Xbox One S Fortnite Special Edition Bundle Officially Announced – Get the Dark Vertex Outfit Cosmetic Set!

If you saw the leaks for the brand new purple Xbox One S Bundle that comes with a Dark Vertex Outfit Cosmetic Set then they have finally been confirmed! The bundle will be available on June 7th, 2019 and will cost you $299 USD. It comes with the Gradient purple Xbox One S console, exclusive Dark Vertex Cosmetic Set, 2,000 V-Bucks, and a 1-month trial of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. If you're a big Fortnite fan and you've been considering getting an Xbox, this isn't a bad time to grab this bundle and get a pretty sweet exclusive skin.

Here's a look at some high quality images of the Dark Vertex Outfit set:

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  1. Hello Evident, I have a PS4 and I’m thinking about getting an Xbox One S Fortnite Special Edition Bundle. I was wondering if I can get the Dark Vertex on the PS4 as well? If so how does it work? Just curious.

    P.S. I used your creator code because you’re doing a great job with this website.

    1. I don’t know for sure about this, but it’s my understanding that you receive a code for the set when you purchase the Xbox One S. So, you can use that code to add it to your Epic account. That would mean you can use the skin wherever you want as long as you are using that account.

      Thanks for using the code!

      1. Interesting. So I have to make an Xbox account and link it to my Epic Account? Or I can use that code and redeem it to my Epic account? Sorry I made this confusing Haha