Pokecord Commands Guide – Advanced, Market, Trading, Dueling

Pokecord is a popular bot for Discord and learning the commands for the game will help you catch more Pokemon!

Our Pokecord Commands Guide runs you through all of the commands available for this popular Discord bot! We've got all of the standard commands, plus some more advanced ones for when you get into trading and the market!

Pokecord was recently shutdown, find out why on our Pokecord Shut Down post.

What is Pokecord?

Pokecord is a super detailed Discord Bot that allows you to collect, battle, and trade Pokemon! Instead of throwing Poke Balls, a bot will randomly spawn a Pokemon in a designated channel in a participating Discord. The image of the Pokemon is displayed, but the name is not. It is your job to respond with the name as quickly as possible. Whoever gets it first, gets the Pokemon!

Check out our Pokecord Tips Guide to learn more about the game!

Pokecord Commands

Depending on your server, it is default to have the "p!" in front of your command. Some servers might have changed this to something else, but I will be using it with the following commands because it's used in the default Pokecord server.

You are going to see <Pokemon Number> referenced throughout these commands. You can get your particular Pokemon number by searching for the particular Pokemon with the "p!pokemon --name <Pokemon Name>" command. It will display the number via this list.

Any command that references something in angle brackets (< >), means you need to replace it with what is listed between them (do not include the brackets in your command).

Beginning the Game

  • p!start | This enters you into the game. You have to use this command first before you can catch any Pokemon.
  • p!pick | Once you've done the start command, you will then be asked to pick a starter Pokemon. You can pick from any of the starters across all of the generations.
  • p!help | Will direct message you a series of options that you can find more information on. You do NOT message the bot back, you have to enter the command in a Pokecord supported Discord channel.

Starter Commands

After you've picked your Pokemon, there's a couple of commands you should do right away. They are useful to have enabled, so there's no real reason not to do them.

  • p!detailed | Use this command to show more information about your Pokemon when using p!pokemon and p!info. It will show your Pokemon's IVs which are important if you want to battle or determine how much one is worth.
  • p!order <Option> | This will help you order your Pokemon by whatever you like. You have the option to do: alphabetical, number, level, or iv. I generally find that IV is most used.

Pokemon Commands

  • p!catch <Pokemon Name> | When a wild Pokemon spawns, you will use this command and the correct name to catch it.
  • p!hint | Will display a hint to the currently spawned Pokemon.
  • p!select <Pokemon Number> | Selects which Pokemon will receive XP from chatting and which will battle.
    • p!select latest | Selects your most recently caught or redeemed Pokemon.
  • p!info | Displays the information of your SELECTED Pokemon.
  • p!info latest | Displays the information of the LATEST Pokemon you've caught.
  • p!info <Pokemon Name> | Display a Pokemon with its base stats.
  • p!info shiny <Pokemon Name> | Displays a shiny version of a Pokemon with its base stats.
  • p!info <Pokemon Number> | Displays the information of the Pokemon attached to this number.
  • p!pokemon | Displays a list of your Pokemon. It also displays information, such as Level, Number, IVs, and Nickname.
    • p!pokemon --name <Pokemon Name> | Displays a list of Pokemon you own of that particular name.
    • p!pokemon --shiny | Displays your shiny Pokemon.
  • p!pokedex | Displays your Pokedex with a count of how many you own.
    • p!pokedex --unowned | Displays only the Pokemon you need to collect.
  • p!nickname <nickname> | Gives a nickname to your selected Pokemon.
  • p!dropitem | Drops the item your current Pokemon is holding.
  • p!mega | Command to evolve Pokemon to a Mega X or Y. You must have a Mega Evolution purchased, they cost 1,000 credits each.
  • p!release <Pokemon Number> | This will release a Pokemon. If you do just p!release it will attempt to release your chosen Pokemon, but thankfully it gives you a confirmation prompt beforehand.

Challenge Commands

Challenges are a new addition to the game. If you complete all of the challenges you are rewarded with credits.

  • p!challenges | Shows the current challenges that are available for you.

Favorite List Commands

  • p!fav | This will show a list of your favorite Pokemon!
  • p!addfav <Pokemon Number> | Adds a Pokemon to your favorites list.
  • p!removefav <Pokemon Number> | Removes a Pokemon from your favorites list.

Dueling Commands

If you want to battle your friends, you'll need to utilize these commands. You can win credits and xp for defeating your dueling partner!

  • p!select <Pokemon Number> | This will be the Pokemon you use in battle.
  • p!moves | Displays your selected Pokemon's current moves, and the available moves it can learn.
  • p!learn <Move> | Attempts to learn the move you've chosen. You will need to choose which move you want to replace.
  • p!replace <Number> | Replaces a current move with the one you are trying to learn.
  • p!duel <@Username> | Challenges the select Discord user to a Duel. Be sure to @ them and not just type in their name.
  • p!accept | Accepts a duel if you've been challenged.
  • p!use <Move Number> | Your selected Pokemon will use the move that is listed by that number.

Market Commands

The market allows you to sell and purchase Pokemon. You purchase Pokemon with credits, these can be earned by dueling or selling your caught Pokemon.

  • p!bal | Shows the amount of credits you have.
  • p!market search <Page number> | Show the requested page of the market.
  • p!market search <Page number> <Search Options> <Order Option> | Search the market.
  • p!market view <Pokemon ID> | View detailed information for a Pokemon on the market.
  • p!market info <Pokemon ID> | Alternative to view.
  • p!market list <Pokemon Number> <Price> | List a pokémon on the market.
  • p!market buy <Pokemon ID> | Buy a Pokemon from the market. You will need to confirm your purchase with p!confirmbuy or cancel it with p!cancel.
  • p!market remove <Pokemon ID> | Remove one of your Pokemon from the market.
  • p!market listings <Page number> | Display the Pokemon you have listed on the market.

Search Options

These can be used in addition to the "p!market search" to further refine your search.

For example, if you wanted to search for Charizard's of a high IV in order of highest to lowest while showing the IV: "p!market search --name Charizard --showiv --order iv d".

  • --name <name> | Search for Pokemon by name.
  • --nickname <nickname> | Search for Pokemon by nickname.
  • --level <level> | Search for Pokemon by level.
  • --holding <holding> | Search for Pokemon by the item they are holding.
  • --type <type> | Search for Pokemon by type.
  • --price <price> | Search for Pokemon with a specific price.
  • --hpiv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their HP IV.
  • --atkiv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their Attack IV.
  • --defiv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their Defense IV.
  • --spatkiv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their Special Attack IV.
  • --spdefiv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their Special Defense IV.
  • --speediv <IV> | Search for Pokemon by their Speed IV.
  • --shiny | Search for shiny Pokemon.

When searching by IVs, you can use the ">" or "<" symbols to look for a range of IVs, like this: --hpiv > 27

You can use multiple search options in a single command.

Order Options

  • --order id ascending/descending | Order results by Pokemon ID.
  • --order lvl ascending/descending | Order results by Pokemon level.
  • --order price ascending/descending | Order results by price.
  • --order iv ascending/descending | Order by the sum of the Pokemon's IVs.
  • --order name ascending/descending | Order results by name.

You can type a or d instead of ascending/descending for ordering to save yourself some time.

Shop Commands

  • p!shop | Opens the shop menu. You can purchase XP Boosters, Rare Candies, Rare Stones, Evolution Items, Nature Modifiers, Held Items, and Mega Evolutions!
  • p!buy <Item ID> | Purchases an item from the shop.

Trading Commands

  • p!trade @User | Begins a trade with someone. They will then have to do p!accept to do the trade or p!deny to reject it.
  • p!p add <Pokemon numbers, seperated by spaces> | Add one or multiple Pokemon to your trade offer.
  • p!p remove <Pokemon numbers, seperated by spaces> | Remove one or multiple Pokemon from your trade offer.
  • p!c add <Amount> | Add credits to your trade offer.
  • p!c remove <Amount> | Remove credits from your trade offer.
  • p!confirm | Confirm the trade, both users must confirm for the trade to go through.
  • p!cancel | Cancel the trade.

General Commands

  • p!daily | Allows you to vote for the Pokecord server on the Discord Bots site. You get 100 - 250 credit for doing this every 12 hours.
  • p!silence | Toggles your level up messages. If you chat in servers that have Pokecord it will alert when your Pokemon levels up. This might be annoying to some, so you can silence it with this command.
  • p!redeem <Pokemon Name> | If you have a redeem available, you will receive a Pokemon of the name you entered.
    • p!redeem credits | Sells a redeem you own for 15,000 credits back to the bot itself.

Bot Commands

  • p!botinfo | Shows general bot information.
  • p!invite | Gives the bot's invite link.
  • p!donate | Sends a link to donate to support the bot.
  • p!patreon | Sends a link to the bot's patreon page.
  • p!server | Sends an invite to the bot's official server.
  • p!appeal | (Official Server Only) Attempts to give you unbanned from the official server if you were banned for whatever reason.

Server Commands

  • p!prefix <prefix> | Sets server prefix. If you don't like the "p!" before every command, you can change it with this.
  • p!redirect <#Channel Name> | If you want Pokemon to spawn in a certain channel you can use this command to change it.
    • p!redirect disable | If you want to enable spawns in all channels again, you can use this command.
  • p!channel enable/disable | Enables or disables p! commands in the channel you are currently in.
  • p!levelup enable/disable | Enables or disables level up alerts.
  • p!clearspawns enable/disable | Enables or disables the deletion of spawn message once a Pokemon is caught.
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Pokecord Commands Guide – Advanced, Market, Trading, Dueling

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    My pokemon is arceus and since no one buys it i wanna remove it in the market xD

    1. The guide mentions this, which I think will solve your issue:
      p!market listings | Display the Pokemon you have listed on the market.

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    1. you gotta do p!channle #(channle name here)

    2. Not sure how you got this to work, because the bot is no longer being run anymore.

      1. ohhh is “p! add p 2” sorry Admin

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    1. Pokemon spawn more often the more people chat in your Discord. You need to have a pretty active server to get frequent spawns.

  15. how do i give a pokemon to someone lets say for giveaways

    1. p!gift p if you are sending a pokemon
      p!gift c if you are gifting credits

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  17. what is the command to sell a pokemon?

    1. p!market list
      if you want to see your listings, you can do p!market listings
      and if you ever want to remove one of your listings, do p!market remove
      *note: pokemon id and pokemon number are different, the pokemon id is the number they have while in the shop while the pokemon number is the one they have while you own them

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    1. You can list all your Pokémon, or you can give all your Pokémon to a friend, OR you can release them all.

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      *or whatever your prefix already is
      for example, if you want the prefix to change from “p!” to “.” you would do p!prefix . or to change from “.” to “p!” you would do .prefix p!
      I think. I could be wrong, though.
      Hope it helps! 😀