Possible Fortnite Dark Reflections Pack Leaked?

A new skin bundle potentially called Fortnite Dark Reflections has leaked via the text files in the game. We've seen packs like these before, they seem to come out every season now. They create a theme, and use it to update some outfits from the past. They've done the Frozen Legends Pack, Lava Legends Pack, and the Shadows Rising Pack. These generally include 2-3 skins, have a couple of other cosmetic items like back blings, gliders, or pickaxes in them and retail for around $19.99 USD.

Based on the leaked information we have, it looks like there will be a new version of the Red Knight and Wild Card skin. There's also a reference to a "Dark Jonesy" which would likely be a play off the Jonesy default skin you can play with if you don't equip a skin. There's also a Dark Shield Back Bling which is likely based off of the Red Shield, and the Dark Axe which could be based on the Crimson Axe.

Update: Higher quality images have been leaked, and now have pretty much confirmed the upcoming released of the pack:

Credit to ShiinaBR on Twitter for the information.


  • Dark Red Knight (Darkness rises once more.)
  • Dark Jonesy (He has seen beyond the darkness...)
  • Dark Wild Card (Deal a little darkness.)

Back Bling

  • Dark Shield


  • Dark Axe (Harvest the darkness.)

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    1. they have 5 jonsey skins kid! they have 2 red knights 1 frozen raven got 2 skins so on they have many of a few skins! you must be new!