mode.

  3. Very easy to follow. Easy to understand. Got my bees up in no time.

  4. Will bees be automatically added to a current world, or do you have to start a new world in order for them to appear?

    1. Pretty sure you’d need to start a new one.

      1. I can now confirm that you do not have to start a new world and that you can get them to spawn in an existing world. I did some research on the topic and found that they typically will be hanging on a birch tree. So I planted about 25 birch trees and there is a 5% chance you will get a beehive on a birch tree. Of the 25 that I planted, I had 2 hives hanging from my trees. I might add, I also planted over 100 flowers on the ground where I planted my trees for the bees to collect their pollen. Hope this helps anyone out there that hasn’t been able to find bees…

        1. Good to know, thanks!

  5. I cannot get the bees to stay near my hive. How do I do that?

  6. Hey Evident you know if you put a campfire under the hive the bees will sleep and will not come out and attack you and you can harvest the honey safely can you make sure to say this please so others know?

    1. That’s mentioned in the final paragraph.

  7. So…Hi. I was trying to collect honey bottles from my beehive. So I put campfire next to the beehive, then grabbed my bottle, but when I collected it they attacked me… What should I do ? ( 1 bee stunned me and died, now I have 0 bees even in the original beehive when I breed them).

    1. Place it under the beehive , not next to it. Make sure it is lit. I have my campfire 1 block underneath and light them before collecting honey. I then douse then in water afterwards

      1. You know instead of watering them, you can right click with a shovel

  8. Bees were attacking me I held a flower. They kept stinging me, do I run around with the flower or just stand still?

    1. Looks like they changed how that works! I’ve updated the guide, you just need to place a campfire near the hive.

  9. Great job with this article! It did an amazing job of helping me understand the mechanics of the bees.

    Again, you did a great job.

    1. Thanks, glad it was helpful!