Cube World Update (July 2019): Screenshots Show Future Additions to the Game by Developer!

Cube World is an infamous game title in the gaming world. It popped up as a kind of alternative to Minecraft around 6 or 7 years ago. It's a voxel based RPG adventure game that you could play with your friends. The hype for it got immense, and it was available for sale as an early access title by the husband and wife development team. The release was fraught with issues, but a ton of copies got sold in a short period of time. After about six months or so, the developer kind of went missing. We'd rarely get updates, but every now and then they'd peak their head out and release some screenshots of what they are working on.

Well, Wol_lay has shown up again and has posted some new screenshots on his Twitter. We still aren't sure how far out we are from getting an actual update, but the game still looks interesting, and some of the updates would be fun to toy around with. Hopefully, this means there's the possibility of a release coming soon, but we've learned by now not to get our hopes up!

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