MultiVersus Black Adam Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

Born of rage.

MultiVersus has added yet another heavy hitter from the DC Comics Universe, and this time it's the villainous thunder god Black Adam. The character's big-screen debut has been a huge hit, and his debut in WB's fighting game is set to continue Black Adam's pop cultural domination.

How to play Black Adam in MultiVersus

Black Adam is the newest Bruiser class character, and he's appropriately big, strong, and slow. He has a variety of tools to nullify or reverse projectiles, and he can deal massive damage up close. His kit has great combo potential and some options that are new to the game.

All Black Adam moves in MultiVersus


  • Lightning Surge (Neutral)
    • A short-range jolt of lightning that launches foes horizontally. Applies a Shocked status effect to enemies and grants Electric Gauntlets to allies, allowing them to grant the Shocked effect.
  • Might of Kahndaq (Side)
    • Three-hit combo that ends with a command grab. The grab tosses the enemy behind Adam.
  • Call the Heavens (Up)
    • An arc of electricity directly above Adam's head which hits multiple times. This attack summons a lightning bolt, which falls from above and deals substantial damage. The lightning bolt has a cooldown, but the arc doesn't.
  • Grounded Burst (Down)
    • Adam strikes the ground. After a brief delay, a blast of electricity will hit any enemy touching the ground or wall anywhere on the map. This hits at all ranges and launches enemies into the air. The attack can strike enemies attempting to wall climb. Players can use the blast three times before it goes on cooldown.
  • Aton's Havoc (Neutral Special)
    • An orb of lightning shoots forward. It functions as a mid-distance grab. Press up or down to throw the enemy after this connects. This attack chains through allies, enemies, and heavy projectiles, making its range much longer on busy stages.
  • Zehuti's Foresight (Side Special)
    • Adam dashes forward, pursued by a bolt of electricity. This can interrupt grabs and reflect off of Adam's shield. This has three charges before cooldown.
  • Heru's Flight (Up Special)
    • Adam can briefly fly in any direction.
  • Shu's Protection (Down Special)
    • A forcefield which stops enemy projectiles. The shield can take a few hits or stay out for a few seconds before disappearing. This has a long cooldown.

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  • Thunder Clap (Neutral)
    • A huge horizontal attack that hits directly in front of Adam.
  • Soaring Rage (Side)
    • A jab followed by an uppercut with excellent kill potential.
  • Arc Lightning (Up)
    • Same as Call the Heavens, without the lightning from above.
  • Flying Roundhouse (Down)
    • A charged arcing kick. This spikes at its lowest point and hits horizontally as Adam's heel swings behind him.
  • Mehen's Blessing (Neutral Special)
    • Draws enemy projectiles toward Adam. After this has taken effect, Adam and his allies can hit projectiles back toward enemies with normal attacks.
  • Zehuti's Vision (Side Special)
    • Same as Zehuti's Foresight
  • Heru's Recovery (Up Special)
    • Same as Heru's Flight
  • Amon's Wrath (Down Special)

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Best Black Adam Perks in MultiVersus

Black Adam's perks can add to his strengths and make up for his shortcomings. Here are our recommendations for the best Perks for Black Adam in MultiVersus.

  • Circuit Breaker
    • Black Adam does additional damage to enemies with the Shocked debuff
  • I'll Take That
    • Earns 0.25 seconds off all cooldowns every time a teammate strikes a debuffed foe
  • Aerial Acrobat
    • Increases aerial acceleration by 10%.
  • Lumpy Space Punch
    • 5% more damage from melee attacks in the air.

Tips and Strategies for Black Adam in MultiVersus

Black Adam is a unique character in MultiVersus. He seems explicitly designed for players who hate fighting Mages and full-screen players. His Shu's Protection forcefield and Mehen's Blessing redirect allow him to deal with any long-range strategy. Black Adam is in very little danger from zoners, so he needs to get in and kill quickly.

Black Adam's weaknesses are clear. He's a bit slow, and a lot of his moves require setups. Black Adam sets a new record with six cooldowns that can run at once. Don't waste his tools, get in quick, and keep an eye on each technique's ammo. Anyone willing to dive into the lab and master his combo potential can make Black Adam a real threat against their opponents.

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MultiVersus Black Adam Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

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