Shadows Rising Pack

Shadows Rising Pack Bundle

Shadows Rising Pack is an Epic Fortnite Bundle.

The Shadow Legends Pack is an upcoming bundle that will include three skins from the past that have been given a darker look to them. The pack will also include a wrap, and three back blings. The skins included in this pack are based on Skully, Cloaked Shadow, and Sunbird. This pack will cost you $19.99 USD!

Eclipse the competition this season while wearing the Shadows Rising pack! Includes the following cosmetics (in Battle Royale & Creative only):

- Shadow Skully Outfit
- Stark Satchel Back Bling
- Shadowbird Outfit
- Shadowbird Wings Back Bling
- Perfect Shadow Outfit
- Perfect Wings Back Bling
- Array Wrap


Official Description

Eclipse the competition this season while wearing the Shadows Rising pack!

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  1. want to buy the perfect shadow outfit for 10yr old boy. Is it $19.99 and how do i place the order
    Also, what is ETA once ordered?

  2. Ok so when i first started this game i chose to play anonymously therefore i didn’t end up creating an account but now I’ve bought skins and i want to do the 2fa but can’t cause i didn’t really make an account and can someone tell how to fix this problem???

  3. I bought a card today to get the pack and then I get on fortnite and find out. ITS NOT EVEM AVAILABLE ANY MORE!!! 😫

  4. Honestly, I really like this bundle. Some of the colors on the original skins are kind of blah, and changing the color scheme to an edgy-type is cool. The original skins (Sunbird, Skully, Cloaked Shadow) altogether would obviously be 39.00 USD. I still think getting nineteen dollars off three skins is a pretty good deal. Critisize me if you want, but that’s just what I think.

  5. I bought the bundle but it said we hit a roadblock we will let you know when your purchase is complete. My money was cut from the credit card but did not receive pack.

  6. 1. Frozen legends pack 25$:
    Three legendary skins. Total VBucks value: 6,000 VBucks
    Vbucks per dollar: 240 V/$
    2. Molten Legends Pack 20$:
    Two legendary skins and a legendary glider. Total Vbucks value: 5,200 VBucks
    VBucks per dollar: 260 V/$.
    3. Shadow Rising Pack 20$:
    Two rare skins (they are NOT epic rarity, don’t let Epic Games fool you), one Epic skin and one rare wrap. Total VBucks value: 4,400 VBucks.
    Vbucks per dollar: 220 V/$

    Nice bundle, buy if you want it, but I believe that Epic is suppose to give each season more value bundles, but not this time, they make a step back.

  7. What a joke! Now Sunbird and Skully are epic rarity for no real reason. Are exactly the same skins but in black and because of that, are now epic??
    Ladies & Gentlemen this is marketing. Epic Games want you tu believe that they are giving you 3 1,500 VBucks skins (and a Wrap and a pick) for 20$ but is a lie. Are just two rare rarity skins and one epic rarity skin.
    Why is the point of rarity in bundles if they can change the rarity any time they want?

    1. Why would you, me or anyone care about the rarity of a skin? The question you should ask yourself is “Do I like and want this skin + Do I think it’s worth the price it costs? The label that epic puts on it shouldn’t matter, how you feel about the skin should.

      1. I agree with what you say. The rarity is only secondary to standardize the prices of cosmetics. My point is that the bundle itself, is a deception, wanting to change the rarity of the skins without any other reason than to persuade the interested party making him believe that he is paying $ 20 for a package of three skins that is worth 4,500 VBucks, when in fact it is not like that, and there is not a single reason to change the rarity of skins like Skully or Sun Bird. Why did not they promote the skins with their original rarity? The perceived value would be less. The bundle is a hoax.

  8. Anybody have an idea on when it will leave the shop? I currently do not have the funds to purchase it for $20. I wanted to know how long I have to buy it.

  9. Another unreleased wrap I have every weapon camo accept the unreleased raps all unreleased wraps:blue camo ,bright stars,flower print,Green toy,grey toy,hexform,Neon tropics, scanline, turbulent, and now this?

  10. Anybody know what cloaked shadow’s name in this bundle is? I think it’ll be kind of weird if they name it shadow cloaked shadow

  11. Coloration fixed

    Skully- Leave the armor and pants black, but change her shirt white.
    On one leg have white skulls, while the other leg has white hearts. Backbling – white/black skull, white/black heart

    Sunbird – Add a white flame pattern to her pants and mask. Backbling – It’s good

    Cloak Shadow – Alter tunic to white but leave the rest black. Backbling – white edges, with rest of wings black.

    Yeah to bad, this is never gonna happen.

        1. no only skins like the dark love ranger which have challenges to get vbucks and other sets such as the holograhic waypoint etc are the only skin bundle that have vbucks with them

          1. You’re forgetting Inferno also hologram waypoint is called breakpoint just to let you know

  12. Lets be honest, is not that great. The Frozen Legends was probably three of the top 5 legendary skins for most people in an excellent price with the “ice” colors. In my opinion I loved the Frozen Love Ranger but the other two were great.
    Lava Legends was better in the way that they improve A LOT the skins, with ashes colored skin tone, awesome fire animation and the best glider in the entire games.
    This bundle, first they are two legendary skins that IN MY OPINION are far behind to be the best rare rarity skins. And the alternative color are not that great, they remove the colored skins (Sunbird) to just all black with little white. And the Clocked Shadow is already a shadow. The red and yellow colors suits him better than all black with black shadow. The Bundle most cost 15$ and it will be worth it.
    What was your thoughts of this bundle, Evident? I was hoping for a cool futuristic versions of legendary skins, like a Robot T-Rex, a robotic Spider Knight or an android Fate. Just to name a few ideas.
    Feel free to criticize me!!

    1. TBH I wanted a Neo Leviathan with an anglerfish or something for a head, along with a robotic whiteout and a futuristic Raptor

      1. I would become crazy if they released a futuristic version of Leviathan, is my favorite skin. But honestly I can’t imagine a way to make him in a Neo Legends” bundle He is too perfect for me.
        A futuristic Raptor could be interesting.

    2. The back blings make up for they are great with the color and cloaked shadow isn’t as bad with all the black it’s white wings not criticizing bro just look at the good things in the pack

  13. Worst Legends Bundle, 2 rare skins and an epic skin. The skins not even that good.
    In the tree cases, I prefer original versions. If it cost 15$ is fine, any more of that start to become a waste of money.

    1. The skins are actually good don’t hate it’s a good reasonable price if it 20 or 25 and not a waste of money the original skill ha are good but the color way is better and I think it’s the second best 2 rare and a epic actually great

    2. Yeah it’s weird that a ‘Legends’ bundle has zero legendary skins. While the Frozen and Lava Legends were legendary skins if I recall correctly.

      1. It’s not technically a legends pack it’s a rising pack so maybe we’ll see the official legends pack of season 9 soon