How to access the Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is set to roll out its next huge expansion, Sunbreak, on June 30, 2022. The upcoming patch will usher in a new era for the universally acclaimed role-playing hit, boasting new monsters to battle, hunting locales to explore, and characters to form everlasting friendships with. What are the prerequisites to access the Monster Hunter […]

All new monsters coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Subreak is the upcoming expansion for the widely popular Monster Hunter Rise game. Set to release later this year, the expansion will add new areas, armors, and of course, monsters to hunt. But what monsters are being added to Monster Hunter Rise: Subreak? Below we’ve listed all the added monsters, from simple […]

Monster Hunter Rise – Best Lance Builds

Monster Hunter Rise transports players to Kamura Village, where they must defend their birthplace from all manner of rampaging monsters. Players that enjoy being in the thick of a fight will gravitate toward the lance. With its large defensive shield and long-range, it’s a fantastic weapon for trading blows with any behemoth. High Rank Lance […]