New Map in Fortnite Season 11? Big List of Upcoming Fortnite Locations & POIs Leaked!

A huge list of future Fortnite places of interest and locations has leaked by Lucas7yoshi! It's possible that this grouping of future POIs could go all the way into Season 11 of the game. This is an unusual leak, because normally there's only a few of these revealed at a time. It looks like there's going to be a new (some of this is speculation) beach location, camp ground, creative area, docks, farm, some kind of hedge area, Leaky Lake will end up as Lazy Lake, mountains with a meadow, Pressure Plant will change into Power Plant, swamp area, another sun drenched area (probably replacing the snow biome?), and then another new woods area!

Check out all the cosmetic leaks from the 10.30 patch right here!

Keep in mind that these are all subject to change and could end up not being in the game!

  • BeachyBlufs
  • CampCod
  • CreativeIsland
  • DirtyDocks
  • FrenzyFarm
  • HollyHedges
  • LazyLake
  • MountainMedow
  • PowerPlant
  • SlurpySwamp
  • SunnyShores
  • WeepingWoods


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