Minecraft: How-to Make Smooth Stone (2019)

We're taking a quick look at how-to craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft!

Learn how-to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft with our easy to follow guide! We'll run you through the step-by-step process of creating Smooth Stone in the game. Smooth Stone is useful for decoration and is used as a crafting ingredient in certain recipes. You'll also find out how-to make Smooth Stone Slabs as well!

How-to Craft Smooth Stone

Smooth Stone is a great looking piece of decoration and can also be used to craft certain items.

Step 1: Craft a Furnace

First things first, we're going to need a Furnace to create the smooth stone we're wanting. This takes eight Cobblestone, and can be arranged in a Crafting Table like below!

Step 2: Find Coal or Chop Down Some Trees

Once we've got our Furnace, we're going to want to place that on the ground or wherever you want it in your base/home. We'll need some fuel for the Furnace, so either find some Coal or chop down some trees and put it in the bottom area of the furnace.

Step 3: Burn Up Some Cobblestone

Then, we're going to need some Cobblestone again. Put that in the top empty box of the Furnace and it should start to do its magic!

Step 4: Turn Stone Into Smooth Stone

This will create you regular Stone. Now, that's not what we needed, but we're on the right track. Craft as much of that Stone as you're going to want for the smooth version, and then place the Stone you've crafted into the Furnace where the Cobblestone was! That will then burn through again, and this will create you the Smooth Stone you've been looking to make!

Additional Information

You can collect Smooth Stone a couple of other different ways.

Silk Touch

You can get normal Stone by mining Stone with a pickaxe that is enchanted with Silk Touch.


You can find Smooth Stone inside some houses in the various villages you will find across the map. There is also a possibility of it spawning in mason chests in villages.

Making Smooth Stone Slabs

If you're wondering how-to make some Smooth Stone Slabs with that fresh new material, then it's very easy! Head back to your Crafting Table and then line up three Smooth Stone at the bottom of the boxes.

Once you do that, you'll get yourself some Smooth Stone Slabs! For every three Smooth Stone you use, you'll get six slabs.

Smooth Stone Recipes

There's pretty much one recipe that requires Smooth Stone to create and that's the Blast Furnace. You'll need five Iron Ingots, a Furnace, and three Smooth Stone. The Blast Furnace is used for smelting ore blocks and smelts twice as fast as a regular Furnace! It's useful for making a lot of ingots very quickly.

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