Fortnite Stink Bomb – Damage, Duration, Where-to Find

Epic has added another new item to Fortnite Battle Royale! This time, it’s in the form of an area clearing damaging Stink Bomb! We’ve got all the information you need on this new grenade in terms of damage, duration, where-to find, and how-to use it! The Stink Bomb was added in the 4.4 content update. […]

Fortnite Season 4 Week 7 Challenges Guide

Let’s take a look at what we’re doing in the Season 4 Battle Pass for week 7 of challenges! Looks like we’re damaging people with our pickaxe, opening chests in Risky Reels, consuming foraged items, scoring goals on different pitches, assault rifling people, and eliminating opponents in Shifty Shafts! If you don’t know already, it’s […]