Destiny 2 Possibly Getting Cross-Saving According to a Leak – Possible Ability to Merge Accounts on Console/PC?

If you've been a gamer who has had to split loyalties between console and PC in Destiny 2 then your prayers might be answered in the near future. An image with the words "Cross Save" on it has been datamined from the files of the recent Destiny 2 patch. This was found by GinsorKR on Twitter.

Update (6/6/19): Cross Save has been confirmed, you'll be able to play your account on any platform (even PlayStation)!

Just announced on stream: On September 17, Cross Save will become available on Destiny 2 across ALL platforms! - Source

Two icons were found in the files as well that match up with the image above, that hopefully verifies this future addition to the game.

What does this all mean? It's unclear at the moment, but the hope is that you would be able to merge your console account with your PC account and then you'd have it shared in both places. That way you could potentially play with your friends on console, and then maybe play on PC by yourself all on the same account. This would be pretty huge for players who have had to split their playtime across accounts because they want to play on different devices.

Bungie has announced that they will be revealing what's next for Destiny 2 on June 6th, 2019 at 10am PT. We expect at the very least that the new Shadowkeep expansion will be revealed, and we're hoping that this new Cross Save feature will also be announced!

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